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Tips for Hiring a Creative Agency and Production Company

If you’re looking for a creative agency and production company to work with, you’ve probably already got a few ideas for some projects that you want to move forward with. Perhaps you’ve even got a budget set and an idea of what kind of company you want to hire to get the job done. If you’re even considering the idea of hiring a creative agency and production company to help you produce videos for your business, consider these top tips to help you weed through the competition.

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we take pride in our brand and strive to deliver a commitment to our customers that is above the competition and hard to beat.

Give us a call to learn more about our services and the creative video production processes that we deliver. Before you hire a creative agency and production company, make sure that you follow these tips:

#1. Shop Around, Don’t Settle for Less

First and foremost, before you hire a creative agency and production company, make sure that you’re shopping around and that you don’t settle for less. Get quotes from multiple video production companies and agencies before you make a decision.

If you’ve got a budget already set for the project, keep this in mind as you shop for a production company to work with.

You don’t have to tell them exactly what your budget is, but you can get ball-park estimates on projects that will help you to determine whether a company may be within your price range or potentially far from the ballpark that you need to stay within. 

#2. Look Beyond the Demo Reel

Every great creative agency and production company will have a demo reel, but your job when hiring a crew is to look beyond the demo reel. Why? Because you need to know that the team you hire can do more than just what’s in the demo.

While the demo should showcase some of their best work, it could also be old work. There’s a chance that those who worked on the demo are not even with the business anymore.

In fact, a better idea is to ask for recent videos and projects that you can judge from — if you don’t see something on their website, just ask!

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#3. Budget & Vision are Two Different Things

As you’re looking at your options and considering each of the different creative agency or production company opportunities in front of you, consider both your budget and your vision, but don’t compromise one for the other.

If you have a vision in mind, and you’re told that your budget is not conducive to that vision, keep shopping! If your vision is a bit beyond what the budget can entail, consider ways that you can get more out of your vision.

Perhaps you could budget two or three videos from a single vision and shoot? Increasing the budget a bit, with the expectation of completing several videos instead of just one, could help you to get what you want at a price that is more easy to digest in the long run.

#4. Choose A Team that Specializes in Your Project

Whether you need a case study, marketing video, branded content, or something entirely different, when hiring a creative agency and production company you should be seeking a company that is going to specialize in YOUR project.

Make sure that you do your homework and plan to hire a crew that has the skills and background that you need for success. Whether it’s animation, graphics, or special effects — this is a time to choose a crew based on their potential to serve you and your business. 

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#5. Get Involved 

Hiring a creative agency and production company requires an investment into your brand. Just as much as you’re investing into the company that you hire, they must invest into you. Now is your chance to get involved and to engage with the company that you are considering. Ask questions.

Communicate with them. Don’t be afraid to actively work side-by-side from the beginning to make sure that they have similar guidelines, expectations, and morals that can mesh with your brand, It’s better to find out that they aren’t a good fit early on, rather than later. 

Consider hiring a creative agency and production company that will possess the skillsets and key factors for success with your brand. To learn more about hiring Beverly Boy Productions, give us a call!