Top 3 Pittsburgh Film Studios

Top 3 Pittsburgh Film Studios You Should Consider for Your Pennsylvania Project

If you’re looking for phenomenal Pittsburgh film studios, we’ve got your back. In this post, we’ve created a list of some top studios that can make your job a little easier.

Basically, the film and video production industry in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is booming. The growing interest in fresh video content for social media marketing has proven to be a fantastic opportunity for production houses. Whether you need a TV spot for branded content or a promotional video, this list consists of local Pittsburgh studios and sound stages that can be rented to help you with your productions.

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Additionally, whether you’re looking for a giant green screen studio or a plain white Cyc wall, these Pittsburgh studios have you covered. Things like professional stage lighting, industry-standard equipment, and sound mixing can help your Pittsburgh production team take your project to the next level. Now, let’s take a closer look at these top Pittsburgh film studios.

1. 3 Rivers Studios

Pittsburgh Film Studios - 3 Rivers Studios

If you need film production, office space, craft services, or a workshop, 3 Rivers Studios has it all. This facility offers premiere production services, studio leasing, and office space management for just about any project out there. It doesn’t matter if your project is small or large; with over 130,000 square feet to work with, you can get the job done at this studio.

3 Rivers Studios sits on 14 acres in Robinson Township. Their main building consists of 6 sound stages, dressing rooms, a woodshop and scenic design area, green rooms, production offices, and so much more. The possibilities are endless here!

Phone Number:



4100 Steubenville Pike

Pittsburgh, PA 15205

2. 31st Street Studios

Pittsburgh Film Studios - 31st Street Studios

Put simply, 31st Street Studios is a leader in video production services. As the crew behind “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Justified,” and the Netflix-exclusive “Mindhunter,” their creations are top-notch.

This facility has 8 customizable sound stages, screening rooms, a myriad of production offices, and an art department that can all bring life to your upcoming project. You can rent everything from studio space to cyclorama and green screens here. And if you need equipment, creative services, or additional staff support, 31st Street Studios can provide it.

Phone Number:



77 31st Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Where to Rent a Film Studio in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Production Company

If you want to consider filming outside of a Pittsburgh Film Studio, there’s plenty of outdoor locations that can provide your film project with a gorgeous backdrop. For example, the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is full of lush greenery and botanical art that can serve as an extremely colorful background for your video. Once you’re done with the filming process, you can check out some top-notch restaurants in town. (We highly recommend checking out Täkō and Tessaro’s American Bar & Hardwood Grill.)

Thankfully, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is very film-friendly. Feel free to contact the local Pittsburgh film office if you need information regarding local accessibility and film permits. We hope that the resources in this article aid you in your search for the best Pittsburgh film studios!

3. StudioMe

Pittsburgh Film Studios - StudioMe

Photo, video, and sound assistance are all offered at StudioMe. Their multi-purpose studio is suited for a variety of projects – it includes its own dressing room and many à la carte items to aid your next production.

At StudioMe, you can bring your own equipment or rent from their inventory. Other rooms offered at this studio include a soundproof audio room, a podcast lounge, and a self-guided studio that lets users easily record videos or photos at the touch of a button. (The self-guided studio is best for video production, as it includes a white backdrop, black backdrop, or green screen for crews to work with.)

Phone Number:



5819 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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