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9 Benefits of Using the New York Film Commission as a Top Resource

In New York City, the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment represents the local New York Film Commission which provides local resources for filmmakers that enter the city to produce television and film projects. The Film Office provides film permits, information about local productions, and acts as a liaison between the local community and filmmakers to encourage safe and efficient film productions. Filmmakers looking to NYC to produce projects should consult with the local film office for information and support as several resources are made available through the NYC Office of Media and Entertainment. We’ve listed many below.

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          1. Film Permits

For information on permits, and the steps required to procure a film permit, the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment provides immediate support. Film permits in New York City are fast and easy to apply for online. Filmmakers simply consult with the commission to determine whether a permit is required, apply, and then notify the appropriate community members of their intent to film.

          2. Insurance Information

Filming in NYC frequently requires insurance alongside the appropriate, city approved, film permit. Liability insurance requirements vary from city to city and in different states. Filmmakers that are considering a New York City shoot should consult the local Film Commission for information on insurance requirements and individual needs. The local commission can even connect filmmakers with insurance providers in the city that can assist.

          3. Local Film Incentives

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Various generous tax incentives are offered by the State of New York to encourage filmmaking throughout major cities. The Office of Motion Picture & Television Development (MPTV) provides various tax credits and incentives to support the film, television, and commercial production projects that come into New York State. The local film office can provide additional details on the incentives that are currently available.

        4. Location Search

Need help figuring out the perfect location for your film production? The New York Film Commission represent detailed information on the top locations for film shoots throughout the city. Visit the commission to learn about the options available to you.

        5. Production Information

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For information on current productions that are taking place in the city, the New York Film Commission represents a key resource. They can help you learn about upcoming productions as well as find information on past productions that have their roots in the city.

        6. Crew Support

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Need to hire film crews while you’re in The Big Apple? The Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment can connect you with local contractors and crew members that are looking for opportunities to work film sets. Connect with area crew members and find just what you’re looking for with the help of the NYC film commission.

        7. Equipment Connections

For connections on local equipment rentals and purchases, the film commission represents a key resource. Whether you need grip gear, lighting, or entire camera setups while you’re in the city filming, this is the resource for you!

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        8. Training & Film Classes

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Want the latest information on film classes and training that is available for aspiring filmmakers in NYC? The New York Film Commission represents the top schools and training courses in the city. You’ll find all the details and links to local training opportunities here as well as information on upcoming events, too.

        9. Local Liaison

Filming in New York City frequently requires the support of local community professionals including the Police Department, Fire Department, and Medical aids. The New York Film Commission provides access to these individuals and acts as a liaison between the community and the filmmakers to support safe film practices throughout the city. They’ll help with things like street closures, crowd control, and other needs while you’re here.