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Minority Owned Production Company in Lauderhill

Are you a member of a minority group that needs a video project? Do you want to ensure inclusivity while working on this? A Minority Owned Production Company in Lauderhill is what you need. Contact Beverly Boy productions in Lauderhill. We never shy away from helping a minority entrepreneur. We have created productions for every type of small business out there. These have even benefited businesses owned by a woman, a veteran, a member of the LGBTQ community and others.

When you work with an African American owned production company, you’ll get vendor diversity. At Beverly Boy productions we take great pride in this. There are many individuals on our staff that make our company diverse. That’s the beauty of hiring minority groups. Who might some of these individuals be? Female crew members for starters. Each individual brings their own talent and skills. That contributes to the diversity. LGBTQ production crew members also work with us. Are you looking for video productions within these cities? Call us! Plantation, Lauderdale Lakes, Sunrise.

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Minority Owned Production Company in Lauderhill

Diversity and inclusion need to be more than just conversations. Efforts have been made towards cultural diversity, minority inclusivity, but not in all the industries. We’re still a long way away from global acceptance on this. What happens to the underrepresented threshold that’s left? We can’t just ignore it. Start in other industries. Accurately portray and assist the representation of marginalized communities in the film industry. Beverly Boy productions is doing all we can to help with this. We firmly believe in being able to encourage inclusivity in all aspects.

We start at the heart of it. A Minority Owned Production Company in Lauderhill hires diversity. We do that in the firm of LGBTQ production crew members, black filmmakers, and others. We also represent diverse clients and never leave a minority business out. Being a minority company allows us to understand our clients better. We can relate to their needs in the industry.

More than ever, you should feel the urge to hire a Minority Owned Production Company in Lauderhill. If you do, know that you’ll also contribute to corporate supplier diversity and inclusivity. You get more than just a great video production with us. You give back to the minority community out there as well as give talented individuals a place to show off their talents. This results in making them feel like they’re not overlooked. Is your business located in any of the following counties? Call us for assistance. Broward, Hamilton, Lake.

Black Owned Production Company

Growth among minority groups will happen. It’s all because of you. When you make the decision to hire a black owned production company, you’re helping out these individuals. You’re giving your support to black creators. You’re showing the world just how diverse and talented these individuals are and showing them they can have a place in the industry and be successful as well. Their talents will shine in your next video project.


What about knowledge and planning? Those are both important when hiring a black owned production company in Lauderhill. Beverly Boy productions not only has a black production team, we have a team with years of experience filming in Lauderhill. New here? They’ll tell you: Lauderhill is close to Ft Lauderdale. You’ll find numerous beaches as well as sports teams. There are also plenty of arts and cultural events to attend. Our black filmmaker in Lauderhill has just as much knowledge. They might be familiar with the following venues and recommend them to you: Events Infiniti, Roarke Hall, Lauderhill Festival Grounds

You need a Minority Owned Production Company in Lauderhill. Beverly Boy productions is the one for you. Our clients are very diverse. Over the years we’ve helped many minority businesses go on to great success. Why not let yours be next? Whether it is a tv commercial or a short advertisement, we can film all types of productions. We even help come up with better marketing strategies. Contact us if you’re located in any of the following zip codes:33311, 33313, 33319

Why else would you need a Minority Owned Production Company in Lauderhill? What else do they offer?

  • Cost savings
  • Innovation and creativity
  • More opportunity. Minority owned businesses can help you expand your opportunities.
  • Supplier diversity. Working with an MBE can help diversify your clientele.

Black Film Crew

At Beverly Boy productions you will be working with a talented black film crew. They remain in contact with you throughout pre-production and story creation to post-production editing. That’s what sets us apart from any other Minority Owned Production Company in Lauderhill. We put our clients first and value their input. This is your video production after all. Why not have a say in it?

Is there a way for you to help the local businesses in Lauderhill during filming? Yes, hire a minority owned business. Beverly Boy productions is ready to offer our services. We’ve assisted diverse clients for over a decade. Let our diverse camera crew members work together to create an amazing production for you. Your project is in good hands with our award-winning black director. We also have a black producer that’s equally skilled and talented.

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You’ve given thought to whether you want to create a 30 second television spot, corporate interview, or a series of educational videos or promos for social media. Now is the time to put your plan in action. Hire a Minority Owned Production Company in Lauderhill that puts the emphasis on diversity. Let Beverly Boy productions help get your business on the map. Our services are a phone call away.