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6 Tips for Creating the Best Crowdfunding Pitch Videos

Producing a crowdfunding pitch video that will present your idea to investors is something that really is a must for any campaign these days, but there’s also more to it than just throwing your ideas together and calling it a day. The best crowdfunding pitch videos typically have a few very specific elements in common including a strong emotional connection with the audience and attention grabbing visual storytelling. 

Follow these 6 tips for creating the best crowdfunding pitch videos for your campaign. After all, the crowdfunding video is the first thing that people will see when they checkout your project on crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo or Kickstarter!

  1. Start with a Strong Story to Grab Attention & Empathy

Watch any of the best crowdfunding pitch videos and you’re quickly going to realize that they all seem to start with a strong story that the audience is not only immediately attracted to, but that they empathize with! Empathy is absolutely vital to your pitch, it’s what makes a difference between whether you’re going to just pitch the idea to your audience or you’re connecting with them.

We don’t mean just reaching the audience, but real, personal connections where there is a true feeling between the audience and the content they’re seeing. For instance, you want to create a story that causes your audience to feel:

  • Excited
  • Mad
  • Annoyed
  • Scared
  • Interested

Now, you’re probably wondering why you would want an audience mad, annoyed or scared? While some of these emotions seem odd, the idea here is that if you can touch these emotions with your video, your audience will empathize with you and feel what you might have been feeling. An audience that genuinely feels these emotions is more likely to support your cause.

  1. Keep it Short – Under 3 Minutes Ideally

The best crowdfunding pitch videos are almost always under 3 minutes. In fact, it’s very rare for a crowdfunding video that is truly successful to be over 3 minutes long. Such length simply isn’t necessary if you’re using video to your advantage and you’re pulling out all the stops to ensure your audience is getting the details they need through intense storytelling and emotional connection. Anything longer runs a strong risk of losing audience attention.

  1. Incorporate Music to Heighten Emotional Connection 

Music is more than just the background noise that is heard while the video is playing. The music you include in your pitch video should really heighten the emotional connection made between your audience and your pitch. Think about the emotions that we discussed in #1, if you want your audience to feel sad, you’re not going to use upbeat music, you’ll use something somber instead. If you want your audience to feel scared, you’re going to use dark music that has a strong tone or an eeriness to it. 

Think about the way that you are incorporating music into your crowdfunding pitch video to improve the emotional connection that your audience feels to your story. Not only should music be in the background, it should play a key role in the transitioning of ideas throughout the story and it should help to drive the overall message of the scene.

  1. Real World Use Cases

Videographer Prepping Camera Gear 192

The best crowdfunding videos don’t count on hypotheticals to seal the deal, they use real world use cases. Showing how prospects can use the products or services that you’re advocating for in your crowdfunding pitch is vital to creating a sense of reality around your pitch. Don’t count on just sharing the technical details of your product and expecting the audience to visualize the real world use case – show them!

Showing people how they can use a product that is being pitched is essential to gaining support. Show them where the product can be used, how it’s used, how it solves specific problems and who’s most likely to use it. Visually represent the product and its purpose so that your audience doesn’t have to imagine it.

  1. Use Composition & Framing to Engage the Audience

The worst thing you can do with your crowdfunding video is bore the audience! The best crowdfunding pitch videos keep the audience engaged and focused through the use of unique composition and framing. If you’re unsure about this or how it works, talk with a professional film producer to learn about how composition and framing can attract audience attention. 

Professional film producers understand the importance of using composition and framing to engage the audience and draw their attention to specific elements on the screen. The use of highly planned and coordinated composition and framing throughout your video will keep your audience engaged preventing them from becoming bored with what they’re watching.

  1. Professional Quality 

The best crowdfunding pitch videos always incorporate professional quality footage for top results. If you’re not sure what kind of camera to use for your footage, or if you’re unsure about audio, you really should talk with a professional film production company like Beverly Boy Productions about producing your crowdfunding pitch video. Amateur pitch videos almost always stand out to viewers and risk making your pitch appear less than professional. Not only are the best crowdfunding pitch videos probably not produced with a smartphone, they’re almost certainly the result of professional production and editing!