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Minority Owned Production Company in Chesapeake

Are you hoping to do your part to ensure inclusivity by hiring a Minority Owned Production Company in Chesapeake to work on and film an upcoming video project? Or are you a minority entrepreneur that owns a small business which needs a 30-second explainer video or landing page video for your website? Are you a woman, veteran, a member of the LGBTQ community or someone in a minority group that’s interested in working with a production company in Chesapeake to turn your vision into reality? 

If vendor diversity matters to you and your company, you’ll be happy to know that Team Beverly Boy is an African American owned production company that hires and works with minority groups including LGBTQ production crew members and female film crew & staff. We also provide services in Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Windsor.

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Minority Owned Production Company in Chesapeake

Although diversity and inclusion are more popular than it has been before, the industry still falls short in a lot of ways. When it comes to promoting cultural diversity, minority inclusivity and the representation of marginalized communities in film, there’s still a lot to do to get past the “underrepresented” threshold. At Team Beverly Boy we are all about doing our part to promote and encourage inclusivity.

As a Minority Owned Production Company in Chesapeake with over 20 years on the job, we have a team that can provide expert services in video projects, both large and small. Our innovative team of LGBTQ production crew members, black filmmakers, and expert producers can help you with a plethora of projects, working with all types of budgets.

Most importantly, when you hire a Minority Owned Production Company in Chesapeake you are doing what you can to support corporate supplier diversity and inclusivity within the film industry while we make sure to create the most expert footage, innovative video concepts, and exceptional video content for your brand. We also provide services in Currituck County, Camden County, and Albemarle County.

Black Owned Production Company

Producing with a black owned production company like Team Beverly Boy to create stellar strategies for amazing results is one of the ways that you can easily support black creators. Initiatives to support diversity and growth among minority groups can be helpful for the economy, as well.

The benefits of hiring a black owned production company in Chesapeake are a lot more than just being culturally inclusive and diverse. Black filmmakers in Chesapeake also know where is best to film in the city including places like Chesapeake Arboretum, Oak Grove Lake Park, and South Norfolk Jordan Bridge. From start to finish, our black production team will guide you to the hidden parts of Chesapeake where you’ll find things like Norfolk Highlands and Greenbrier.

There are many benefits found in working with a Minority Owned Production Company in Chesapeake on your side. From the production of quick videos to stellar commercials, what’s stopping you from putting your business on the map with the best? We also service 23320, 23321, and 23323.

The benefits of working with a Minority Owned Production Company in Chesapeake are found here:

  • Supplier Diversity. Working with an MBE can help diversify your clientele
  • More Opportunity. Minority-owned business can help you expand your opportunities.
  • Cost Savings
  • Innovation and Creativity.

Black Film Crew

As a Minority Owned Production Company in Chesapeake, when you work with Team Beverly Boy for a film project, you will find a black film crew will be by your side from pre-production & story creation to post-production editing. We have an incredibly diverse team that we work with and we look forward to promoting cultural diversity throughout our brand, all the time.

If you’re hoping to film in Chesapeake, hiring locally should be something to consider, as should and so vendor diversity. Working with a minority owned business like Beverly Boy Productions can help you get the the logistical support and on-your-side attention that you need for success. Your film crew can count on a black director & black producer as well as 1 or more diverse camera crew members that use quality services and more for each project.

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Whether you’re hoping to capture a 30-second television spot, a corporate interview, or a series of educational videos or promos for social media, hiring a Minority Owned Production Company in Chesapeake to help you is a key component to a successful film project. Give Team Beverly Boy a call and we’ll take care of the rest of it.