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7 Pitch Video Examples and Why They’re So Effective

Everyone’s idea of the perfect pitch is a little bit different. Some think it’s all about explaining the value of your products and services, others think it’s about benefits, and still others find that the pitch should be a hodgepodge of both features and benefits as they might apply to the key audience. If you’re new to the idea of producing pitch videos, the best way to figure out what exactly works best for you is to carefully review some of the top pitch video examples that have worked well for brands past. 

These 7 pitch video examples will help you understand what goes into the potentially perfect pitch and why some pitch videos are powerfully effective. Check them out and let us know what you think goes into the perfect pitch?

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  1. The Apple Pitch

Apple always seems to get it right when it comes to advertising, don’t they? This pitch video focuses on Apple’s corporate mission but also takes just enough time out to highlight product design and the approach to working closely with consumers to ensure Apple products solve technological problems that are most important to their audience. Their pitch uses simple graphics with a heavy focus on the messaging as the core behind the pitch.

  1. AirBnB Pitch


The AirBnB pitch video delivers just the right level of information for the audience to fully understand how their product works and the value behind the product. Consumers walk away from the pitch video with an understanding that AirBnB will help them make money and save money, a win/win situation. This pitch works because it’s short, focused, and delivers on the “What’s in it for me” attitude that most consumers have.

  1. DollarShaveClub.com Pitch

The DollarShaveClub.com pitch works because it puts humor to the test! All be it absurd in nature, this pitch video works simply because it gets people hyped up and enthusiastic about an otherwise necessary expense. The pitch is reinforced with value and a very specific call to action which leaves the audience with an understanding of the offer, the fact that it will save them time and money, and complete insight into where to go from here.

  1. FourSquare Pitch


The FourSquare is one of the most unique of the pitch video examples showcasing animation that shares a very compelling story and delivers a specific message to the audience. The pitch essentially leaves the audience with the insight that FourSquare provides unique benefits to its audience allowing them to stay up to date with friends, find nearby events or needs, and unlock rewards. They include a short summary of the pitch at the end for a full circle pitch that the audience will remember quite clearly.

  1. Google Voice Pitch 

The Google Voice pitch utilizes amazing graphics and a simple, focused explanation that helps the audience have a clear idea of what the pitch is about and what they’ll learn from the video. Viewers instantly know that the pitch is about a Google product, and at the end the pitch comes full circle to make sure the audience is clear about what was taught. It’s a great example of using a pitch video to deliver a clear presentation.

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  1. Mozilla Pitch 

The Mozilla pitch takes a humorous approach in which it immediately makes the company stand out as a bit “odd” or different from the rest, but in a good way. Utilizing a unique story of origin, this is one of those pitch video examples that really humanizes the Mozilla brand to draw in the interest of the audience by helping them feel connected to employees and other members of the organization.  This is certainly one of the best pitch video examples we’ve seen!

  1. Mintt Pitch

The Mintt pitch video utilizes the first few seconds to clearly help the audience to understand who the brand is and what they do. The pitch is clear, and audiences walk away with knowledge of who Mintt is as a brand, what they do, and how they are differentiated from the competition. From beginning to end, the message is concise and quite clear with this example which is ideal. It’s not too “cutesy” or elaborate, which can take away from the clarity of the pitch, but it’s informative enough to engage the audience all the way to the end. 

As you can see from these different pitch video examples, there’s a lot of ways that brands can go about delivering the perfect pitch. From the use of humor to build personal connections to the use of real personal connections to staff, organization members or key individuals of the brand to humanize the organization, the perfect pitch video examples use a wide range of techniques to approach the consumer and deliver their pitch. These are just some of the ways that brands have incorporated their messaging into pitch videos that work for them. What kind of pitch videos work best for you?