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Business Video Script Writing 101

Writing a business video script is 50% storytelling, 30% formatting, and 20% practice. Of course, those percentages could vary. In fact, the bottom line is, business video script writing requires essential understanding of how video scripts are formatted and how to tell a story that will connect with consumers. If you can do both of those things, you’re already well on your way to writing a video script that will inspire action, driving consumer behavior. This is business video script writing 101.

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At Beverly Boy Productions, business video script writing is one of the many services that we provide to our customers as part of the video production process.

In fact, we put more than twenty years of experience to work for your brand, writing powerfully effective scripts that will drive consumer behavior, increase sales and boosting the success of your brand. Give us a call to learn more!

Business Video Script Writing Basics

How do you write a video script for a business? How can you be sure that what you write will speak volumes to your audience and help the business to achieve predefined goals? First, you’ve got to start with the basics. 

To be perfectly clear, a script should be simple. Sure, you may have lots of great ideas and cool thoughts. Perhaps you even have a huge budget (although this is rarely the case).

However, budget and ideas aside, you want to keep your business video script writing as streamlined and simplistic as possible — at least for now.

You’re going to want to establish the basic elements of your story or script upfront. This means:

-Identifying your audience.

-Outlining your goals.

-Defining the main character.

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Script Writing 101

Once you’ve defined all of the bare essentials for your video you can begin to write your script. Business video script writing will come together more quickly and efficiently if you’ve got your basics clearly outlined and the goal is in mind.

In fact, at this point you’ve probably already mustered up quite a story and have a clear idea in mind as to what your video will be about. Now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty.

Follow the path that you mapped out. Write to your target audience. Keep your goal clear and create a story that emulates that which would be ideal for your main character. 

As you write your video script, make sure that you:

-Use dialogue that speaks directly to the audience that you defined when planning your script. Speak to the audience rather than at the audience.

-Make sure that your dialogue comes out just as you would say it naturally, now is not the time to make your words look good on paper. They need to SOUND good.

-Read your script several times over and read it out loud. It’s easy to overlook an error if the script is not read out loud.

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Trim, Edit, Write, Repeat

Once you’ve finished your basic business video script writing, prepare to trim the content, edit the script, write again, and repeat the process. This will go on for at least a time or two before you’ll come to a point where you feel like the script is ready for production. 

Ask your friends, family, or colleagues to read the script out loud and offer their input. At this stage, all input is welcomed! Business video script writing is about more than just getting the words and actions on paper.

This is the time to make sure that the brand’s image is being properly portrayed in the story and that the audience members will connect with the content. 

As you trim your content, the focus should be on two things:

-Making sure that the video will be the desired length (between 2 and 3 minutes is ideal most of the time).

-Making sure that the content does not repeat, fluff, flab, or inflate information.

As you read the content again and again, consider how long it takes to read the script as well as where there is most emphasis. If there are phrases that sound awkward or otherwise seem to get stuck when speaking, take steps to trim those out and rephrase.

Keep the wording simple, clear, and easy to understand.

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Business Video Script Writing Success

The finished script will have likely gone through several rounds of revision, trimming, editing, and adjustments. In fact, a business video script that doesn’t go through this process stands to potentially have errors or added elements that really aren’t necessary.

Revisions are really just the nature of the beast, and when it comes to writing a business video script you can expect many!

Before you call the script writing process a success, ask yourself the following:

-Does the script speak to the target audience?

-Will the audience resonate with what is said?

-Is the script long, complex, or otherwise wordy?

-Is my core message delivered?

-Will the story engage the viewer?

-Is the script the ideal length for my networks? (Think about where you will share the video and the appropriate length for those networks)

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