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Video Production for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics

Drug & alcohol rehabilitation clinics are expected to sustain consistent and strong growth due to a variety of factors including rising chemical dependency, a trend toward destigmatizing mental health, and increases in access to private health insurance which covers addiction treatment & behavioral health conditions. Video Production for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics can take many forms including the creation of marketing & promotional videos, training videos, and expert interviews that prove experience and build trust among the individuals and loved ones of those struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Treatment expansion, including the introduction of new medication-assisted treatments for drug & alcohol addiction as well as a rise in the prevalence of new therapeutic treatments is likely to give way to increased interest in drug & alcohol rehabilitation services. This $7 billion dollar industry is likely to see substantial growth in the next several years but additional healthcare reform and political shifts away from Obamacare could hinder growth to some degree.

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At Beverly Boy Productions we work with many of the drug & alcohol rehabilitation clinics that are part of this industry which represents 3,640 businesses and brands that employ 89K workers in positions ranging from counselor and therapist to nurses, diagnostic professionals, and support staff. By providing expert video production services for drug & alcohol rehabilitation clinics, we help these facilities to boost audience reach, increase consumer awareness surrounding addiction & addiction treatment options, and ultimately generate leads and revenue for their clinics.

Promotional Videos for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics

Promotional Video Production for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics can have many important benefits beyond increasing audience reach and awareness for the support services and treatments provided by your clinic. Promotional videos do more than just sell your clinic or the services offered by your firm. They can also:

Share the story behind your services & those working within your clinic.
Feature your brand and build up a community of consumers that can trust in your offer.
Increase the number of times that a visitor will come to your website or landing page or improve the total amount of time visitors remain on the page.
Provide a continuous series that will boost brand loyalty around your clinic.


Promotional video content for your drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic should be at the center of your digital marketing strategy & should represent the forefront of educational content for your brand.

Marketing Videos for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics

Marketing videos for drug & alcohol rehabilitation clinics can boost audience connections and improve your ROI substantially over other formats of media and marketing content. Consumers are increasingly finding that video is a key element to the journey of discovery, commitment, and conversion within a brand. Not only are 86% of businesses already utilizing video as a marketing tool, that figure has been mostly steadily growing over the past 5 years.

As a treatment provider, marketing Video Production for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics can:

– Generate more treatment admissions for both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.
– Consistently bring in more leads to your call center.
– Build audience trust which is essential to generating substance abuse treatment leads.
– Boost social media reach by 1200% or more.
– Boost landing page conversions by up to 80% or more.

Whether you’ve already got a pretty strong online presence, or it’s something that you’re interested in actively growing but you’re just starting out, video is an incredibly opportunity for your clinic to grow its community, build a digital voice that connects with your target audience, and increase lead revenue substantially over other forms of content that you could produce and share online.

Training Videos for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics

Training is essential to keeping your clinic operating efficiently and safely. Most drug & alcohol rehabilitation programs or clinics already utilize some form of video-based training for health-related insights, but many fall short when it comes to providing individualized training programs that are specific to the roles & responsibilities that workers have within the center.

Training Video Production for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics can improve training outcomes, reduce total training time, and mitigate many of the struggles that clinics face in hiring & training new employees by:

– Improving employee productivity.
– Reducing employee stress by offering flexible training that is always available.
– Making training easy to access and fun to engage with.
– Improving training outcomes.

Many businesses are already actively using training videos to teach their employees about the important responsibilities involved in working within their firm, are you?

Interview Videos for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics

As a drug or alcohol rehabilitation clinic, building up an audience that can trust in you and the services you provide is essential, especially because most people who struggle with addiction will require at least 7 points of contact before they are ready to say, “YES” to treatment. In other words, you need to be meeting your audience in many different ways, and presenting many different points of content to them, so that when they are ready to secure treatment, you’re the one that they call.

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Interview videos can build up the reputation and trust that your clinic needs to establish credibility and authority in this incredibly competitive industry. Building up a strong community, and proving your expertise in the addiction treatment & mental health industry takes time, but with the expert services in Video Production for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics provided by Team Beverly Boy, you’ll be well on your way to success!