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New York Case Study Video Production Company Helps You Create These Case Study Videos

Businesses in New York already know that they’re in one of the most competitive areas of the world for business, but that doesn’t mean that they can bow out and stop marketing or pushing for their brand to be an authority in their space. Case study videos can help you build trust and establish credibility for your New York business. However, producing a case study video isn’t exactly “easy,” so you’re probably going to need the help of a New York Case Study Video Production Company if you want to produce any of these case studies and be successful.

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we help business owners create a variety of different types of case studies. We’ve listed some of the most popular case studies that are produced with New York business owners. To learn more, give us a call!

1. Start-Up Venture Case Studies

One of the most common types of New York case study production projects that we work on is the start-up venture case study. This is the type of case study that highlights the business as a startup, interviews key players in the business such as the CEO, CFO, and new employees, and highlights key issues in the development of the business, product rollout, or plans to build and grow.

2. Merger & Acquisition Case Studies

The merger or acquisition case study videos are popular among businesses in which a merger between two core brands or an acquisition of a business has occurred. These types of case studies generally provide key insight into why the merger or acquisition occurred, what was expected vs what actually happened after the merge, and information on dynamics that were impacted as a result. This is a great way to build up audience attention when a recent merger or acquisition has occurred between brands or business owners in NYC.

3. New Product or Service Case Studies

Working closely with a New York Case Study Video Production Company to create a new product or service case study video is a great way to boost market share for the product or service and get the word out. These case studies generally cover details relative to why the product or service was created (what problem is will solve for consumers), how the product or service was developed, and of course details regarding things like who the target market is, how the product is intended to grow, and who key competitors are in the industry.

4. Competitor Landscape Case Studies

Defining the landscape of an industry and what the competition is, as well as how a business or brand is able to overcome the competition for its customers is another excellent way to raise authority for your business with a case study. The competitor landscape case study video shows the dynamics of your business vs the competition and the ways that the brand is poised to increase market share through the development of strong market entry, growth plans, and strategic scenarios. These case study videos frequently discuss everything from brand loyalty to supply chain management, differentiation of products and services, and a range of other topics.

5. Price and Profitability Case Studies

The price and profitability case study videos are generally produced with the support of a New York Case Study Video Production Company that guides the analysis of historical market details as they relate to your business and it’s ability to offer competitive pricing of core products and services. These case studies frequently include projections of profits as well as the identification of economies of scale, the analysis of key details that contribute to competitive revenue models, and of course insight into specific deliverables that reflect consumer willingness to pay a particular price for a product or service.

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Of course there are many other case study videos that could be produced with the support of a New York Case Study Video Production Company, but these are some of the more common concepts that tend to arise frequently across most industries that we work with.

To learn more about the use of case study videos to market and promote your business either to other businesses or for a direct to consumer brand, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We can’t wait to help you decide on the best case study video for your business and begin to put the details in action to represent your brand. Our New York Case Study Video Production Company has decades of experience and looks forward to helping you grow your brand.