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Top Ways Streaming Production Services Engage Your Audience at Virtual Events

One of the key attractions to virtual events for remote audiences is the engagement factor. But as a business owner, do you really know what it takes to incorporate powerful engagement events into your virtual events? Probably not! That’s why hiring streaming production services to assist you with the production of a meaningful virtual event that includes powerful engagement for your audience is a big deal! 

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At Beverly Boy Productions, providing streaming production services is just one of the many ways that we support our clients as they endeavor into the world of live streaming and audience entertainment online.

We’ll help you engage and entertain your audience throughout your virtual event and we’ll make sure that you’re collecting all of the most important audience data in the process. This way you can get the most out of your future marketing campaigns by utilizing real-time, audience insights that are gathered from your virtual event.

Check out these various ways that our streaming production services will engage your audience and maximize your future marketing endeavors.

Live Q&A Sessions

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People that attend virtual events are largely present for the engagement. That said, streaming production services will assist you in creating opportunities throughout the virtual event to host live Q&A sessions that will stimulate your audience and encourage their interaction.

Allowing your audience to submit questions in advance of the stream, or during a certain portion of the stream, will further contribute to their engagement. Answering those questions turns your live virtual lecture into an actual conversation between you, and your audience.

Allow Creativity to Interrupt – Just for a Minute

While your livestream should have a plan that is loosely prepared with timing essentials and topic coverage pre-planned, it’s okay to go off topic for a minute if it means engaging your audience.

With the support of Team Beverly Boy streaming production services, you’ll be able to interact with your audience and share the key topics that are planned for your stream but, if you see an opportunity to cover additional relevant topics or to incorporate creative examples into the stream — that’s okay! 

If you’ve got a story that can help you to connect with your audience, even though it’s a little silly and a whole lot personal — go for it! People are more likely to stick around if they feel like you’re being real with them! Don’t let the plans for your stream get too far out of the loop — but don’t be too rigid either!

Embrace Spontaneity

Working with streaming production services will allow you to really focus on your audience without having to worry much about the technical side of things. Let your production crew handle the tech side and you can embrace spontaneity and have some fun with your audience. 

For example, if something unpredictable happens during your live stream or if an odd question comes up in the chat – don’t just brush it off and act like it didn’t happen. Embrace it! Do what you can to address the unpredictable and answer the “odd” questions. A little bit of spontaneity never did hurt a live stream virtual event!

Include a Live Streaming Host

Virtual face-to-face meetings

Any streaming production services provider will tell you that the best way to engage your audience in a live stream or virtual event is to have a host that can interact and engage with your fans.

The host can literally make or break the success of your stream! Hiring a host that is invigorating and fun to lead your virtual event can encourage audience engagement. A host that is dull, speaks in monotone, or otherwise isn’t very “fun” can drag your audience down.

Since the host is responsible for encouraging audience engagement, many streaming production services will provide a host for your virtual event to ensure they’re experienced in virtual events and know how to engage an audience. Your host will:

  • Answer audience questions in real-time.
  • Use audience names to elicit a reaction.
  • Incorporate polls and surveys into the engagement to further collect data for your brand.

Ready to get started with professional quality streaming production services that will bring your virtual event engagement up to the next level? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call, today at 888-462-7808!