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What Companies Make TV Commercials?

So you’re looking for a company to make a TV commercial but you’re not exactly sure what companies make TV commercials? We get it! Producing a television commercial is a BIG DEAL! You’re prepared to invest a lot into this project, and you want assurance that the end result will be a substantial ROI. Not all production companies are cut out for TV and many do not specialize in making TV commercials, but what companies do make TV commercials?

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Many actually! Commonly, TV commercials are produced by commercial production companies, like Beverly Boy Productions, but they may also be produced by freelance videographers as well as by animation studios, depending on the genre of the commercial and the nature of the brand that is doing the advertising.

Choosing the right production company or studio to work with when producing a television commercial is important. Choosing the wrong one, or hiring a company that is inexperienced, could result in your TV commercial not being as professional, effective, or successful as you would have hoped for it to be and that could mean a huge loss financially for you.

Commercial Production Companies

Commercial production companies that specialize in producing television commercials are the go-to source when it comes time to make a tv commercial for your brand. These professionals are found in all major cities as well as in smaller towns. The majority of the major commercial production companies are found in big cities, especially in Los Angeles and in New York City as well as in Miami, Atlanta, Houston, and similar locales.

Beverly Boy Productions is a commercial production company that specializes in television commercial production and advertising. Not only can we produce TV adverts but we also produce a wide variety of videos for businesses to fulfill their marketing and advertising needs. To find out if Team Beverly Boy is the right choice for your television advertising needs, give us a call and we’ll discuss your project, share our portfolio with you, and then you can decide whether it’s a good fit.

Freelance Videographers

BBP FIlm Crew

Be careful here. While freelance videographers may have the capacity to produce a great TV commercial, many will lack essential resources and tools necessary for the project and this could result in your timeline being extended significantly as resources are coordinated or you may find yourself with a lower quality finished product. Just make sure that, if you’re considering a freelancer to produce a TV commercial, that you have done your research and you’re confident in the freelancer’s ability.

Animation Studios

Sometimes a TV commercial will be entirely animated and produced by an animation studio. While you may think of animation studios more for cartoons or children’s movies, many also produce commercials and do so with quality & expertise. Commercials that are produced by animation studios use mixed media to deliver engaging television advertisements that capture audience attention and produce powerful connections.

Now that you know what companies make TV commercials, you can begin the process of finding a company that’s ideal for your big release! Give Beverly Boy Productions a call to learn more about our commercial television production and the next steps to achieving success with your television advertising goals!