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Keep Employees Safe with Chemical Handling Safety Training Videos 

There’s no shortage of documented proof that safety training videos have quickly gained strong popularity as the ideal means of delivering essential training to staff. Even in industries where hazardous chemicals are not of direct concern, training scenarios have largely shifted to focus more on presenting engaging video content to staff and employees rather than a lecture or textbook.  But what about training employees on chemical safety? Are you looking for ways that you can safely provide employee training? Chemical handling safety training videos are the answer!

When keeping employees safe, in otherwise potentially unsafe conditions like chemical handling, is of top concern many business owners are now turning to video. Video ensures that business owners maintain training compliance standards, provide their staff with the essential skills knowledge required for their own safety and for the safety of others, and deliver training on potentially hazardous scenarios in an unhazardous, completely safe, manner.

Benefits of Chemical Safety Training Videos 

Chemical safety training videos are essential to providing safe employee training in labs, medical environments, and in many other industries. According to OSHA standards, any employee that has the potential to come into contact or be exposed to a chemical must receive training beforehand to protect them from danger. This means that a wide variety of employers are responsible for providing chemical handling safety training videos or similar training materials for their employees.

Fortunately, video training has some major benefits of in-person lecture, textbook, or a training manual. With chemical handling safety training videos:

  • The cost of training is reduced. There are no “per-employee” training fees or “per-session” fees. Video training is a one and done process.
  • Training is safe. There are no chances for “mistakes” that could put your employees in danger.
  • Training is convenient. Your employees can train anytime, anywhere, and they can re-watch training videos as needed.
  • Videos have a higher rate of retention so your employees will be prepared to apply what they learned if they face situations where safe chemical handling is necessary.
  • Video training makes complex topics easier to understand and follow along with.

Safe Training with Interactive Video Features

Keeping employees safe is a key factor in providing chemical handling safety training, and video training actually contributes to employee safety. Where in-person training leaves room for potential error or mistakes where chemicals are involved, video-based training omits this risk without omitting the value of the training itself.

If you’re wondering how, you’re not alone! Interactive video features make training engaging and incredibly effective, without placing employees in potentially dangerous scenarios. In fact, with interactive video employees can train in scenarios that would otherwise be unsafe in real life, but with video they can engage in immersive training events that seem incredibly realistic without all of the potential dangers of in-person training.

Additional Unexpected Benefits of Chemical Handling Safety Training with Video

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In addition to the many benefits already listed, the decision to provide your employees with chemical handling safety training videos can have benefits that are quite specific to your team. For instance, your decision to create a safe learning environment for your team to gain essential skills and knowledge in may result in the following:

  • Enhanced employee productivity. Employees will not be worried constantly about their safety if they have the proper training to recognize risk, mitigate potential danger, and function uninterrupted in their jobs.
  • Improved employee understanding of safe chemical handling practices. Of course this should be an outcome of providing training, but it goes beyond the expected benefit of training. What we mean here is that your employees are more likely to engage in training that is convenient to them and that they can engage with at their own pace & level. Video training allows your employees to learn at their own pace and repeat training as desired.
  • Stronger communication between management and employees.  Since safety training is provided by video, management will know when an employee has fallen behind, isn’t training, or is struggling with a particular training module. They can intervene right away and collaborate on other training experiences or opportunities to ensure their employee is gaining the most value from the training being provided.
  • Greater accessibility to learning & stronger retention. Employees will not have to take notes while training just so that they can check back later on something, which means they can focus 100% on the actual training video. Additionally, since employees are able to focus, they’ll retain more of what they learn.

These and many other advantages come as a result of your decision as an employer to keep your employees safe with chemical handling safety training videos. 

Are you ready to start keeping your employees safe with chemical handling safety training videos? At Beverly Boy Productions we have decades of experience in the production of training videos as well as many other styles and types of video content. Give us a call to learn more about the next steps to producing top quality training videos that will safely serve your team!