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Tips for Hiring a Social Media Marketing Company for Video Production

Video is a powerful part of any social media marketing campaign regardless of what platform or channel you’re using.  Brands that utilize video across their social media profiles are seeing up to 1200% more shares, increased conversions, and a significantly higher ROI than those that do not utilize video to their advantage. If you’re thinking about hiring a social media marketing company for video production so that you can expand your use of video in your social media campaigns, you’ve probably got some questions regarding the process and where to go from here. 

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that a social media marketing company or agency, and a video production agency are not generally one in the same. While many social media agencies have relationships with professional film production agencies that can create video content for them, most do not produce professional quality video content in-house. Likewise, most video production companies are not social media marketing agencies by trade. They know a lot about social media marketing, but they know a lot more about filmmaking!

If you’re looking to hire a social media marketing company for video production, what you’re most likely saying is that you would like to hire a professional video production agency that can help you create videos that you can use as part of your social media marketing campaigns. That said, film production professionals, like Beverly Boy Productions, are certainly in a position to assist you with this entire process!

Here are some tips to help you be sure that you’re hiring the right professional for the job that you’re looking to have done.

Ask About In-House Film Production Upfront

If you’re only looking to work with a social media marketing company for video production, nothing more, then you probably want to go ahead and hire a film production company not a social media marketing agency. How can you tell the difference? It starts with a simple search online, but you can also ask about in-house film production, upfront. 

Talking with the agency that you decide to consider for your project will help you to understand their unique skills and how they can assist with your project. If all you need is video production and editing so that you can post and share your video across your social media channels yourself, a film production company is the right choice for you. They’ll have all of the equipment, gear, and professional skills required to produce a professional quality video that you can share throughout your marketing campaigns. 

However, if you’re looking for someone to help with the creation of your social media marketing videos and the process of setting up and growing your social media profiles and campaigns, then you’re probably going to need the assistance of a social media marketing agency. You may also make the decision to work with a film production company to create your video content, and then share that video content with a social media marketing agency in order for them to create and grow your social profiles for you. The point is, you have options!


Hire Local to Prevent Communication Barriers

When it comes to filmmaking, it’s best to hire local so that you don’t face any major communication barriers during the production of your social media video content. Hiring a social media marketing company for video production in your area is really as simple as performing a quick Google search for film production companies in your town and then reviewing past projects, client satisfaction, and other pertinent details such as pricing and delivery details to ensure the professional you consider hiring is going to work well within your timeframe and with your company as a whole.

By hiring local you also guarantee the potential for face-to-face meetings about your project and more one-on-one service. This is very important, particularly if you’re interested in producing videos that are going to showcase your facility, office, employees, or location specific details that simply cannot be filmed from another area.

Discuss Your Needs in Full Before Hiring

Before you hire a social media marketing company for video production, it’s important that you discuss the very specific needs of your project, in-full, and ahead of the hiring process. By being open about everything from your expected timeframe for project completion, to your desired budget, you can weed out a lot of professionals that might not be suitable for your project. It’s okay to say, “NO, you’re just not the right professional for my needs!”

Often times, budget or individual project requirements will prevent a company from being able to deliver what you’re looking for. If you make your needs clear with the professional that you’re considering, they can decide for themselves whether they believe your project is a good fit or not. Being open and honest is always best at this stage of the process!

When hiring a social media marketing company for video production, it’s always best for you to be upfront, to have your needs lined out in full detail ahead of the recruiting or review process, and to carefully consider whether a full social media agency, or a video production agency, is the right choice for you. Many times clients think they need a social media marketing agency when in fact they can cut the middle-man out and go straight to a video production agency to get better pricing and higher quality social media video content produced!