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Sunny Florida TV Commercial Production Day in Lover’s Key!

Sun Country Airlines Commercial

The Dream Job

It’s said that, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I think this statement couldn’t be truer for the Beverly Boy Productions family. Our team really does enjoy each and every day of our work life. I mean come on, what office job do you get to spend the day shooting a Florida TV commercial production on the beautiful white sands of Lover’s Key while a family of dolphins hangs out offshore? Sounds like a dream right? Well it was just another day in the life of a BBP Producer and definitely one of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on.

Pre-Production Process

It started off by collaborating alongside our good friends and long time clients from Augeo + Greer. We were tasked to help them produce a Florida TV commercial production for Sun Country Airlines.

I started the project by sourcing locations and contacting the film commission to obtain the proper film permits to film on beach with crew, equipment, and generators. Permits usually take about 2 weeks to get approved. In the meantime, I was getting the project lined up by locking in our crew and equipment for the big day. A unique component to the project was to have hand written lettering craved into the sand. Sounds easy right? Well it was more complicated than you may think, so I reach out to our go-to Art Team to come up with a solution.

We ended up creating an 8×8 board that was placed under the sand. The lettering was actually craved into the wood so the sand would sink into the grooves. What was special about this technique is that it provided a level of consistency between shots. During filming the Art Team had large buckets of water to recreate the effect of waves splashing over the lettering. Still no matter how many times we filmed this scene, the letters still looked the same.

Shoot Day in Paradise

We had two production tents on location that day for our Florida TV commercial production, and an additional dining area. One tent was for the clients to monitor the footage. The second was for the child actors and their parents to stay cool from the hot sun while getting wardrobe and makeup services. Catering was location at the third setup with an extra delicious variety of foods such as antipasto, fresh mixed greens, baked chicken, meatballs & penne pasta, steamed vegetables, and warm breads. We didn’t forget about the kids for desert, with gooey chocolate ice cream sundaes.

Ultimately, the shoot was a success! We put our creative minds together and with a bit of BBP genius, we were able to capture exactly what the client was looking for. The crew had wonderful synergy together, and the footage came out great. It’s fair to say that working on a Florida TV commercial production in a beautiful location like Lover’s Key with such talented people is really a blessing. This was a day at work that didn’t feel like work at all!