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How Do I Hire a Professional Aerial Camera Operator?

Professional aerial camera operators can help you to capture views of a property, location, or field in ways that on-the-ground cinema simply cannot do. Hiring a professional aerial camera operator requires hard work, dedication, and background research to ensure you’re choosing the most talented individual for the role. While each aerial production scene or skit will be different, it’s important to logically find and hire an aerial camera operator that is skilled, qualified, and prepared for the task at hand.

Before you hire a professional aerial camera operator, consider the necessary qualifications for the position and the various questions that you should ask to appropriately fill the role.

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Qualifications of an Aerial Camera Operator

Every aerial camera operator will have a set of skills associated with flight and video capture from a form of aerial equipment.

Whether they fly a drone or a plane, aerial camera operators are mixed and focus on various styles of aerial video production. Whether they probably realize that they can pick and choose the style of production that they provide is probably forward-thinking.

Consider the following qualifications for an aerial videographer:

  • Communication
  • Timeliness
  • Expert understanding of flight
  • Ability to understand aerial shots
  • Drone Management (if flying drone)
  • Remote control skills

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Questions to Ask a Potential Aerial Camera Operator

Before you hire anyone to take aerial footage it is important to produce a clean slate. These questions will help you to determine whether the individual is engaged, knowledgeable, and ready to take on the task at hand.

Consider the following:

  • What is your favorite Aerial shot?
  • What style are you most skilled at?
  • Do you enjoy shooting aerial footage? Why or Why Not?
  • Have you ever done damage repair work? (NO to this question raises a red flag as many early videographers that are just starting out with drone footage or aerial footage work on damage repair views off various locations impacted by natural disaster.)
  • Tell me about a bird’s eye view that you’re most proud of and why?

These questions will help you to determine the skillset and power that an aerial camera operator has and his or her skills against the competition. All are important when hiring a professional aerial camera operator.

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