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 Benefits of Creating OSHA Training Videos for Dental Offices

The incorporation of video into an existing or approved dental office training program is a consideration that virtually any dental office is bound to come up against. With today’s average employee turning to video for virtually any kind of training outside of business, it only makes sense to provide employees this same type of training at work. The production of OSHA training videos for dental offices can have profound benefits, not only for the employees that watch them, but for patients and for the dental practice.

Perhaps this is why, according to many studies, “the use of video in dentistry is a steadily increasing tactic in both private and academic education, as well as in regular practices.” Advances in technology, particular in the use of video for training purposes, have improved employee understanding of complex topics while helping to reduce training costs and mitigating risks at the practice level. Consider these, and many other benefits of creating OSHA training videos for dental offices.

Improved Employee Understanding of Complex Topics

Training is all about teaching employees about the most important topics relative to their positions within the dental practice, safety and health being quite common as well as others. With OSHA training videos for dental offices, employees have improved understanding of topics that are relative to a variety of subjects. Video training can be used to break down complex ideas, into easy to digest concepts that employees can not only fully understand, but that they will later recall, too.

Video has been proven to reduce cognitive overload which may otherwise occur when complex topics are taught with written training manuals or traditional in-Person training techniques. 

Increased Engaging & Participation

With the majority of OSHA regulated training being largely focused on safety and health, it’s incredibly important for employees to be fully engaged and participating in any OSHA training that is provided. Fortunately, OSHA training videos for dental offices typically increase engagement among employees and are equally responsible for increasing employee participation. Video is simply easier to engage in, especially when interactive video training is provided so that employees can engage in the following ways:

  • With 360° video, employees are able to be fully immersed in a virtual dental office to learn about various safety or health topics.
  • With hotspots placed throughout the video, employees can click on different links to get data or insights that reinforce concepts being taught.
  • With actual links placed in the video, employees gain topical reinforcement through the inclusion of supporting content.
  • With path-based learning or branching, employees can choose different scenarios or ways to engage with training as they learn.

Many different types of interactive elements can be used to further reinforce the training that is being provided within OSHA training videos for dental offices such that employees gain incredible knowledge and insight from a single training session.

Cost-Effective & Efficient Training 

As much as the use of training videos can benefit the employees of your dental practice, it’s also important to recognize the benefits that your organization or business will experience as a result of creating OSHA training videos for your dental office. Training videos are cost-effective and efficient. 

With in-person or in-classroom training, you have to pay a trainer to provide training to employees. You might have to pay for employee travel and lodging during training, and you could even be responsible for meals or other expenses. When new employees are hired, you have to do this all over again in order to stay compliant with OSHA standards and training practices. However, when you use video to provide your OSHA certified training for compliance purposes, your dental office will incur the cost of producing the training videos upfront, but once they’ve incurred the cost once there are no further training costs involved. That means no matter how many new employees you hire, or how many times you have to retrain, there will be no further costs.

OSHA Training Videos for Dental Offices Provide a Simple Learning Experience

Overall, the greatest benefit that comes from creating OSHA training videos for dental offices or practices that you’re involved in is not the cost-effectiveness, or the engagement or the interaction, it’s the simplicity of it all! Training videos provide a simplistic learning experience for your employees that no other type or style of training is capable of providing. In fact, with training videos you can expect that:

  • Your employees will grasp the concepts that are being taught, even when they’re complex and hard to follow.
  • Your employees are going to retain the information that is being taught, even long after training is over. 
  • Your employees are going to have access to training, so if they forget or need a refresher, it’s available anytime, anywhere, any day.
  • Your employees are going to engage with the training you provide, and they’re going to be interested in what you teach.
  • Your employees are going to appreciate the efficiency of the training and the fact that it doesn’t interrupt their busy schedules.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we believe that producing OSHA training videos for dental offices should be a fun, and engaging experience for the practice owner. Give us a call to learn more about the next steps to educating your employees!