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How to Promote Your Video Online

As more businesses shift to the production of video content, many wondering how to promote their videos online. In fact, learning how to promote your video online is a bit of a learning curve, but the process really can be a lot of fun and the end result is highly valuable to your brand.

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We’re showing you some of the most valuable opportunities and methods of promoting your video online. Below we outline several ideas on how to promote your video online.

Consider each of these opportunities to improve the overall traction and visibility of your video content. Need help? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808!

#1. Always Publish Native Videos

Promoting a video online requires a bit of background knowledge and understanding as to how each platform works. Starting with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for social.

Social platforms like these have rules in place that dictate how their algorithms work and what they will (and will not) place higher up in their rankings for more viewers to see.

Native Videos

LinkedIn and Facebook especially favor native videos. But what are native videos and what does it have to do with promoting a video online? A lot!

Native videos are those which are hosted on the platform itself. So, in order for a LinkedIn video to be considered a “native video” it must be a video that you created, and uploaded or otherwise produced in LinkedIn.

You cannot host the video on YouTube and then share on LinkedIn and call it native — it doesn’t work that way! Native means the video is native (lives on) the site.

Publishing native videos will increase your viewer reach by 50% or more. In fact many native videos see 100% higher reach.

#2. Optimize Videos for SEO

Promoting your video online is all about your optimization. There are several steps you can take to achieve SEO success with your video content. Taking steps to optimize your title, description, and video transcript will help you to improve your reach online.

In fact, having these items in place will help you to promote your video online via various other verticals besides just sites and search engines that focus on visual content.

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#3. Optimize the Video Thumbnail

Video thumbnail images that include a smiling face are significantly more likely to be placed or watched than those that do not include a human vibe.

In fact, although we’re all taught to never judge a book by its cover, we all tend to judge video content and other forms of visual content by the first image or impression that we get. The thumbnail is everything!


#4.  Run Video Marketing Campaigns

You’ve got a ton of different opportunities to run various video marketing campaigns as you learn how to promote your video online. Consider retargeting campaigns that will drive viewers to your video after they have visited your website.

You also could use Pay-Per-Click promotions to drive traffic to landing pages that host your video. Or, you could create entire email marketing campaigns that focus on delivering your video content to those who have interest in your brand. The sky is really the limit here!


#5. Ask for a Share

One of the easiest and most commonly overlooked ways of promoting video content online is the shameless ask. What is the “shameless ask?” It’s just like it sounds! You shamelessly ask people to share your video content for you.

As silly and simple as it sounds, this method goes a LONG way in generating targeted promotion for your brand.

Asking people to share your video may seem off putting at first, but it’s really not. In fact, all you have to do is send the video in an email and ask them to share it. Or, you could post a video on Facebook or YouTube and share the link to the post and ask for a share.

A really great opportunity to ask for a video share is found when you reach out to influencers in your niche and ask for a share. In fact, as you look at all the ideas listed on how to promote your video online — the shameless ask is the simplest and sometimes the most effective!