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Video Production for Pharmacies

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While the economy may fluctuate, discretional spending may rise and fall, and per-capita incomes can equally rise and fall, pharmacies tend to experience steady and consistent growth across the board. Recent growth in this $352 billion dollar market is largely attributed to rising healthcare product & prescription costs, COVID-19, and a trend toward healthy living which has been impacted by increased government support for healthcare and insurance accessibility. Video Production for Pharmacies is integral to the marketing & promotion of health services & products, training, and community building that pharmacies engage in.

As a pharmacy owner that represents one of the more than 55K pharmacy stores in operation across the U.S., much of your video marketing will likely focus on the promotion of branded prescriptions & generic medications, personal health supplies, and things like vaccines or other diversified services that may even represent a loss leader to draw the community into the store.
At Beverly Boy Productions we actively engage in the production of expert video products that pharmacies can use to grow their audience, increase their market reach, and expand their brand. Our marketing & promotional videos, expert interviews, and video training programs will help you achieve your video production & business growth goals.

Promotional Videos for Pharmacies


Promoting the products & services that you provide from your pharmacy can build up audience awareness, boost trust, and influence decision-making which is essential to conversions & sales. Promotional Video Production for Pharmacies can improve audience awareness of new medications or treatments offered at the pharmacy level, increased community access to pharmacy-provided healthcare including vaccines and COVID-19 tests, and improve trust among consumers that are considering the pharmacy brand.

A well-planned, professionally produced, omnichannel promotional video marketing strategy for pharmacies will drive consumer engagement, increase audience attention & bring in more prescriptions, sales and leads to the pharmacy.

Marketing Videos for Pharmacies

Video is an incredibly powerful communication tool that pharmacies can utilize to grow their target audience, increase customer acquisition, and introduce their products & services to a larger market of consumers that can benefit from their brand. Video is one of the most efficient, and effective, forms of marketing that is available for pharmacies and other health & wellness providers because marketing videos:

• Reach a wide audience including those who cannot read well.
• Increase likelihood for consumers to make a purchase by up to 184% or more.
• Improve SEO rankings and generate organic traffic to websites, landing pages, and social posts.
• Build audience recognition and awareness resulting in higher sales conversions.

Recent studies have proven that most people prefer video over any other media marketing format. In fact, 86% of viewers prefer to see more videos from the brands they follow including the pharmacies, health care providers, and professionals that represent the brands they’re engaged with.

Training Videos for Pharmacies

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Pharmacies, like many other healthcare practitioners and professionals in the health industry, use training videos for a variety of purposes but most important, they utilize video based training because it is effective, efficient, and always available. Video based training for pharmacy students, and for pharmacy workers has even been proven effective by the National Library of Medicine which performed video tutorial training on pharmacy students and found it to be successful in teaching medication reconciliation skills.

Training Video Production for Pharmacies will improve productivity among your team and increase their knowledge retention which is vital to the health & safety of your customers. In fact, training videos have the capacity to:

• Improve training outcomes.
• Increase pharmacy worker knowledge.
• Reduce mistakes made by workers.
• Improve access to training by providing an always available program.
• Reduce training costs & overall training times.

As a pharmacy, training is everything for your workers. Video training programs provide integral access to important training and care without interrupting the working activities of your staff. Most importantly, training videos are consistent, powerful, and effective for your team!

Interview Videos for Pharmacies

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As a pharmacy, proving your expertise and history in the industry is essential to building an audience that trusts in your business and the services you provide. Expert interview videos that share key insights from your pharmacists, practitioners, and industry specialists are essential to building up audience trust and commitment to your pharmaceutical brand. The internet is full of fakers, people that are not looking out for the best interests of the customers that need pharmacy products & services. Expert interview videos are one of many ways that you can prove your experience to your target audience to boost their confidence in your brand.

Interview Video Production for Pharmacies will introduce key topics of authority and credibility that are essential to building up your community and conversions. Ask Team Beverly Boy about expert interviews, training videos, and marketing Video Production for Pharmacies that can help you grow your business and achieve successful outcomes for your brand.