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Top 100 Video Production Companies in the World

If you are searching for top 100 video production companies in the world that produce results, we have the list for you. Now of course we believe that Beverly Boy Productions is among the best in the world, but we also have to give credit where credit is due. So removing ourselves from the list below you can find a collection of who we believe are noteworthy video production companies across the globe.

Top 100 video production companies

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Benefits of hiring a video production agency

If you are searching for the best video production companies, take note. Hiring a video production agency is essential to survive and grow in this day and age. Having compelling video content for your company or service will allow you to reach your customers where they are. Uses for videos can include social media, TV commercials, branded content, trade show presentations and more.   

How to determine a Top Video Production Company

When you do an online search for top video production companies, you will notice there are hundreds of thousands to choose from. There are a lot of names out there, so how do you determine the best fit for your upcoming project. Here are a few things you should consider:

Hiring checklist 

  • Great customer service – Should be welcoming and friendly willing and able to answer any questions you may have.
  • Quality Production work – Check their demo reel, look for consistency and clarity in all of their samples.
  • Reasonable pricing – Should offer industry standard pricing, not too low, but not too high, remember you get what you pay for.
  • Industry standard equipment – Companies should be familiar with their gear list, and have the latest up to date equipment.
  • Responsiveness – Look for a production company who responds to your calls and emails right away.

The following video production companies where chosen for being top industry players in their region. These production companies were selected because their camera crews produce quality content for their clients, and add value to our industry. They are listed in no particular order, here goes!

  1. ECG Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - ECG Productions

All of your production and post-production needs can be met at this company. ECG Productions has been providing clients with script-to-screen video production and editing for over a decade. Some of the specific services offered at this Atlanta-based company include scriptwriting, 2D and 3D animation, compositing, sound design, and even original music composition. ECG’s state-of-the-art facility is located in north Atlanta and can be toured virtually here. You’re sure to bring your project to life at this 8500 square-foot studio!

Some of ECG’s notable clients include Comcast, Verizon, UPS, and the Coca-Cola Company.

Cory Jaccino says: “… You’d never know the budget or which celebrity or corporate client they’re working with just by seeing them in action because everything I’ve ever seen them work on seemed to be their best work. They give 100% and it shows both in how you’re treated and in the quality of the product delivered.”

  1. DHD Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - DHD Films

At DHD Films, you can rest assuredly knowing your story will be told. This Dallas-based studio offers full-service video production and motion graphics – no matter what type of project you have! With experience with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and businesses of all sizes, this studio can take care of your latest project. Video production is their specialty. Let DHD Films do the hard work for you.

DHD has experience with notable clients such as AT&T, Microsoft, H&M, and Jaguar.

Kinsey Newman says: “The quality and the overall experience was beyond exceptional. Elliot and his team were amazing to work with. Not only did they listen to what we wanted and envisioned, but they made it come to life.”

  1. Bold Content Video

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Bold Content Video

Bold Content Video brings creativity, energy, and passion into every story they tell. Whether you need branded content, conference videos, or event videos, they have a wide variety of services to offer. Based in London, this in-house team of film specialists can get the job done. Just take a look at their testimonials. Their work is extremely impressive.

Bold Content Video has created content for Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and Tommy Hilfiger.

The Bluehat Group Director says: “We’ve been working with Bold Content for a few years now because they deliver the goods every time. Their camera operators are professional, yet friendly. They bring loads of ideas on how to bring out the best in your video and can turn around the final edit really quickly. I’d happily recommend them.”

  1. Big 3 Media

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Big 3 Media

This Singapore video production house creates master-level storytelling through mediums such as film, animation, content strategy, 360 virtual reality, and graphic design. If you have an idea or story for your video, this crew can truly bring it to life. Big 3 Media puts their 11 years of experience to use. And with experience in over 32 cities, they have all of the creative solutions needed for your latest project.

Some of Big 3 Media’s most notable clients include Asics, P&G, Edelman, and Dentsu.

Darren Darius Tan describes Big 3 Media as a company that provides “strong, collective yet specialized services”.

  1. Atlanta Video

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Atlanta Video

This Atlanta-based company has been providing production services to all kinds of companies since 1976. Talk about long-time members of the industry! Atlanta Video is a boutique shop that works with Atlanta’s top producers, videographers, and graphic artists. This expert crew can meet all of their client’s production needs. Whether you need a broadcast recorded or a green screen, their expertise extends to all types of projects.

Atlanta Video covered the 1997 Olympics for IBM. They’ve also provided specialized work to NBC, The National Geographic Channel, A&E, and TBS.

Larry Winkler says: “High quality video production. I recommend Atlanta Video for all of your businesses training, testimonial, and commercial needs.”

  1. True Film Production

Top 100 Video Production Companies - True Film Production

Whether you need to launch a product or bring attention to your organization, it’s crucial that you get it right the first time. True Film Production is no stranger to visual storytelling. From corporate videos, to live streaming, to animations, this New York-based studio covers all aspects of the production process. Needless to say, your project is in good hands with True Film Production.

With partners like Microsoft, Red Bull, UPS, and Heineken, their videos are truly top-quality.

Hailey Kirstine Gilbert says: “… They were very professional, and it was so wonderful to work with a helpful, hardworking and creative crew. They definitely went above and beyond…”

  1. Clum Creative

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Clum Creative

This Cleveland studio is an excellent choice for all kinds of products. As an innovative and talented video production company, they get your video done the first time around. Whether you need a corporate video, an on-staff editing team, or a creative director, Clum Creative can take your video to the next level.

This team has been acknowledged by the Huffington Post, Forbes, and Inc – talk about impressive!

Leslie Kamp says: “Their professional staff stayed within our guidelines, budget and time frame while creating our video. They are accommodating and flexible. It was a pleasure working with them and we are pleased with the final product.”

  1. Brandefy

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Brandefy

If you’re ready to broadcast your brand, Brandefy has got your back. This Los Angeles studio specializes in TV and web video marketing campaigns. But their content varies from commercials, to sizzle reels, to distribution, like media buying and optimization. Brandefy has no issues helping your product or service stand out above the competition. There will always be room for video production in advertising!

Maria Rosati says: “I found Brandefy through an online search and could not be happier with the level and quality of service they have provided. Very responsive which is not always the case with creative agencies. They understood direction easily and provided quick turn around on all projects. I would consider them for future projects as well.”

  1. Sparkworks Media

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Sparkworks Media

If you need results, this Seattle company is here to help you out. Sparkworks produces groundbreaking video content that can truly bring light to your service or product. This production company is sure to excite any brand or agency regarding their upcoming projects. With experience in video production, motion graphics, and 3D animation, Sparkworks can do it all. Just check out some of their work seen in their portfolio! It’s truly top-tier.

Leslie Pierson says: “Love love love working with Sparkworks. We needed some B-roll quickly and they were a joy to work with! The quality is perfect and their pricing is great!”

  1. Blue Barn Creative

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Blue Barn Creative

From event videography, to promo videos, to creative brand films, Blue Barn specializes in top-notch videography. This San Diego-based studio offers free consultations, determined to produce quality content for every business (no matter the size). This production company has no problem highlighting the personality of your company in your video – it’s their specialty, after all!

Blue Barn has collaborated with SYFY, Tony Robbins, Victorinox Swiss Army, and Marsh & McLennan Companies.

John Hilton says: “Blue Barn stepped into a blind production environment, met with a variety of challenges in light and work space.. and killed it. Seasoned perspective, measured and professional temperament & artfully, skilled shooting chops that all contributed to a productive and creatively rewarding day. Wouldn’t think twice about partnering with this organization on any future project…”

  1. Lime Content Studios

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Lime Content Studios

Award-winning content comes from this Hong Kong-based facility. Lime Content Studios is owned by Bill McQueen, a broadcast industry veteran with over 3 decades of production experience. Whether you need corporate videos, branded content, or television commercials, content marketing is their specialty. Lime Content Studios produces some top-tier digital content!

Some of Lime Content Studios’ clients include Hyatt, the Wall Street Journal, Swire, and Herman Miller.

Josh Sellers says: “I’ve worked with Lime Content Studios on many projects. I have always found their creativity, ability to create groundbreaking content, and deliver video production projects on time and on budget to be world-class.”

  1. FUGO Studios

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Fugo Studios

This Atlanta film and video production company can take your project to the limit. Fugo Studios is an award-winning team that offers everything from pre-production to post-production services. Motion graphics, visual effects, and animation are also offered at this studio. This team has worked together on thousands of projects – that’s quite the achievement!

Fugo has collaborated with Neutrogena, Delta, UPS, MTV, and Verizon.

James Atwell says: “I have worked on several projects with these guys and they have always been very professional and friendly. They have some of the most innovative ideas in the area and always produce quality work.”

  1. Bonomotion

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Bonomotion

Also known as one of South Florida’s top video agencies, this Miami production company has got your back. It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up company or a Fortune 500 company, this studio creates luxury videos for all types of businesses. Bonomotion’s parent company, Beanovision Productions, has provided full-service production for over a decade. This company puts its experience to use in your corporate video!

Bonomotion has provided videos for Hertz, Ameriprise Financial, Dow Jones, and Nikki Beach.  

Eric Pfeil says: “Bonomotion has made some unbelievable videos for our company over the years. He’s creative, imaginative and timely. Everything he’s done for us has come back very quickly.”

  1. Ezra Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Ezra Productions

Ezra Productions is an award-winning, woman-owned production agency in both Los Angeles and New York. This company can provide everything from concept to delivery. Additionally, this team knows how to create an emotionally compelling video that can maintain the attention of your targeted audience. We’re in an age where influential videos are key to a business’s success. Let Ezra Productions do the hard work for you!

This studio has collaborated with Lowe’s and JCPenney among many other businesses to create top-notch campaign videos.

Kevin Rodriguez says: “… We needed someone who would quickly understand the visual language of our brand and could move fast developing a new item. Our branding was beautifully translated onto the cases that will carry our products to stores across the country. Jillian and her team were fast, professional and bent over backwards to make sure we were happy with the end result.”

  1. Dragonfly Digital Video Services

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Dragonfly

You can rest assuredly knowing your production needs are taken care of at this facility. Dragonfly is a London-based production company that knows how to create video in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Whether you need explainer videos, animations, or promotional videos, they can take your ideas and bring them to life. They’ve created videos for big-name industries, so if you need an innovative video, Dragonfly has got you covered.

A handful of Dragonfly’s clients include PlayStation, British Red Cross, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Kate Herbet says: “They were able to handle translation into several languages and source wonderful voice talent. All of our expectations were exceeded on every level. We would recommend Dragonfly as a video production company without hesitation.”

  1. Springhouse Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Springhouse Films

If you need moving stories that impact your viewers, Springhouse can do it. Based in Philadelphia, this award-winning video production company can do it all. Whether you need brand development and creative direction, or production management and directing, it can be done in a cinch. This studio has experience in every area of production!

Some of Springhouse’s clients include Citadel, PetSmart, and many businesses in the healthcare field.

Kahlie Gleason says: “I worked with Springhouse Films to create product videos through my employer that serves the Tech industry. Springhouse is very efficient and creative in their filming process. They have access to great multi-lingual talent. The final product is always top-notch quality.”

  1. NG Production Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - NG Production Films

This Orlando-based company provides full-service video production to its clients. NG Production Films is a 17-time Telly Award Winner that’s about quality and trust. When you work with this company, you’re guaranteed to receive a top-quality product on budget and on time. Additional services this company provides its clients are interviews and testimonials, closed captioning, and TV advertising.

NG Production Films has collaborated with CNN, Staples, the Ritz-Carlton, and E! Entertainment.

Faye Hardin says: “The crew are so professional and have been using these guys for over 6 years for my national TV shows. 5 stars! I recommend NG to everyone I know in Orlando and beyond.”

  1. Visual Suspect

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Visual Suspect

Visual Suspect is a production agency located in Hong Kong. Their work speaks for itself – this agency’s in-house filming is phenomenal. This company is known for paying attention to every detail in its vision, stories, and strong visuals. From concept development to film editing (and everything in-between), Visual Suspect can take your project to the next level. With over 13 nominations, 10,000 mentions on the wide web, and over 1 million plays on their films, it’s hard to ignore the quality Visual Suspect brings to the table.

Visual Suspect has worked with ICBC, Dream Cruises, Swire Properties, and Huawei, just to name a few.

Put simply, George Venios says: “Well done guys, you do amazing work.”

  1. The DVI Group

Top 100 Video Production Companies - The DVI Group

The DVI Group is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Simply put, this company designs custom video solution for business problems. If you need a seamless production that can take the burden off your shoulders, this Georgia production company has got your back. You can expect high-quality content from this award-winning team.

The DVI Group has partnered with Delta, Revlon, AT&T, UPS, and The Home Depot.

Alyson Herndon says: “The DVI Group is attentive, kind, and immensely talented! We were beyond impressed with their thoroughness throughout the entire process, and the resulting video blew away our senior leadership. We’re looking forward to working with their team again in the future.”

  1. Clockwork 9

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Clockwork 9

Based in Cleveland, Clockwork 9 creates content that matters (and makes an impact on your targeted audience). This production company offers a wide variety of services regarding digital content. If you need product marketing, documentary development, or promotional content, you can trust Clockwork 9 to take care of it.

Clockwork 9 has experience working with SiriusXM, Sherwin Williams, Nike, and Shutterstock.

Jason Tait says: “In a time where ‘customer service’ is practically an oxymoron, Clockwork 9 over-delivers. It’s a rare gift to have integrity, stellar work ethic, and a commitment to one’s creative vision and somehow be fun-loving and able to put you at complete ease at the same time. I had an absolute blast working with the team at Clockwork 9 and would recommend them to anyone.”

  1. Blare Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Blare Films

Blare Films is a Las Vegas-based video production company that can power your latest project. Whether you need infomercials, music videos, corporate videos, or all of the above, this team can handle it. High quality productions are this company’s specialty. You can receive a great product with this team (without spending too much time or money).

Blare Films has worked with Verizon, TelePacific, The Discovery Channel, Gold’s Gym, and Getty Images. 

Chris Pagoria says: “My company hired Blare to complete a small production job in Las Vegas for us. Being located across the country we needed a company to complete the full project management and on location interview. Blare treated the entire project from start to finish as a true pro! They honored their commitments completely!”

  1. 522 Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - 522 Productions

522 Productions focuses on what matters: connecting with your audience. This company aims to inspire viewers, educate your targeted audience, and promote your product or service with top-quality video. 522 has worked with all kinds of industries. Whether you’re a nonprofit looking for a promo video or a financial service looking for a corporate video, this Alexandria,VA-based team can take care of it.

This company has collaborated with VISA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Children’s National, and the University of Maryland.

Straight and to the point, Pixel Strip says: “Awesome place, great experience.”

  1. Indigo Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Indigo Productions

This world-renowned production team will blow your socks off. Indigo Productions specializes in compelling visual content for corporate, commercial, and entertainment fields. This New York-based company consists of all-star writers, directors, and cinematographers that can take your project to the next level. Whether you need concept development, camera crews, or everything needed to create a video, Indigo can do it. They’re stars in the industry!

Indigo Productions has worked alongside MTV, Rolling Stone, Scholastic, Chase, and IBM.

Lydia Edmonds says: “We have been working with Indigo Productions on a series of short videos that we will be using in our marketing material. Throughout this time I have consistently been impressed with the whole team’s work and high-quality service. From the initial planning stages, to the on-location filming, right through to editing the final product – the team have exemplified professionalism and efficiency.”

  1. implictedMEDIA

Top 100 Video Production Companies - implicatedMEDIA

As a Telly Award and Suncoast Regional EMMY award-winning company, implictedMEDIA doesn’t mess around. This New Orleans studio utilizes its 10+ years of experiences in all of its projects. From corporate branding, to commercials, to advertising, these visual storytellers have got it in the bag. Everything from turnkey production to consulting and marketing is offered here.

implictedMEDIA has worked with ESPN, Major League Baseball Productions, PBS, The Discovery Channel, and COX.

Sean Leddy says: “The team at Implicted was amazing. They brought a “can do” attitude to my project, which is something that a lot of vendors fail to do. Their footage was beautiful and my final product was outstanding. Hire them, you won’t be sorry!”

  1. Merge Studios

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Merge Studios

These evolving storytellers create some top-notch content. Merge Studios, based Miami, consists of some of the industry’s best cinematographers and editors. Their Offline Suites and DI Theater are extremely high-quality facilities that can bring life to any type of project. Whether you need help in the pre-production, production, or post-production processes, Merge can do it all and then some.

Merge has collaborated with Nintendo, HBO, Samsung, Universal, and TBS.

According to Javier Mendez, Merge Studios is “innovative and highly professional.”

  1. Vibrant Media Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Vibrant Media Productions

Vibrant Media Productions is also found in the sunshine state. This Orlando video production company has received numerous awards for its phenomenal films. If you need ROI-driven results, this client-centric company has got you covered. Captivating visual content isn’t new here – with a team of industry professionals, Vibrant Media can produce some top-quality video.

Some of Vibrant Media Productions’ clients include Microsoft, Lyft, Twitter, AT&T, and American Express.

Amy Ahn says: “I’ve worked with Vibrant on numerous projects over the past few years and it has always been an easy and stress free process. They’ve done onsite filming, photography, video creation, video editing, voice overs, etc. It was great to get such versatility from one company and work with the same people from start to finish.”

  1. Cut to Create

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Cut to Create

Cut to Create is a Houston video production company dedicated to your project’s video content. With emotionally engaging and visually evocative videos, this company aims to bring success to your business. The collaborators at Cut to Create prioritize your project so you can rest assuredly knowing that your message is heard. You won’t waste time or money with this Texas studio!

Cut to Create has produced content for BP, CAT, VICE, BB&T, and UNICEF.

Daniel H. says: “They took what we thought were already-developed ideas and spun them in a totally different direction which were 1000% better. They have a gift for taking complex technical concepts and communicating them in a clear, fun and imagery way that is compelling for audiences.”

  1. Hand Crank Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Hand Crank Films

At Hand Crank Films, you can feel better knowing your project is in good hands. Based in Seattle and Bellingham, your cut will come to you in the perfect form. With this company, your vision is brought to life through high-quality productions that’s sure to captivate your audience. This place can provide you with creativity that gets you the results you’re looking for!

Some of Hand Crank’s notable clients are Driscoll’s, Firstech, South Sound, and Google Bellingham.

Erich Franck says: “Working with Hand Crank Films was a great experience. They were flexible, creative, and had a good process for getting great videos made. We’re very happy with the end result, and hope we get an excuse to work with them again soon.”

  1. Chocolate Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Chocolate Films 1

This London-based studio has got your back. Chocolate Films is a full-service video production company that creates content with impact. They are a leading agency for directly commissioned content. Trusted by all kinds of clients in virtually every field out there, we guarantee that they can help you out with your London production. You can expect creativity, expertise, and top-notch service from Chocolate Films.

Chocolate Films has created content for Smartify, Theatres Trust, London Sport, Jeep, and ARUP.

Valerio Rossi says: “Amazing production company with awesome creative inputs. Always on time, flexible and super professional! I look forward to work together with them, particularly Mark, Ally and Pete. Thanks again for the great work.”

  1. New Orleans Video Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - New Orleans Video Productions

At New Orleans Video Productions, their passion is storytelling, so let them tell the world your story! This team possesses the talent and technology needed to create a top-quality production for your company. Everything from commercials, to music videos, to live events can be filmed by New Orleans Video Productions. With expertise in every aspect of video production, we’re confident you’ll be one of their 200+ thrilled clients after working alongside them.

Clients of New Orleans Video Productions include CNN, IMAX, HBO, United Way, and Nike.

Deanna Rashell says: “Professional, friendly and easy to work with! Great value and high quality videos and movies!”

  1. Saint West Filmworks

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Saint West

The Saint West crew is deemed the Navy Seals of the film industry. It’s easy for this company to give life to your vision! Saint West Filmworks is a San Diego-based company that creates almost every type of video out there. Their Emmy-nominated KPBS series is just one of the many impressive creations they’ve produced.

Saint West Filmworks is trusted by ABC, BMW, Facebook, NBC, and Ubisoft.

Jek’ob Washington says: “We’ve worked with a good handful of video crews in our time, and that’s exactly what most were, JUST video crews. The big difference with Saint West is that they have the whole package. I look at them more like artists, who just happen to use video equipment.”

  1. onedash22

Top 100 Video Production Companies - onedash22

At this production company, your project is the prime focus. Painting ideas into videos is what onedash22 does best! From content creation, to cinematography, to visual effects and animation, they’ve produced all kinds of videos for many different industries. This Singapore production company is sure to take your corporate video to the next level.

onedash22 has produced content for eBay, Dell, Audi, and DHL.

Dexter CJR says: “Lovely places with lovely team for filming, totally recommend this production house to you if you wanna have creative, caring and family team!”

  1. Liquona

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Liquona

This award-winning production agency provides clients with outstanding video and customer service. At Liquona, you can receive some top-notch commercials, corporate videos, animations, and even virtual reality content. Expert services and stylish content are staple qualities found at this company. With how crucial video production is for your company’s success, it’s important that your video is effective. This Surrey agency can take care of the hard work for you!

Some of Liquona’s notable clients are ExxonMobil, PayPoint, British Airways, NHS, and NHBC.

Nigel Gay says: “I was impressed by how well they understood my requirements and were able to present them in such a creative way. The attention to detail was impressive.”

  1. Playfish Media

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Playfish Media

If you need someone to powerfully capture and communicate your message, Playfish Media is here to help. This Seattle-based video production company has experience with all sorts of industries. Corporate, nonprofit, and event production are just a few of the services they offer! Additionally, they have experience with documentaries and commercials – we’re certain they can bring life to your project!

Playfish Media has provided services to Yahoo!, SportsArt, the Evergreen School, and Unify Square.

Kate Briscoe says: “… They knocked it out of the park with both silent looping video headers and two 4-6 minute admissions videos. They were responsive to e-mail, lightning speed with their editing, and open to our thoughts and feedback. You will not regret it!”

  1. BG Video

Top 100 Video Production Companies - BG Video

This Cleveland production studio is dependable and talented, to say the least. BG Video specializes in branded video content from various industries. Communication, professionalism, and passion are the core values of this company – and their work clearly reflects that! Making your vision a reality is simple with BG Video.

Jamie Bullock says: “Brian and Greg are such professionals and they do great work! They are easy to communicate with, take on each project with such passion and really know how to deliver. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with them and we are very excited to share our beautiful video with the community.”

  1. Studio B Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Studio B Films

This full-service San Francisco company has got you covered. The team at Studio B Films creates corporate, sizzle, and viral web videos that will truly “wow” you. Whether you need product videos or branding videos, they can do it all. Covering every aspect of the production process, this company works on a national scale (with a national reputation, as shown in their award-winning videos).

Studio B Films has worked alongside Adobe, Facebook, Grammarly, and GetSafe.

Sophie Larioque says: “When we hire Studio B Films to create an event video, we have come to trust them to deliver an end creative product that exceeds our expectations. They are professional, flexible, diligent and good collaborators. They provide the whole package, with a well balanced staff and a great team of editors.”

  1. Tiger House Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Tiger House Films

With over 403 projects completed, it’s hard to overlook Tiger House films. This Los Angeles production agency provides clients with access to gorgeous production locations, detailed production planning, and cutting-edge technical expertise in regard to their upcoming projects. This agency truly goes the extra mile. With 300 million+ views on their web videos and a 24/7 creative team, their work is always stunning.

Tiger House Films has worked with Paramount Network, Netflix, Cox, and ABC.

Richo Valvi says: “Very professional production house, is always a pleasure work in a project with them!!”

  1. Black & White Media

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Black & White Media

Seeing is believing. And when you take a look at Black & White Media’s work, you’ll believe in their top-quality services. This Toronto-based production company can create a spectacular video that highlights your company, product, or service. Sprucing up your digital marketing campaigns is easy thanks to their cutting-edge technology and expert team members.

Black & White Media has worked with Corian Design, Oakville, West of the City, and Cadmen.

Justin Minott says: “Judah and his team are simply incredible. He’s done videos for me personally and for a few of my key business consulting clients… and he delivers every single time. The quality of work is exceptional, but the fact that it’s delivered by a great human just makes the whole process that much better. I wish I could give 10 stars out of 5.”

  1. LP Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - LP Films

At LP Films, you can rest assuredly knowing that your film will be creative, effective, and compelling to its viewers. This Shanghai-based production company specializes in commercial and corporate films, as well as web content in general. As a full-service company, cinematic storytelling is their passion, so developing your idea into a high-quality video is simple here.

Some of LP Films’ notable clients include Apple, Philips, Disney, Schwarzkopf, and NPR. Talk about impressive!

Adrian Atkinson says: “Sportfolio PR recently worked with LP Films on the Bacardi Limited Champions Drink Responsibly event with Rafael Nadal in Shanghai. They provided coverage of the media conference, stunning timelapse footage of Shanghai, and an exclusive interview with Nadal himself. Shortly after the event they pulled together an edit for international distribution. The team was professional, friendly and got the brief very quickly.”

  1. FatHappy Media

Top 100 Video Production Companies - FatHappy Media

At FatHappy Media, you’ll certainly be happy with your finished product. Creating a video is a fun and creative experience with this production company, which absolutely helps them in creating a top-notch story about your organization. 70% of their clients are returning clients, which says a lot about what they have to offer. With over 20 years in the industry, this New Orleans studio can easily shine light on your brand message!

Madison Duncan says: “If I could give FatHappy six stars – I would! Matt, Amber, and the entire creative team took a vision and turned it into more than my team could have imagined. From our first phone call to downloading the final file, the FatHappy team was communicative, accessible, and transparent with their thoughts and ideas. Not only did they handle scheduling and deadlines with ease, my team received our final cut ahead of schedule, even after requesting revised edits. I can’t wait to work with them again on future projects.”

  1. Melty Cone Video

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Melty Cone Video

At Melty Cone Video, your upcoming project can be finished quickly and efficiently. This video production agency is based in New York City, but they also provide creation services in New Jersey, Connecticut, and beyond. Whether you need a TV commercial or corporate content, this company has provided service to all types of businesses. They know that entertaining and informative videos are what ultimately engage your audience.

Some of Melty Cone Video’s clients include Expedia, People, Scholastic, Microsoft, and L’Oréal.

Timmy Oh says: “Working with Melty Cone and Lucas was fantastic. Great communication along the entire process and the end result production was exactly to our expectations! Would highly recommend.”

  1. Frozen Fire Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Frozen Fire Films

Frozen Fire Films is a video production facility based in Dallas. This company has provided clients with top-quality, full-service corporate video for 20 years. As a digital business development and strategic communications firm, they know how to communicate your brand to the masses. Aside from video production, Frozen Fire also offers post-production and still photography services!

You can check out some of their work here.

Whitney Howard says: “We loved working with the Frozen Fire team; everyone was so amazing at helping us build the videos that we had imagined for our branding. From start to finish the project timeline was very clear and every member of the team went above and beyond to assist us (even when they didn’t have electricity and had to call in for an appointment from their car).”

  1. Levy Production Group

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Levy Production Group

This Las Vegas video production company doesn’t settle. We guarantee that you can benefit from Levy Production Group’s award-winning content! As a team in the industry for over 30 years, they know how to effectively present your message in your film. It’s also important to note that their 14,000 square-foot facility is the only full-service production house in Las Vegas!

Some of Levy Production Group’s notable clients include Samsung, ADP, Sony, and ESPN.

Jimmy Winskowski says: “I worked closely with LPG for months and can tell you these guys are absolute pros. They handle some of the biggest accounts in town and do radio, visual, billboard, and TV commercial ads all extremely well. Get in touch with Deb, Mike, or Barry and they’ll take care of every last thing.”

  1. Richter Studios

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Richter Studios

Richter Studios is a Chicago production company that has provided video, animation, and photography services to the area for over 20 years. This full-service video agency uses a “time-tested creative process and unique cinematic approach” that can give your project a marketing advantage. With expertise in all areas of video production, this studio is truly like no other. Richter Studios has championed over 11,000 films, partnering with some of the world’s most well-known brands.

Richter Studios has recently worked with BUNN, Meridian Yachts, Bayliner, Life Fitness, and SPR Consulting.

Arturo Gutierrez Fernandez says: “I’ve had the opportunity to work with Richter Studios in my last two productions and I must say they provide the best video production services in Chicago. The level of professionalism, creativity and energy that they bring is unmatchable.”

  1. Epic Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Epic Productions

If you’re looking for an effective and “epic” production, look no further! This Scottsdale-based studio can create everything from animations, to product demos, to corporate videos. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Epic Productions can make it happen.

Epic has collaborated with Verizon, Grimaldi’s, Arizona Federal, and BASIS.ed.

Becky Jo Harris says: “I don’t even know where to start with why this company is so amazing to work with. I’ve acted in a couple of their commercials, and every time I’m greeted with positive attitudes, fun personalities, and just an overall great atmosphere. The whole crew is hilarious, yet professional, which is why it’s such a joy to work with them.”

  1. Film District India

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Film District India

Film District India is based in Navi Mumbai. This company emphasizes the importance of client and partner interactions. That said, “your work” is “their work.” Making your video content stand out above the competition is simple when you work with this company. Film District India offers both videography and photography services.

Film District India has created content for Canon, Serco, Babyshop, and UNOO.

Nitin Mehta says: “We worked with Film District India for our video, which thanks to them, was a success. They understood our requirements and integrated our ideas throughout the process and are thorough professionals who know their work.”

  1. Highline Studios

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Highline Studios

Highline Studios is based in Los Angeles, but they also provide services in New York City. Let’s face it: Your brand deserves attention. This studio knows how to make it stand out! From branded content, to sizzle reels, to interviews, Highline can easily help you out.

Highline Studios has partnered with Pepsi, General Electric, Nissan, and General Mills.

Bill Beasley says: “The day of the shoot, I showed up at my office and the Highline Studios crew was there ready to go. From the moment I arrived they were extremely professional, organized, and efficient, not to mention the crew was a pleasure to work with.”

  1. Motion Source

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Motion Source

This Chicago-based video production facility knows how to combine compelling narratives and cinema-grade video in order to make a great video. If you’re looking for effective video content that’s built perfectly for your company’s needs, Motion Source can help you out. It doesn’t matter if you run a small business or a Fortune 500 company, they have experience with all kinds of industries. Their full-service studio can assist you in everything from conceptualization to finalization.

Motion Source has served the History Channel, McMaster, Unilever, and Citibank.

Alec Maduza says: “We hired Motion Source to direct and produce 26 videos for our photo division. From the onset, the agency’s team and work met our highest expectations. We initially selected Motion Source because they presented smart ideas and effective executions for a breadth of content. Additionally, their creative team was friendly, polite, and easy to work with, making them the obvious choice for us.”

  1. New Evolution Video

Top 100 Video Production Companies - New Evolution Video

Featured in Forbes, New Evolution is a premier San Diego video company. With years of experience under their belt, this team creates priceless video productions that have produced raving reviews. International acclaim is one of the many impressive aspects of this studio! Whether you need a brand video, corporate video, conference video, or website development, New Evolution can get it done.

New Evolution has recently produced content for Solar Gard, R-Con, and ZOTAC.

Daniel Christopher says: “I can’t say enough great things about the team at New Evolution! They absolutely crushed it with our company profile video. We had never done this before so it was great to them guide us through the woods and come out the other end with a fantastic finished product.”

  1. Maverick Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Maverick Productions

If you’re looking for a top-notch Boston production company, Maverick Productions has got your back. This is another full-service production company that shoots, edits, and creates professional HD videos for all types of business areas. Whether you need a promo video for a website or a promotional video for social media, this turnkey production company goes above and beyond.

Maverick has collaborated with corporate giants like Dunkin’ Donuts, Liberty Mutual, Reebok, and TripAdvisor.

Jamie Hill says: “The Maverick Productions team is phenomenal to work with. They are extremely professional, creative, and are 100% focused on making sure their clients are fully satisfied. We have worked with this group of professionals for the last four years and will continue to work with them for years to come.”

  1. Plum Media

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Plum Media

This Milwaukee production studio is the real deal. Specializing in all parts of the production experience, Plum Media offers services for video and audio production, events and conferences, and live streaming. This full-service studio is stocked with cutting-edge equipment and in-house staff who are ready to tackle your next project.

Put simply, Lee Barczaki says: “Here is a company which not only wins awards for it’s work but has repurposed a building in a evolving neighborhood. Kudos, Plum Media!”

  1. Sparksight

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Sparksight

At Sparksight, video is made easy. This team can do wonders for your content marketing strategies! Sparksight is a full-service production company located in Dallas. Photography, video production, live streaming, and animation are just a handful of the things that this studio is capable of providing you. Sparksight’s services can truly shine light onto your brand and its message.

Some of Sparksight’s clients include Planview, Catapult Systems, FlashParking, and Das Keyboard.

Kristi Machicek says: “Sparksight is our go-to partner for live streaming our quarterly company meetings. They make the process easy and our remotely based employees enjoy the option of attending our company meetings, in real-time, without the hassle or expense of flying to Austin!”

  1. Maximize Video Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Maximize Video Productions

Maximize Video Productions consists of business-friendly artists that create some top-notch content. This studio offers all kinds of services. From brand videos, to testimonials, to aerial cinematography, they can easily take your video to the next level. Their 1125 square-foot studio is set in San Francisco – and it features a phenomenal cyclorama soundstage that you can record your project at.

Some of Maximize Video’s notable clients are Facebook, Apple, GoPro, Panasonic, and IBM.

Nancy Nunziati says: “We have just completed a major video project with MVP. Working with the MVP team was a pleasure from start to finish. They are professional, creative, on time, on-budget, and deliver the highest quality work. Their vision and collaboration skills are impeccable, and their ability to see the big picture while managing the fine details made this project a success.”

  1. H2 Video

Top 100 Video Production Companies - H2 Video

This San Francisco-based studio’s work will absolutely exceed your expectations. H2 Video is a full-service video production company that offers a variety of services. From demo reels, to event videography, to motion graphics, H2 has experience with it all. Their low overhead costs and attention detail really help them stand out above the rest. Their rates are honestly unbeatable!

H2 Video has collaborated with The Wall Street Journal, Mercedes-Benz, BlueJeans Network, and Alfresco.

Teresa P. says: “We’ve worked with H2 twice on customer testimonial videos, and each time our team has been blown away by their work ethic and the quality of the end product. Henry truly took the time to understand our company and the information we wanted to convey in the video, and was able to provide thoughtful direction during interviews and filming.”

  1. Caravan

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Caravan

Caravan is a full-service production agency in Charlotte. This studio specializes in commercial video and documentaries – basically, any content that involves telling the stories of people. Each of their project is crafted with passion (and state-of-the-art equipment, of course). Their work is thorough during every step of the production process. You won’t regret working alongside this team.

Caravan has created films for NEA, Comporium, Boar’s Head, and HBO.

Erin says: “Caravan filmed our wedding and it was amazing. They were always in the background to the point you didn’t even know they were there – and the highlight video they produced was incredible. We’ve gotten so much great feedback on how well produced and filmed the video is – it’s a perfect way to relive our day.”

  1. Stormlight

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Stormlight

Stormlight is a fantastic production company found in Nashville. Affordable, convenient, and adaptable, this studio is the perfect place to take your project to. Their space can help you generate some extremely impressive video content! Aside from their production studio, Stormlight is also known for creating phenomenal advertising content, live videos, and music videos. Their post-production services are great as well.

Stormlight has produced content for CMT, as well as artists such as Candi Carpenter, Lena Stone, and Caroline Kole.

Anna-Vija McClain says: “This team is amazing! They make video production easy, creative a breeze, and follow through to ROI a no brainer!”

  1. thinkMotion

Top 100 Video Production Companies - thinkMotion

thinkMotion is an Omaha-based production company that can provide your business with some high-quality content. Whether you need event videography, corporate video, or commercial content, they have experience with all kinds of video. From pre-production, to production, to post-production, we guarantee you’ll enjoy your final product from thinkMotion. Telling your story is easy with this team of professionals. Let them do the hard work for you!

thinkMotion has collaborated with One Big Fan, Accuquilt, Omaha Steaks, and Glenn Valley Foods.

Julia Dagaza says: “Aaron and his team did an absolutely fabulous job on our videos. We could not be more pleased with the quality, creativity & insight that he provided. The team was incredibly easy to work with. They went above & beyond to provide top of the line production.”

  1. Remy Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Remy Productions

Remy Productions generates some creative and innovative content. Based in Orlando, this film crew provides top-quality video services for all areas of business. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a startup business, their videos are high impact. They’re built with your business’ success in mind. And while this crew primarily serves Orlando, they can travel to other major cities in Florida.

Some of Remy Productions’ impressive clients include Amazon Prime, FOX News, Bravo, CBS, and Disney.

Kori Hancock says: “I’ve worked with Remy Productions on various production jobs. As a Producer they are a joy to work with and are always willing to work within your budget. Most importantly their quality of work is always beautiful and above industry standard.”

  1. Vulcan Media

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Vulcan Media

Vulcan Media is a Birmingham video production company that serves all types of business. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a trade show production or an aerial view for your video, they have experience with it all. (Their construction time lapse videos are especially neat.) Vulcan Media’s content generates measurable results. They’re 100% capable of creating your video on-time and on-budget!

Some of Vulcan Media’s featured clients include PBS, the American Heart Association, Spire Energy, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Kourtney Cowart says: “Scott and his team at Vulcan Media are such a joy to work with! Their professionalism at work sites and production quality are unmatched. Vulcan Media can execute your ideas into amazing works. I love working with them!”

  1. Skystorm Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Skystorm Productions

We guarantee that this film crew will exceed your expectations. As a full-service production company in Orlando, Skystorm Productions doesn’t believe creativity has any boundaries. This mentality can be seen throughout their work! In this era, video content is beyond crucial for business, and Skystorm knows it. That’s why each of their productions is created with cutting-edge equipment – to bring your vision to life and generate success.

Some of Skystorm Productions’ impressive clients include Coca-Cola, XBOX, Walmart, Disney, and Showtime.

David Theriault says: “You hear the term ‘unparalleled’ service bandied about all the time, but at the risk of using such an overused expression, Skystorm really does have unparalleled, unrivaled service to their clients. I represent a company that has been using them for over 6 years now, spent probably a few million dollars with them, and I am so glad I can say it has all been money well spent.”

  1. 1K Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - 1K Films

1KFilms is a film production company based in Tokyo. They know that it can be difficult to find an English-speaking production company in Japan, but they’re prepared to take on any project out there. While they’ve produced content for companies overseas, they specialize in productions that are coming to Japan. 1KFilms can film anything from brand and web commercials, to event coverage, to YouTube Content. They’ve filmed top-quality videos for content creators all around the world!

1KFIlms has worked alongside Google, VICE, YouTube, Dior, and SK-II.

Johnny Eugene Harrison refers to 1KFilms as “the best” – which is believable, considering their notable clients.

  1. Skittles Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Skittles Productions

Skittles Productions prides themselves in their storytelling capabilities. Housed in Delhi, this is a comprehensive, full-service video production studio. It’s not difficult for these guys to take your vision and give it life through top-quality content. Whether you need TV commercials, animated videos, corporate videos, or short films, they thrive on creativity. That said, they’ve got you covered.

Some of Skittles Productions’ clients include Metso, Myriad Global Media, Brand Serve, and Peaur.

Isha Echplani says: “Thanks for such a great team and great film! You guys are not only friendly but also professional! That’s what makes you different from others!”

  1. Peppy Production

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Peppy Production

Peppy Production is another top-notch studio based in Delhi. This full-service video agency houses all elements of video production. They can supply your project with 2D and 3D animation, as well as event footage and video concept strategies. Their in-house team takes each step of the production process seriously – you can rest assuredly knowing this team has got your video “in the bag.” Just take a look at their work!

Peppy Production has collaborated with Microsoft, Aviva, Treebo, and Spring House.

Jaya Bhardwaj says: “Peppy Production is a team of individuals dedicated to their work. They are full of enthusiasm and it is amazing to see the kind of commitment they towards their work. I would highly suggest them to anyone and everyone.”

  1. Beijing Eye

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Beijing Eye

This studio’s work will sweep you off your feet. Beijing Eye is a full-service production agency based in Beijing. They produce print and video content, utilizing talent from their top commercial photographers and directors. From budgeting, to casting, to set building, this team can take care of every aspect of your upcoming project. Beijing Eye is extremely passionate about their work and it absolutely shows! To get a look at what their directors have to offer, you can take a closer look at their work here.

Beijing Eye has worked alongside Nike, Coca-Cola, Porsche, Apple, and Coach.

  1. Mandarin Film

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Mandarin Film

Video production is simple but efficient with this team. At Mandarin Film, fresh and effective video content is a standard. Their production team tailors their work precisely to your business needs. Their “script-to-screen” service allows them to create a video that’s best fit for you. From video production, to location scouting, to crew and film equipment hiring, Mandarin Film can do it all.

Mandarin Films has collaborated with Apple, Jaguar, Reebok, Western Union, and BBC.


Top 100 Video Production Companies - VIDEOFARMERS

VIDEOFARMERS is a Berlin-based studio with experience in all areas of videography. They’re known for their top-notch aerial shots, but they’re capable of building content that’s built specifically for your business. At VIDEOFARMERS, it’s easy to highlight your business and show your targeted audience what you have to offer them. From pre-production to post-production and distribution, this team has got you covered. It’s clear that they’re enthusiastic and passionate about their work.

VIDEOFARMERS has recently provided content for Marie Lang, Transdev, BMC Rights Management, and ADJUST.

Put simply, Frank Dornberger says: “Very professional team. Awesome jobs they do!”

  1. Digitank Studios

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Digitank Studios

From conceptualizing to editing, Digitank Studios has a truly impressive team. This phenomenal production agency is based in Manila. Their video content can easily engage your audience, no matter what platform you use it in. Digitank Studios specializes in digital ads, animation, live videography, and event videography. They utilize state-of-the-art equipment to capture your vision and shine light onto your brand. You won’t regret hiring them for your next project!

Some of Digitank Studios’ brand partners include Yamaha, Unilever, Adidas, Yahoo! Philippines, and IMAX.

  1. Umoon Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Unmoon Productions

Housed in Bangkok, Umoon Productions creates some top-tier content. With over 15 years of experience under their belt, this team can breathe life into your latest project. As an international production team, they are a great agency that can help you with any creative or cultural aspects of your video. Thanks to their ability to meet your vision while remaining within your budget, creating video content with them is simple. And considering how passionate they are about their films, working with them is a fun experience too!

Umoon Productions has created content for Apple, Dell, Puma, Delta, and McDonald’s.

According to Angie J., Umoon Productions is “well-managed and organized,” which can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

  1. Brazil Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Brazil Films

Brazil Films is based in – you guessed it – Brazil! This production company creates some innovative and high-quality videos. With cutting-edge equipment and experienced team members, it’s easy for them to take your video to the next level. They can cover all aspects of your project, so you don’t have to worry about things like film permits or location scouting. Brazil Films makes video content that’s best fit for your business, so if you’re in the area, we highly recommend their work.

Brazil Films has collaborated with American Airlines, VISA, Travel Channel, Microsoft, and DirecTV.

  1. The Company Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - The Company Films

The Company Films takes your vision and brings it to life through top-notch productions. From animations, to corporate videos, to documentaries, this Dubai company can create virtually every type of production out there. This team’s mastery is prevalent in their work – they understand how important a great video is for your business. So, aspiring for perfection in your creation is no problem. The Company Films is a versatile company that can benefit any Dubai project.

The Company Films has worked alongside Dior, FabLab, RTA, Gillette, and HSBC.

  1. Channel Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Channel Films

Channel Films is a video production company based in Anchorage. This creative, web-savvy team knows how to put their experience to use. With over 400 clients in the past 23 years and 3 Emmy award-winning productions, it’s hard to top these guys. We guarantee that working with them will garner positive results for your company. Channel Films offers everything from concept development, to video production, to post-production and ongoing support.

Channel Films’ work is trusted by National Geographic, SK-II, CBS, and the United States Forest Service.

Joseph McCullough of the Alaska Office of Boating Safety says: “Their whole team works to make the clients feel as though they are Channel Films’ only customer and they are patient, friendly and very professional through the whole process.”

  1. Oahu Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Oahu Films

Based in Honolulu, Oahu Films is ready to get the ball rolling with your latest project. Whether you need documentaries, lifestyle videography, or video marketing, this is a do-it-all studio. It’s clear that Oahu Films puts their years of experience to work – just take a look at it! It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a monster-sized company. Oahu Films can take your story and present it perfectly.

Oahu Films has created videos for Beauty Business Summit, S&G Labs, and many real estate clients.

John Nonnemaker says: “Oahu films is a trustworthy, dependable, and incredibly talented organization. Their knowledge of the videography industry and expertise in social outreach was a selling point to our team at Veterans Without Orders. Their final products continue to be works of art for our non-profit.”

  1. Berad Studio

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Berad Studio

Berad Studio is another production facility housed in Honolulu. The team behind Berad has traveled all around the world to create top-notch marketing, brand, and documentary films. They can build all types of videos, aligning them with your brand’s identity and business goals. Berad Studio specializes in strategic video solutions that effectively communicate your vision. Working with them is a blast!

Berad Studio has collaborated with Hawaiian Airlines, Adobe, Marriott, Toyota, and Airbnb.

  1. Camera Shy Studios

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Camera Shy Studios

Starting as a small production team in Oklahoma City, Camera Shy Studios has come a long way. This team has created video content for 17 years and (it shows). Their films are engaging, informative, and effective in providing you with the results you need. Camera Shy Studios’ marketing services include video production, social media advertising, landing pages, and interactive marketing. Their digital marketing is impressive, to say the least.

Camera Shy Studios has produced content for United Way, ESPN2, Children’s Miracle Network, and Nike.

  1. DGW Video Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - DGW Video Productions

DGW Video Productions is based in Cheyenne. They provide clients with high-quality audio and video production services, as well as editing and media conversion. Thanks to experience with local Wyoming communities and clients across the country, DGW knows how to get the job done. It’s easy for them to take your ideas and mold them into a video that’s perfect for your company. Whether you need a real estate video or a highlight reel, their services are extremely diverse.

DGW Video Productions has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club, Charter Communications, Healthworks, McDonald’s, and various departments for the State of Wyoming.

  1. KGB Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - KGB Productions

This commercial production studio has created some top-quality content. Based in Jackson Hole (but within worldwide reach), KGB Productions utilizes cutting-edge equipment to bring their clients’ visions to life. Their services range from drone and aerial footage, to stock video, to production management. Their productions truly exceed the industry standard. Take a look at their work!

KGB Productions has produced content for ESPN, Patagonia, Nike, Jeep, and CNN International.

Neil Gershon says: “Fantastic job, really went above and beyond!” regarding his production.


Top 100 Video Production Companies - Redfox Visual

REDFOX VISUAL can take your project from average to awesome. This Boise studio goes above and beyond when breathing life into your project. Their team is beyond passionate about videography, so you can relax knowing some serious love is going into your project. REDFOX VISUAL offers services such as brand films, online advertisements, corporate videos, and highlight reels. From pre-production to post-production, their work is truly top tier.

REDFOX VISUAL has collaborated with Bose, the City of Boise, Toyota, and EPS. 

Jess Tolle says: “Josh and the REDFOX VISUAL team are truly amazing to work with! We have used them on multiple projects (multiple videos & website) and they always deliver an absolutely breathtaking product. A positive experience from start to finish!”

  1. 1890 Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - 1890 Productions

1890 Productions is proud to be a Boise-based production studio. Named after the year Idaho officially became a state, this award-winning team creates phenomenal videos. Their team consists of passionate videographers and photographers that know how to induce emotional responses in your targeted audience. Whether you need a marketing video, aerial imagery, or narration for your latest project, 1890 Productions has got you covered. You can check out some of their impressive content here.

Some of 1890 Productions’ recent clients include ESI, Free to Feed, Kount, Sword & Plough, and Mission43.

  1. D&N Cinematics

Top 100 Video Production Companies - D&N Cinematics

This production facility specializes in cinematic storytelling that’s built for your brand. Based in Bismarck, D&N Cinematics has some fantastic content in their reel. Working alongside local and worldwide brands, this team is capable of taking on any type of project. TV commercials, web-based content, aerial footage, video editing, and live event coverage are just a handful of services that D&N Cinematics offers. You won’t regret working with this full-service production house.

Tracy Finneman says: “… The folks at D&N were professional, courteous, competent, friendly, and they asked great questions to ensure we received an end product that met our needs. They were flexible given our outdoor venue, and re-scheduled their original shoot to a date when the weather and lighting would be optimal … We are happy to recommend D&N.”

  1. Dakota Video & Post

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Dakota Video & Post

Dakota Video & Post is a video production company located in Sioux Falls. They’ve created top-notch advertising content for businesses all across the country. Their creativity is prevalent in their videos, no matter which one you watch! From commercial productions to general promo content, they know how to share your product or service to the masses. Appealing to your targeted audience is easy with Dakota Video & Post!

Put simply, Brian Gochal says: “Fantastic people. Fantastic work.”

  1. Chroma House

Chroma House is a Miami based Video Production company founded by Director of Photography Carlos de Varona in 2012 however they’ve been active since 2008. If you’re looking for creativity and professionalism in the Miami metropolitan area give Chroma House a shot! They offer everything from social media content & live streaming to commercial and corporate video production and more. They’ve worked with multiple companies and top Marketing and Ad agencies such as Sapient Razorfish, NYU, Zooppa, Revolt, Pullmantur Cruises, Surface Magazine, and Atlantic Magazine. To see more of Chroma House and their work click here.

  1. San Telmo Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - San Telmo Productions

San Telmo Productions is a top-quality production agency in Buenos Aires. If you’re looking for creative content that can display your brand effectively, this team is perfect for the job. This 100% bilingual team is U.S./Argentine-owned and operated – they know how crucial their skills are for international clients, and they provide! Whether you need film and ad services, or a crew to shoot TV and documentaries, San Telmo Productions can make it happen. Their work is very impressive, and their team is a pleasure to work with.

Honestly, their work speaks for itself. Take a look at their portfolio!

  1. Go Peru Films

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Go Peru Films

No one knows Peru better than this production team. Go Peru Films is a full-service production company that creates content for things like documentaries and commercials all around the country. They have experience with photography and videography in a variety of landscapes, climates, and communities. Their local producers and coordinators (“fixers”) can easily take your vision and make it reality. If you need an experienced crew with industry standard equipment, you won’t regret being their client.

Feel free to get a closer look at their work through their reel.

  1. iKraal

Top 100 Video Production Companies - iKraal

iKraal is housed in Cape Town. Their work genuinely stands out in this competitive industry – which says a lot! As a top-quality video production company, iKraal can create all types of video. Whether you need brand films, educational videos, commercials, or event videography, their services are diverse. Their team is full of experienced individuals who know how to shine light on your brand and help you stand out above the competition as well.

iKrall has collaborated with Trans Hex, Luck Star Fisheries, Old Mutual Investment Group, VASTech, and i2i Biometrics.

Fazielah Williams says: “We worked with iKraal Video Production on our Cape Town Big 6 video and they were incredible! Their work ethic, attention to detail and ability to adapt to changes from several highly opinionated partners made partnering with them on our video an absolute pleasure. On behalf of the Cape Town Big 6, I’d highly recommend iKraal for your video production needs!”

  1. BLP Corporate

Top 100 Video Production Companies - BLP Corporate

This video production team is extremely impressive. BLP Corporate is based in Johannesburg. They know exactly how to communicate your message to your targeted audience. From crew to equipment, scripting to editing, BLP Corporate has a wide range of services. Their expert team has a proven track record in this competitive industry. Their work is absolutely worth considering for your latest project!

Some of BLP Corporate’s notable clients are mLab, IBM, CSIR, Business France, and Brainsonic.

  1. LowMedia

Top 100 Video Production Companies - LowMedia

For some top tier video production in Madrid, check out LowMedia. Their professional video production services are seriously impressive. Whether you need animations, motion graphics, corporate videos, or promotional videos, they’re familiar with all fields of production. They understand that “ideas are easy” and that it’s ‘the execution of ideas that really separates the good from the great.” We couldn’t agree more – their mission statement and values as a professional company are phenomenal.

LowMedia has produced content for Carrier, Daikin, Bricomart, UCI, and ALDI.

  1. Kalapa Studio

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Kalapa Studio

If you’re searching for creative and exciting productions in Barcelona, Kalapa Studio is right for you. Their thorough production process makes working with them an absolute pleasure. With state-of-the-art equipment & HD cameras, we guarantee that your footage will be captivating. They’ve produced all kinds of content: corporate, event, documentary, lifestyle, TV spot, you name it. Also, if you’re interested in renting gear alone, Kalapa Studio offers that as well.

Kalapa Studio has worked alongside HP, BBC, TEDx, Garnier, and BIBM.

Caroline Balinska says: “Bruno offers an excellent service. His direction and honesty were brilliant, and he was happy to work until we got the perfect take. I have had 17 years’ experience in the industry and have extremely high standards, and his equipment is top quality. I highly recommend Bruno’s service and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

  1. Minifridge Media

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Minifridge Media

Simply put, Minifridge Media makes cool videos. But cool is a serious understatement – this Toronto video production company knows how to build an effective video. Capturing your audience’s attention with cutting edge equipment and top-quality editing, Minifridge Media is extremely proficient in the art of video marketing. We guarantee that their passion for videography will show in your upcoming project. We know you want those concrete results – and so does the team at Minifridge Media.

Minifridge Media has made videos for OMX, #paid, Needles, and Robichaud’s Criminal Defence Litigation.

Peter Vallas says: “Andrew and the team at Minifridge Media are outstanding to work with. They’ve got great vision, creativity and an arsenal of talent at their disposal. It was great working with them, from initial concept all the way through to the final delivery of the video. They were timely and professional, and I can’t wait to work with them again!”

  1. Red Ripley

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Red Ripley

Red Ripley is a one-stop-shop for video production services. This team is housed in Vancouver, partnering with top companies and brands. Their productions are powerful and built to impact your viewers – and it shows! This multifaceted video studio has created all kinds of content. From commercial to viral content, you’ll be impressed with their creative abilities. Just check out their portfolio!

Red Ripley has worked with Microsoft, CrossFit, Yahoo!, and The Discovery Channel.

Garrett Gamble says: “Colter and his team are world class. They went above and beyond to create perfect shots and nailed our post-production requests. I would certainly work with Red Ripley again.”

  1. We Are Invite

Top 100 Video Production Companies - We Are Invite

Talk about some stunning productions. We Are Invite is a very vibrant studio based in the heart of Manchester. This company has experience with businesses, brands, and creative agencies in just about every field. We Are Invite has created some top-quality cinematography – from corporate video, to internal communications, to charity, their work is absolutely phenomenal. They really know how to tell a good story (and highlight your brand too).

We Are Invite has collaborated with eBay, Purina, the University of Manchester, and BBC.

Chris Teague says: “We’ve worked with this talented bunch for over 2 years collaborating on numerous productions around the world. I highly recommend them.”

  1. Rocket Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Rocket Productions

Rocket Productions is a top-notch production studio based in Sydney. Whether you need help with scriptwriting or editing, this Australian production company has got you covered. They’ve created brand videos, commercials, event videos, animations, and much more for their clients. Content marketing campaigns are their specialty – so, if you’re looking for online videos for social media, Rocket Productions can take care of it.

Rocket Productions has worked alongside Mastercard, Philips, Nikon, Microsoft, and XBOX.

Natalie Bauman says: “I can’t do justice to the superior client service you receive working with Ajit and the Rocket Productions team. Reliable, efficient and professional … they are seriously a cut above and a breath of fresh air in video production.”

  1. Crow Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Crow Productions

This top-quality studio is based in Cairo. For over a decade, Crow Productions has created extremely successful content in Egypt. Its founder has been a film producer and director for over 15 years – most of his content is used by large and respected firms. Whether you need corporate films, documentaries, commercials, or vlogs, this team has experience with so many different types of productions. Their branded content is hard to beat!

Doritos, Marlboro, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Red Bull have all utilized film services from Crow Productions.

  1. One Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - One Productions

One Productions is a production agency based in Dublin. They truly understand how important effective videos are for marketing. From planning, to producing, to distributing, One Productions is a thorough company that creates some top tier content. Their videos can easily convert your audience! No matter your brand or message, One Productions can easily help you out. They’ve been in the industry for 19 years, after all.

Some of One Productions’ clients include Guinness, Linkedin, Aer Lingus, Salesforce, and Brown Thomas.

Claire Chambers says that One Productions is a “great production company in the heart of Dublin city.”

  1. Little Beast

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Little Beast

This production company specializes in ferocious filmmaking. As a video production company based in Dublin, Little Beast consists of passionate storytellers who know how to highlight your company. With over 27,000 hours of footage shot and over 240,000 video likes, their videos are extremely compelling. If you need help in concept development, editing, or advertising, they have no problem partnering with you. The services they offer are diverse and top-quality, to say the least.

Little Beast has collaborated with Universal, KnockanStockan, Body & Soul, and Festival Republic.

  1. Copenhagen Production Service

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Copenhagen Production Service

Copenhagen Production Service is your Scandinavian film partner. Based in Copenhagen, nothing is too big (or too small) for this company. This full-service video company has experience in all areas of media production. Corporate films, commercials, feature films, and TV series are just a handful of the services that they offer. Their efficient crews and state-of-the-art equipment make their videos professional and engaging.

Copenhagen Production Services has an impressive list of clients, some of which include Netflix, Warner Bros. Pictures, Google, Coca-Cola, and Apple.

  1. MOKA Productions

Top 100 Video Production Companies - MOKA Productions

As a full-service production team in Italy, MOKA Productions has been creating high-level video content since 2006. With a list of clients based all around the globe, their services are seemingly endless. Whether you need research, location scouting, fixer services, catering, accounting, or transportation and logistics, MOKA Productions is “the whole package.” Additionally, they’re familiar with the locations and landmarks in Italy that can make for some top-notch aerial footage. It doesn’t matter what your project requires – this team can take care of it!

MOKA Productions has produced content for Disney, the Discovery Channel, CBS, BBC, and National Geographic.

  1. Fonk Film

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Fonk Film

Fonk Film is an all-inclusive production company that creates commercials, branded content, and corporate videos. Housed in Amsterdam, the producers at this company have been in the industry for a handful of years now. Their extensive portfolio and diverse projects make them a first pick for international companies. From scripted to non-scripted storytelling, they use the best technologies to bring projects to life. Let them do the hard work for you!

Fonk Film has partnered with CNN, Bloomberg Business, Universal, Gatorade, and T-Mobile.

Maxime Rozestraten says: “I did two service productions with Fonk Film. One for CNN and one for Bloomberg. Everything was arranged perfectly. Would definitely recommend! They’re great guys to work with.”

  1. HayotFilms

Top 100 Video Production Companies - Hayot Films

If you’re looking for video production in Prague, then look no further. HayotFilms specializes in exceptional cinematic and storytelling videos. This team of professionals can create videos with all types of goals in mind. Whether you’re trying to inspire potential customers or display what a product has to offer, their passion for film can take your project from average to awesome. From marketing videos, to travel videos, to explainers and animations, HayotFilms is your go-to Prague production company.

HayotFilms has worked alongside Sony, Mosaic House, Men House, and Jolo.

Debasis Rout says: “It was an amazing experience working with HayotFilms in Prague. We came all the way from India for a shoot and found the most professional and friendly crew we could work with. They’re creative, hardworking and ready to give their best for every project. Hands down the best film team in Prague.”

  1. Ivory Media

Based out of Australia, Ivory Media is a creative digital agency that’s reinventing the way your vision comes to life. Expert in making all creative work hands-free, they guarantee standout results that set your brand apart. No more time-consuming revisions and missed deadlines – Ivory Media is all about delivering fresh, innovative ideas in a timely manner.

Recognized by AlliedWealth, UNSW Sydney, and Mortgage Choice for their exceptional focus on client needs and goals.

Sara Sanlorenzo says, “Ivory Media’s team goes above and beyond to help with any project! They produce high-quality work while having fun; highly recommended!

  1. Sound and Vision Media

Sound and Vision Media knows that in today’s digital age, standing out from the crowd is paramount. Based in Boston, this premier video production team is not only composed of exceptionally talented professionals, but they also pride themselves on their unrivaled passion to bring your vision to life. With a focus on creativity and uniqueness, they ensure that your content will never be branded as “boring”. With nearly three decades in the industry, Sound and Vision Media has honed their craft, producing top-tier marketing videos and television advertisements. Their extensive suite of services ranges from video scripting to utilizing a full-size green screen in their in-house studio. They have a proven track record in delivering engaging content through professional editing, storytelling, brand promotion, and creative videography, ensuring rapid business growth for their clients. Whether you’re a startup or an established business in Boston, Sound and Vision Media is the gold standard in video production.

Sound and Vision Media has created content for US Pavement Services, Hewlett Packard, Fitch Law Partners, and LAER Realty.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 100 Video Production Companies in the World. Feel free to leave us your thoughts below. Also don’t hesitate to suggest additional production companies that we may consider for our next list. Drop us a line if you have any questions.