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Top Baton Rouge Video Production Insights 2024 – Trends Gaining Popularity

Video trends that are quickly gaining popularity in 2024 are changing how companies use film to tell their stories and reach viewers. Only about 61 percent of companies used video marketing campaigns in 2020, but this years number has grown to over 80 percent. This means that you can’t afford not to hire a top Baton Rouge video production company to help you produce a powerful video campaign for your brand. When selecting the Baton Rouge video production agency you want to hire, check out the trends that are popular now to make sure the film company you have chosen can incorporate them into your production.

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Engage Viewers With Your Video Production

Engaging the customer directly, especially in a personalized manner, is one of the most popular trends in film right now, and using social media or apps for mobile devices makes that so much easier to utilize. The way to do this is to have a full-service Baton Rouge video production company create compelling video content that you will place on your website.

When a consumer checks your site, they can enter their information into a form, or they can use an app that is made just for your company, and the info will be used to customize the video production directly to the consumer, making it seem as if you are speaking directly to them. This helps them feel a connection with you, and that keeps them coming back to your brand. If you believe this would be helpful for your company, you should work with a video producer that knows website video production so that it is done correctly. We are here to help, serving the entire South Louisiana area, including Breaux Bridge, Natchitoches, Grand Isle, and St. Francisville 

Build a Better Storyline With A Video Production Studio

In the past, Baton Rouge video marketing companies created campaigns by using one film that listed all the information in 5 minutes or less. In 2024, longer films aren’t getting the attention they once did, anymore, and building a better storyline with a few smaller films is the new trend. Consumers like things customized and direct, and they want their information quickly. These films do just that!

Whether you own a business in East Baton Rouge, or an advertising agency on River Road near the River District, using a production company that knows digital marketing in South Louisiana will help you get a film that will intrigue your consumers. These films also allow you to reach more people at one time, because they can be shared on multiple platforms, which is why a company that knows digital marketing is so important. Hiring a video production studio to produce the short films is necessary to make sure the films are cohesive and consistent, and you need more than just a video company to accomplish that job. This takes the work of a full service video production studio so that your story is told properly.

Using Hybrid Video Production Services in Baton Rouge

Customers have seen just about everything, so engaging them isn’t enough. You also need to inform them, and hybrid video production services is the best way to do that. Hybrid video production is a combination of live streaming with video elements. Live streams are popular, now, so having a Top Baton Rouge video production company that offers streaming and webcasting is essential, but you also need a top-notch production house that can create specific video elements that get added to a stream.

For example, a call to action chyron or lower third won’t interrupt the feed, but it will give audiences additional information about your company or brand during a live feed. You can also have a webcast streaming with a logo or a lower third graphic on the screen that directs viewers to visit your website so they can get more information about your company, and you get more website traffic.

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Pick Film Production Companies That Produce Micro-Films

Today’s consumer leads a busy life, so to get their attention, you have to create micro-films that they can watch while on the go, and these films generally last about 15 seconds or less and play while consumers scroll through a social media feed. Hiring Baton Rouge film production companies that know micro-films, and know their value, is the best way to do this trend for your brand.

Film production companies in Baton Rouge that have experience with producing these films for social media sites is going to be particularly important, because social media is where most consumers watch micro-films. These platforms are easy to access and use, and they make it easy to share films. Hiring a creative agency to help you with this video marketing strategy can bring your company into the limelight in 2024.

Hire a Baton Rouge Production Company That Handles Live Interviews

All over social media, people are “going live.” Everyone is doing it, for various reasons, and corporations are taking advantage of the live option, too, to stay relevant in 2024. Of course, a live video from your phone may not be your idea of how a brand should operate, but you can hire a Baton Rouge production company that handles live interviews. The production company will set up a live-stream of you telling your audience information they find interesting, or being interviewed and giving out info on future happenings of the company.

Consumers enjoy this type of film because it gives them a glimpse into your company and lets them know what to expect. Doing weekly interviews is a great way to engage your customers, and to do this properly, you should work with a Top Baton Rouge video production company that

Work With a Baton Rouge Video Production Agency That Knows Blogs

Have you read a blog in the past week? Or do you have a blog that you follow? Perhaps you even run your own blog? You may be wondering what blogging and video have to do with one another, and the answer is easy- Baton Rouge video production agencies are helping corporations create films that go along with blog posts to help spice up that post and engage consumers further. Some of the top production companies in Baton Rouge even use this function for their own companies because companies that maintain a blog have more of a following on social media and their websites, which allows them to get information to consumers faster. Using film with your blogs takes them to the next level, and working with an experienced video production agency to place short films directly into the blog you maintain makes using this trend even easier for you.

Choose Your Top Baton Rouge Video Production Company

Now that you have researched the Top Baton Rouge video production companies out there, you know that simply searching for “production companies near me” won’t help you choose the best one for your production. A company that knows the hottest trends, corporate videos, and knows how to create corporate videos using the hottest trends is the best one for you, and a sound investment of your time and money. Beverly Boy Productions is that company, and we are ready to help your brand create a cutting-edge film campaign that meets all of your company’s needs.

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