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How Much Does it Cost to Do a 1 Hour Interview Video?

How Much Does it Cost to Do a 1 Hour Interview Video? This is a common question and our clients are initially frustrated to hear “It depends.” However, we are typically able to calm their minds when we explain to them that there are so many variables to consider when producing a video that to provide a baseline cost estimate without any background on the project would be just plain silly! If you’re thinking about a 1-hour interview video and wondering, ‘ how much does it cost to do a 1 hour interview video? ’ You’re in the right place. While we can’t provide the exact figure, here’s what you need to know.

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A one-hour interview video will cost between $1,000 and $5,000 per finished minute in most cases. Thus, on the lowest end of the spectrum, expect to spend about $60,000 and up to $300,000 on your full length, one-hour interview video.

Again, we realize that this is a huge difference and that there are a lot of open ends here. So let’s dive in and review the costs involved to better help you understand how to budget for this style of the project.

1 Hour Interview Video Costs

First, we’ll look at the expected costs associated with a 1 hour interview video. You’ll have things like pre-production planning and scriptwriting, the hiring of talents such as a narrator, and the hiring of a Director as well as an editor and at least a 2 man camera crew.

Ideally, you’ll have a 3 man camera crew for the interview video so that you can capture a mix of camera angles when interviewing and you can get plenty of quality B-Roll footage to support the video and provide engaging and exciting tracks to go along with the interview.

Hiring these professionals will have a range of costs typically between about $50 and $250 per hour although your camera crew can charge up to about $400 per hour depending on the needs of your project.  

BBp camera crews

Here are the potential interview production costs involved:

  • Film Director – >$250 per hour
  • Script Writer – >$150 per hour
  • Cameraman – >$400 per hour
  • Editor – >$175 per hour
  • Actors – >$500 per hour
  • Equipment – up to 100s per hour
  • Studio Shooting – up to $400 per hour
  • Narrator – >$400 per hour
  • Audio Files – up to $1000
  • Video Rendering – up to $75 per hour
  • B-Roll – expect to pay a percentage between 10 and 50% of your total cost
  • Miscellaneous Fees – can cost very little up to 1000s extra

For specific pricing to your production reach out today via phone or contact form to discuss what’s best for your interview.

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Additional Costs for Your interview Video

In addition to the above costs, it’s important to understand how various elements of your interview video can add to the final production expenses.

Things like the use of a narrator or voiceover will add up to $400 per hour for the total amount of time spent narrating. Additionally, you can expect graphics, text overlays, titles, and similar elements to further add to your final expenses.

The addition of titles and text graphics will add an element of sophistication to your interview video and allows you to incorporate branding into the video if this is being created for a business website or similar feature.

Account for B-roll

Keep in mind that if you have past videos that were produced, there is a chance that some of the b-roll footage that you have already produced could potentially be used in your interview video.

This could cut some of the b-roll expenses. Discuss this with your production crew if it sounds like something that applies to your project.

Additionally, if you’re highly concerned with the cost, consider a shorter interview video. It’s rare that a full length, 1-hour interview is required.

Videos can often be broken down into much shorter clips after the interview is conducted. To cut expenses quickly, consider a 30 minute or even a 15-minute interview.

Consider all variables

Great video production depends largely on the expertise involved. When hiring a production crew, consider this if you’re wanting to produce an interview that really wows your audience.

The total video production costs for your interview video will depend on the location, the number of crew involved, the talent, and the amount of work required in pre-production, post-production, and editing.

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So How Much Does it Cost to Do a 1 Hour Interview Video? If you have a budget estimate that works for you to create the 1-hour interview video, discuss that with your production crew upfront and include it in your video production brief.

This will help them to determine whether they can provide an accurate quote that will achieve your vision at your budget. For more information or to find out how much it will cost to do a one-hour interview video for your project, give Beverly Boy Productions a call today.

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