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8 Different Types of Staten Island Time-Lapse Videography

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Staten Island Time-Lapse Videography has been in use for many years. The actuality of it is that time-lapse photography in Staten Island is a great tool to use for filmmaking. There are a plethora of ways to use it to reach your desired goals.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we are proud to use Staten Island Time-Lapse Videography in the videos that we create, making our clients’ visions a reality. Contact us to find out how we can help you with our life. Reach out today to find out about our full-service video production and time-lapse video services.

Here are 8 of the frequently used kinds of time-lapse techniques offered by Beverly Boy Productions.

 Basic Time-Lapse Videography

With the basic time-lapse shot, the camera and settings remains fixed throughout the shoot. It’s used to capture one specific scene over a long period of time.

Typically used for things like moving traffic, sunsets, or shadows. It’s not a super special technique, but one that is used in many projects.

Hyperlapse Videography

Hyperlapse videography is a technical type of Staten Island Time-Lapse Videography. It provides a “hyper” look for your videos that can be fun when it’s done well. Most compelling shots can be shot with hyperlapse filming.

This technique is used to point your lens at a specific focal point, despite what’s going on around it. The shots look like one frame or very similar, even though the camera is changing perspective.  

Plant Time-Lapse Videography

What it sounds like, plant Time-Lapse Videography is a technique used to capture the growth of a plant over time.

The only thing about this technique is that you’ll need to set your camera on one fixed point for a long period of time, in order to capture the growth.  

Holy Grail Time-Lapse Videography

Many types of Staten Island Time-Lapse Videography definitely require expertise to achieve- especially the Holy Grail Time-Lapse. This type of time-lapse is done at sunrise or sunset.

The concept is to work with the exposure settings in a way that results in a flickering sequence.

Aerial Hyperlapse

A kind of Time-Lapse Videography that is captured with a drone or another type of aerial method. Aerial hyperlapse can take shots from the air while shooting with the camera from various points, which results in a unique time-lapse result.   

Astro Time-Lapse

The astro time-lapse is a kind of Time-Lapse Videography used for capturing astronomical scenes and events in the nighttime. Astro Time-Lapse is typically used for astrophotography or astro videography.

Focus Pull Time-Lapse

A form of time-lapse videography can be used focusing on a specific point and adjusting as you go. More often than not, this is used to accompany motion control time-lapse videography.

Motion Control Staten Island Time-Lapse

Motion control Staten Island Time-Lapse Video maker jobs are uniquely difficult. These shots require various pieces of equipment to achieve.

This is a favorite Staten Island time-lapse videography resulting in great shots.