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Get to Know Thomas Dahne, Producer at Beverly Boy Productions

A producer for Beverly Boy Productions since 2017, Thomas Dahne always kind of knew in the back of his mind that production was what he wanted to do. In high school, he worked in TV Production all 4 years and was part of a special program as a Senior that allowed him to be paid to shoot football games and various other school events. Thomas was also involved in a video production group in High School that involved running a local TV channel on the network. As a class, Thomas and his classmates ran the TV station together and had a lot of fun learning all about video production.

Thomas Dahne’s Background

A 2010 graduate of Full Sail University’s accelerated program in film production, Thomas received a Bachelor of Science after 2 years of schooling at Full Sail. He would later move to California with roommates whom he had attended Full Sail with and did the same type of production work on the West Coast. After a while, Thomas realized that the West Coast was too fast-paced for him and the East Coast was home.

Returning to the East Coast, Thomas became a real estate photographer working for various local real estate agents over the next few years. He would provide drone footage and various home photos to help realtors sell their properties. Eventually, this too would slow and Thomas would become a producer for Beverly Boy Productions.

With 3 years of production at Beverly Boy, Thomas appreciated the opportunity and experience that he is gaining from his time at Beverly Boy. He now has more time to be creative both doing photography, especially when compared to his days as a freelancer. His favorite thing about producing at Beverly Boy Productions is more about the ability to be creative and to be part of a growing team while working with vendors from around the country. Thomas says, “It’s not just the crew but the clients and the relationship with them.

Thomas Dahne’s Business Philosophy 

After working with many of the same clients for 3 years, Thomas’s business philosophy is much like his life philosophy — in both, he is humble with himself and honest.

After several years working for himself as a freelancer, Thomas now really enjoys going into a project with an open, humble mind versus the mindset that he already knows everything. He credits this mindset for much of career gains and the understanding that he has gathered along the way. With so many projects and major relationships, one might think that Thomas is traveling worldwide to build connections with clients, but the exact opposite is true.

Thomas at the Core

Thomas refers to himself as an introvert that is one of the only Beverly Boy Producers that does not travel much for work. In fact, he’s only traveled once for work and that was to meet Michelle Obama. While at home, Thomas and his wife are remodeling the home they recently purchased. When asked about his hobbies, Thomas answered, “ My wife and I bought this house 3 years ago, and honestly that has been our hobby.” He mentions projects large and small around the house and is thankful for his position at Beverly Boy Productions as he credits finding the job there as the underlying factor that allowed him and his wife to make the move and purchase the home. “I’m in the middle of taking calls and ripping out the tile the same day.” It’s more work but it’s been fun and could one day be called a hobby.

Why Thomas Loves Working in the Industry

Thomas absolutely loves the freedom that comes with creating for Beverly Boy Productions., and credits his relationship with his clients to his success. Thomas appreciates the trust that is built between himself and his repeat clients. One of the most important elements of working in the production industry, Beverly Boy Producer Thomas Dahne has learned a lot in his short time with Beverly Boy and looks forward to continued client interactions that are all part of his work with Team Beverly Boy.