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The #1 Reason Why Corporate Videos Fail, And What You Can Do to Ensure Success

How many times have you sat in front of a computer or television to watch a corporate video only to be completely bored with the footage in the first few seconds? That’s happened to us too, a lot! The reality is, many corporate videos fail and they’re mostly failing for the same major reason.

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What’s crazy is that corporate video production isn’t exactly cheap. And the fact that major corporations large and small continue to invest in corporate videos without a true understanding of what it takes to truly be successful with corporate video content is mind boggling.

Do they really make so much money that they can waste it on ineffective videos? We don’t think so!

With two decades in corporate video production, Beverly Boy Productions knows a thing or two about what it takes to produce top-quality, engaging corporate videos. And, the # 1 reason most corporate videos fail isn’t that difficult. Why do they fail? They lack a GREAT STORY!

Client Wants vs. Audience Wants

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Let’s talk about how this lack of a story comes about. Generally it goes something like this…

The client comes in to the production agency looking to have a corporate video created that will showcase some level of their corporation. They want to show their history, what they do, and who their clients are. They probably also want to feature their top leaders–all 15 of them.

So, already we’re facing a major hurdle. Because we now need to figure out how we can tell a story that is all over the place. We need to tell the corporate history, we need to tell the story of a day-in-the-life of, and we need to tell the story of each executive leader at the business. Can you see how this can quickly lose the feel of a GREAT STORY?

Two Options

So now the production company has two options. 1) they can follow the client’s brief and attempt to tell the story of the history and the story of the day in the life of and the story of all 15 leaders. Or 2) they can take a completely different approach, and tell a GREAT STORY, that may only touch on certain elements of the original brief.

Option 1 is most often the option that is attempted. Why do production companies attempt option #1 if it is the wrong approach? Because failure to follow through with the details of the creative brief can lead to contractual hassles and a big mess. However, failure to tell a GREAT STORY will lead to a corporate video failure!

What Can Corporations Do to Succeed with Video?

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So what can a big corporation do to make sure that their corporate videos succeed? They need to let the storyteller do the story telling. Plain and simple!

What does this all mean?

It means, you are trusting the video production company to produce your corporate video and you need to trust them to the fullest extent. You need to trust their storytellers to be able to tell your corporate story in a way that they know will be effective and successful for your brand. They’ve done this, probably hundreds of times, before.

Trust Professionals to Tell Your Brand Story

So, the next time you consider a corporate video for your website, think about how much flexibility you will give the production company to tell your brand story. Think long and hard about this. And think about the cost of failure! If you spend $10K or $15K or more on this corporate video, can you really afford for it to fail?

Because we can’t promise everything, but we can promise that if your corporate video doesn’t tell a great story, it’s probably going to get lost in the noise and it will most definitely fail.

Ready to work with a production company you can trust to tell your story? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808!