5 Reasons You Should Create Promotional Videos for your Website

If your business isn’t already using promotional videos as part of the overall marketing strategy, why not? Promotional video production is the next step in your marketing strategy that could make all the difference in your campaigns. If you don’t believe it, consider this:

  • 91% of marketers that have used video believe it delivers the best ROI when compared to other media forms.
  • 68% of consumers mention they prefer to learn about products and services via video over other forms of content.
  • The majority of marketers, 80%, state that video increased the time consumers spent on their site.
  • Nearly 50% of consumers state they would be more likely to share a promotional video over any other form of content.

Promotional video content should be a major element in your marketing strategy. Here are a few reasons you should create promotional videos for your website.

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1. Promotional Videos Increase Engagement

Which would you prefer, a big long paragraph that discusses a product’s new features or a video that shows off the features and benefits of a product? Videos increase engagement by delivering an entertaining visual experience that consumers can resonate with and enjoy.

With the internet regularly, there’s an overwhelming amount of content and information delivered to us daily. Video allows the consumer to relax, enjoy the content, and digest the information that is being delivered. It’s the ideal marketing tool for businesses seeking to engage their audience.

user engagement

2. Video Delivers Powerful Messages in a Fraction of the Time

In order to deliver a long and detailed promotion with the written content, you may need several minutes in order to tell the story in a way that the consumer can truly benefit from. But with video, you can use audio and visual components to deliver powerful messages in a fraction of the time.

In fact, promotional videos allow you to capture the attention of the audience and deliver several minute’s worth of content in mere seconds. With limited attention spans that consumers have, video is the ideal marketing media.

hourglass time

3. Video Boosts Search Engine Rankings

Webpages that include a video rank 50% higher than those that do not. What this essentially tells us is that the addition of a product promotional video could literally boost your website rankings almost overnight.

Search engines love videos! If you’re not using video on your most important website product or service pages, you’re potentially missing out on extensive search engine rankings and performance.

4. Video Boosts Sales

Consumers report that they are more likely to purchase a product if they see a video about it first. Video can boost sales substantially, especially when you deliver powerful promotional videos that compel your audience to take action. There’s no doubt compelling content is the best marketing tool you have in your arsenal, and video is the most compelling of all!

5. We Love to Share Video

Want to share your promotional content with the world, deliver it in video form! People love to share videos. Promotional videos, educational videos, you name it, people will share it!

Facebook and other social media sites see videos shared more than any other content form. In fact, share the same message in a still image and a video and let us know what happens–we bet the video gets shared far more frequently and has a much greater reach than the still.

Ready to get started with your first promotional video? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call! We can’t wait to help you produce powerful promotional videos for your business.

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