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Remote Video Broadcasting Tips for Business Owners

For a business owner, staying connected with employees, clients, customers, or various other stakeholders is important. Close, face-to-face connections can make the difference between whether a project is completed on time, whether a meeting makes the greatest impact, or whether there is enough trust to make a purchase. Remote video broadcasting for your business allows for the immediate connection of a face-to-face communication without the risks or inconvenience of travel either for you, or for your customers, clients, or stakeholders. Check out our remote video broadcasting tips for business owners!


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Consider Live Video Broadcasting Uses

First, consider the various ways that your business can utilize the remote video broadcast technology most effectively. There are several potential uses for your remote video broadcasting. Consider:


– Using broadcast to collaborate with other employees.

– Broadcasting corporate announcements.

– Training remote employees with live broadcasting.

– Onboarding new customers through remote video broadcasting.

– Connecting with remote clients.

– Communicating with large groups to provide feedback, answer questions, or capture reactions.


Learn How to Set Up Remote Video Broadcasting

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 The next big step is to learn how you can go live with your audience and interact with one another. Before you broadcast remotely, it’s important to have your equipment in place and to have a plan in place for the broadcast. Remote video broadcasting can be accomplished with basic equipment, but for a professional appearance, it’s a good idea to consult a camera crew.

Beverly Boy Productions can help you set up your office or business for a remote video broadcasting experience that your clients, customers, or employees will truly enjoy. This is about more than just a point and click camera setup, or using your webcam to capture your announcement. Remote video broadcasting should include:


– At least a two camera setup, to allow for adjustments of angles to keep your audience engaged.

– A switcher that allows the camera views to be adjusted during the broadcast, seamlessly.

– Lighting to ensure appropriate visibility during the broadcast.

– Microphone and audio equipment to ensure the best possible sound.

– Live broadcast technology – you don’t want to rely on Facebook Live or YouTube Live for something as personal as your own internal communications or client onboarding!


Get the Most Out of Your Broadcast by Planning Ahead

One of the most commonly overlooked items of importance when it comes to remote video broadcasting tips that we can provide business owners is that it is important to plan ahead. Sure, you’re considering a live broadcast, but that doesn’t mean that it must be impromptu! Planning is essential to your remote video broadcasting.

To get the most out of your remote video broadcasting, make sure that you:


– Plan your presentation.

– Plan your equipment needs.

– Have a plan in place for camera angles, and how you will incorporate lower-thirds to include branded content.

– Test equipment before going live to ensure functionality.

– Know whether you’ll use a CDN,.

– Know your internet connection is strong enough or have a backup boost connection in place.


Remote video broadcasting for small business owners is something that many turn to professionals to achieve. Beverly Boy Productions provides full-service remote video broadcasting support to business owners worldwide. Give us a call to learn more! 888-462-7808