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Video Production for the Pest Control Industry in Indianapolis, Indiana

Are you looking for a professional Video Production for the Pest Control Industry in Indianapolis, Indiana? The pest control industry increases when the real estate business goes up. This $18 billion dollar industry that employs more than 141 thousand people has had a continued demand increase for home pest control services and commercial treatment of bed bug infestations.

The eradication of various other insects or pests, is essential for people who own pest control companies to remember that targeted marketing will contribute significantly to the brand growth. Hence, Video Production for the Pest Control Industry in Indianapolis, Indiana, is crucial for the 30K or more businesses across the U.S. that are in this industry.

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High housing sales have led to an increased need in selective fumigation and other pest control services, and the construction of new homes which require pretreatment services and termite bonds before building. A business that provides pest control services will significantly benefit from our services.

Video Production for the Pest Control Industry in Indianapolis, Indiana, can lead to growth and expansion of the local markets and major cities like Cincinnati, Fort Wayne, and Toledo. At Beverly Boy Productions, we work with pest control brands to produce powerful video ads, customer testimonials and targeted training videos to attract more customers and help each pest control business achieve its marketing goals.

Promotional Videos for the Pest Control Industry

Promoting your pest control company helps to create brand awareness and ensure that your clients are happy and satisfied. Promotional Video Production for the Pest Control Industry in Indianapolis, Indiana, turns your audiences into future customers.


Short, captivating promotional videos for pest control providers are not just shown on TVs. Business people create powerful promotional videos and post them on their websites, social media platforms, landing pages, and email campaigns. The more you share these videos, the higher your chances of gaining new clients.

Marketing Videos for the Pest Control Industry

Video marketing for small to large pest control businesses is the best means of brand advertising today. With more than 82% of the internet made up of video content, if your business isn’t incorporating video into its marketing mix, you’re risking a lot and, it will be hard for you to remain competitive.

Many pest control businesses and pest control product manufacturers and brands use marketing videos to:

  • Advertise their business.
  • Improve SERP rankings.
  • Introduce their brand as an authority in the industry.
  • Create brand awareness.
  • Help the existing customers connect better with the brand.

Video Production for the Pest Control Industry in Indianapolis, Indiana, can help you to increase brand authenticity, brand trust, and conversions from social media platforms to your website. We also serve the neighboring counties like Boone, Shelby, Putnam, and Hendricks.

Training Videos for the Pest Control Industry

Although it might be tedious, most business owners understand the importance of training in the pest control industry.  It contributes largely to the success of a company. Training videos improve employee learning outcomes and help supervisors save time and costs.

Advantages of training videos

  • Improve employees’ watch rate. Research shows that trainees are 75% more likely to pay attention to video training than manual.
  • Videos are more flexible.
  • High retention rate. Employees recall up to 90% of what they see and hear in videos.
  • Make staff training more effective while reducing time and money.

The use of video makes training more consistent for pest control brands and significantly improves the training programs. This makes even the new staff learn better and faster. Training videos for the pest control industry benefit both the pest control business and the pest control technicians because they can go back and re-watch the topics they didn’t understand. People experienced in the industry of pest control tend to learn fast because they have prior knowledge.

Training videos for the pest control industry have indeed made things easier. The prospective pest control technicians say that they can browse through any pest control job positions speedily. Technicians who are in the pest control business include:

  • Residential and Commercial Technicians
  • Termite Technicians
  • Customer Service and Sales (Customer Service Representatives/ Commercial)
  • Accountant

If an employee wants to apply for a managerial position, then training videos will be beneficial for these positions:

  • Office Manager/ Supervisor
  • Branch Manager
  • Pest Service Manager
  • Termites Service Manager
  • Service Supervisors

Technicians with both experience and a degree are more likely to become more prominent in the industry. Training videos for the pest control industry will primarily benefit:

  • Regional Entomologists

Interview Videos for the Pest Control Industry

Interview videos for the pest control industry include expert interviews and customer interviews. Expert interview videos for pest control businesses help to build trust and credibility for the brand. Combining customer interviews and professional interview Video Production for the Pest Control Industry in Indianapolis, Indiana, can significantly improve the conversions for your brand.


Interview videos allow prospective pest control agents and pest control technicians to be more comfortable and personal during the interview sessions. Interview videos for the pest control industry also prove that you are familiar with modern technology. Video interviews are crucial because they reduce any form of personal exposure. We also service local zip codes like 46259, 46229, 46219, and 46107.

For more information on Video Production for the Pest Control Industry in Indianapolis, Indiana, reach out to Beverly Boy Productions!