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How to Make a Startup Pitch Video that will Attract Investors

Learning how to make a startup pitch video is something that many entrepreneurs face as they’re building their business up and seeking support from investors. While it might seem easy enough, it’s very important to know that not just any startup pitch will do! Presenting a poorly produced startup pitch video runs the risk of losing the interest of investors or potentially leave money on the table. So before you attempt a DIY production, consider these important steps and don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional film crew for some assistance!

Beverly Boy Productions specializes in the production of startup pitch videos for entrepreneurs and business owners. We’ve got more than two decades of experience and we know exactly what investors are looking for when they see a video pitch. Give us a call to learn more about our services, and to discuss your project in full detail! We can’t wait to assist you.

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Know Your Audience

Before you learn how to make a startup pitch video that will attract the support of investors, you’ve got to take steps to learn about and understand your audience. Investors have one major question on their mind when they watch video pitches and that’s, “How can I make money off this project if I invest?” Therefore, as much as you might want to spend time divulging your inner most secrets as to why you started the business or you might be a great storyteller that’s ready to explain in full-detail how your business got started, put the breaks on! Your investor probably doesn’t have time for all of that, at least not just yet!

With the introduction of your startup pitch video, the focus really needs to be on delivering key details that your prospective investor can use to make the decision whether or not to support your business venture. IF they decide to invest in your brand or to consider your startup further, they’ll have plenty of questions and they’ll take the time to listen to your storytelling then – but do not waste valuable time diving too deep into storytelling with your pitch!

Instead, focus on preparing the details that your investor is most likely to want to know. We’ll get into that in further detail soon! Just keep in mind that when you’re pitching a startup to investors, they’re interested in one thing and that’s figuring out whether or not your business idea presents an opportunity to them that they could potentially make money off of. That’s it!

Consider the Details

Many of the details that your prospective investor will be looking for can be found in your own numbers. It’s all about ROI! As you learn how to make a startup pitch video that’s going to grab investor attention and encourage them to say “YES” to your business idea, you’ll quickly realize one thing: Investors are incredibly busy, they get pitched ideas constantly, and what they really want to know is if an opportunity can be profitable for them or not.

If you start to focus your pitch more along the means of answering this question, you’re going to quickly come to terms with exactly the details that you need to include and what you can hold onto for a later chat, once you’ve got your investor on your side! They’ll be more committed to spending time on the project after they’ve decided to invest.

Here are the details that you should be including in your pitch to gain investor attention and support:

  • Your current sales.
  • Your projected sales (and how you came to that projection).
  • Your net income.
  • Your projected net income (and how you came to that projection).
  • Your valuation (don’t overdo it! With the figures listed above, your investor has already determined what they believe your valuation is.)

They’ll also like to know things like:

  • COGS – cost of good sold.
  • Expenses.
  • Number of returns.
  • Number of repeat customers.
  • Information about any other investors that might already be on-board with your project. 

If you’re a true startup with no sales yet, your valuation is going to be purely based on your projections. DO NOT get the idea to overelaborate on your projections or attempt to make your business appear more potentially valuable than it is. An investor will see right through this kind of behavior!

Hiring a Professional

Once you’ve got your data and you know who your prospective investors are, it’s time to consider hiring a professional to assist with the production of your startup pitch video. Working with a professional film crew, such as Beverly Boy Productions, to assist with the production of your startup pitch will ensure:

  • Professional quality content is presented.
  • Your video presents the level of professionalism that shows your commitment to your business.
  • The most important details are included and the visuals tell the story in an engaging and ultra-informative manner.
  • Top technology including animations, graphics, and special effects are used to your benefit in order to grab investor attention & pitch the most important details to your audience.

Learning how to make a startup pitch video that is going to attract the attention (and support) of investors is certainly not something that can be achieved overnight. If you don’t have professional filmmaking and film editing experience, we recommend you seek a professional film crew to assist you with the process of pitching your startup venture to prospective investors. Anything less could result in your leaving offers on the table!