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15 Reasons to Budget for Creating Video Content for Your Business

Sometimes, especially when it comes to venturing into a new form of marketing and distribution, a little convincing is required. We see this a lot with small businesses that are trying to justify the spend on a video or when trying to convince a leadership team that planning a budget for creating video content for your business is a “good idea.”

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Although planning a budget for creating video content for your business may initially take a little bit of effort, we believe that these 15 reasons will have you sure on your way to calling our production crew to get started with the next steps.

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#1. Video is More Memorable

According to a recent study by HubSpot, 43% of people say that video is more memorable when used in content than any other form of content online including text and images alone.

#2. Video Increases Sales

Nearly 80% of businesses that already use video in their marketing admit that it has helped them to increase both sales and traffic to their website or store.

Professionally produced and distributed video has the power to provide a substantial ROI for your brand which is why creating video content for your business is important.

#3. Video is Convincing

Consumers state that after watching a video they are up to 81% more likely to purchase a product or service that is presented or recommended by the brand. Video has the power to convince consumers to convert.

#4. Video Reduces Bounce Rate

Want to keep people on your site longer? Video has been found to reduce bounce rate for a site. In fact, 80% of business owners that include video on their website state that pages with video have lower bounce rate and higher total time on site than those without. 

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#5. Consumers Want to See Video

There’s content, and then there’s content that consumers actually appreciate. Consumers want to watch video, especially when it comes from their favorite brands.

If you’re thinking about creating video content for your business, consider focusing your efforts more on video than newsletters, images or other forms of media which are less powerful.

#6. Video Increases Consumer Understanding

Have a complex product or service that you’re trying to sell? Video can increase consumer understanding of products and services that are otherwise complex and challenging to understand.

Video delivers more information than written content can and the visual aid along with audible narration makes it easier to understand in a fraction of the time.

#7. Video Improves Search Ranking

Still budgeting for your SEO and digital media tactics in 2021? Consider a budget for creating video content for your business if you really want to improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

According to Google, websites that include video are up to 85% more likely to rank first page than those without.

#8. Video Increases Brand Awareness

If you’re representing a new brand that is still in the early stages of building a reputation and awareness, video is your go-to source for marketing! Video can be used to quickly increase brand awareness and engagement.

In fact, many brands find that viral video content is the leading factor for their growth and success as a brand.

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#9. Video Increases Conversion Rates

No matter what type of conversions you’re looking for, be it phone calls or form fills, video has the power to greatly improve the conversion rates for your brand.

In fact, video has the power to increase conversion rates substantially adding to the total time viewed, calls made, or sales completed, for your brand.

#10. Video Improves Consumer Trust

Finally, if you’re looking for ways to increase consumer trust in your brand, look no further than video! Video content, especially videos that show testimonials, can be used to humanize your brand.

This is very important, especially for e-commerce and brands that are lesser known or recognized.  If you want to increase trust in your brand, video is a great option.

Creating video content for your business is really all about planning and budget. These tips should help you convince your leadership team that the budget invested in video production for your business will be worth it!

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