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8 Different Types of Madison Time-Lapse Videography

Madison Time-Lapse Videography is a popular technique that’s been around for a while. But, it’s increased in use and there are now many styles of time-lapse photography in Madison now being used in films today.

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we like to use a variety of types of Madison Time-Lapse Videography into our videos based on what our clients are looking for. If you’d like to know more, call us about our full-service video production and time-lapse video services.

Here are 8 of the most common types of time-lapse techniques that we use at Beverly Boy Productions.

1. Basic Time-Lapse Videography

With the basic time-lapse shot, the camera and settings are fixed. The concept is to capture a scene over a period of time so that you can then exhibit your footage over this period of time. While it’s not anything special, it’s ideal for filming things like sunrise, sunsets, shadows, or moving clouds.  

2. Hyperlapse Videography

Hyperlapse videography is a more technical kind of Madison Time-Lapse Videography, but it provides a “hyper” look for your videos that can be amazing when it’s done well. In fact, some of the most mind-blowing scenes and shots can be achieved through hyperlapse filming.

The technique is achieved by pointing at a specific point while the camera shifts perspective, with each frame looking very similar to each other.  

3. Plant Time-Lapse Videography

Just like it sounds, plant time-lapse videography is used to capture plant growth. With this type of time-lapse, you’ll capture the plant growth over weeks or months using the same camera.

4. Holy Grail Time-Lapse Videography

Many types of Madison Time-Lapse Videography can be a bit challenging to capture. The holy grail requires expertise for the exposure settings to be adjusted just right so that you get the flickering sequence at sunrise or sunset that looks incredible.

5. Aerial Hyperlapse

Used to describe the various kinds of time-lapse photography that are captured from the air, whether from a plane, drone, or helicopter. Aerial hyperlapse is done with the camera positioned in a set way, focusing on specific point while the camera shifts perspective.

6. Astro Time-Lapse

Filmed at night, this type of time-lapse is taken from a dark place to capture incredible scenes in the night sky. It’s also known as astrophotography or astro-videography.

7. Focus Pull Time-Lapse

A form of time-lapse videos that involves filming the focus ring and adjust as you go, it’s an advanced style that typically accompanies motion control time-lapse videography.

8. Motion Control Madison Time-Lapse

Motion control Madison time-lapse video makers call for various gear styles to achieve. With this kind of Madison Time-Lapse Videography, motion control time-lapse results in fun and versatile footage that looks great for any project.

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