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Need to Hire a Nashville Camera Crew? Here’s what you need to know!

For almost two decades, our company has been relied upon by both small and large companies, for quality Nashville camera crew services. Our clients believe in getting creative content, and that is why they reach out to us if they want to hire a Nashville camera crew. Over the years, we’ve gathered a good understanding of the Nashville film industry, and we know from experience, the different types of service providers you can find in the market. If you want to have some knowledge about the personnel and personalities that make up this Nashville film community, we are going to dive into the details in this article. 

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Need to Hire a Nashville Camera Crew for a day: Experience is King.

If your video project requires the attention of a professional cinematographer, or director of photography, you need to consider some important attributes of the talent before you hire a Nashville camera crew for a day. Experience is among the most important attributes you need to check.

Having a Nashville DP that understands important elements of a project like lighting as well as the lenses needed to film your project is a great thing. In addition, the ideal DP should also be able to direct talent and manage a crew.

A crew that embraces challenges

An experienced Nashville camera crew is also able to prevent any issues from negatively affecting the entire production. They understand the utter importance of the project to your company, and they can do whatever it takes for you to be 100% completely satisfied with the end result.

A professional Nashville camera crew is the sort of partner you need to have in your corner when you are looking to hire a Nashville camera crew for a day.

Don’t rent a Nashville camera crew that’s eager, but not ready.

BBP camera crew 1-10

One of the teams you are going to encounter in your quest to rent a Nashville camera crew is the fresh out of film school type of talent. This camera operator is out to create their first demo reel that will help them to make a name for themselves in the industry.

The challenge that our clients have faced with this option is that there is a lot of risk involved. It is up to you, the client, to decide on the right service provider you are going to partner with, when they need to hire a Nashville camera crew.

Choose your service provider carefully

Over the years, some of our clients have described to us their experiences in doing business with a cheap or inexpensive videographer in Nashville. In most cases, a talent at this level lacks experience, and they easily fall short of the expectations of the clients. This does not mean that the camera operator is planning to deliver subpar productions.

It basically means that they are not well equipped, or even ready to produce projects of a certain magnitude. On the other side of that coin, we have seen some of the most skilled young camera operators delivering amazing productions.

If you want to hire a Nashville camera crew, be thorough on researching about the team you are going to work with.

Don’t hire a Nashville video crew with Too much sauce!

camera crew setting up interview


A common trait of a crew you are going to run into as you look to hire a Nashville video crew is the “Know it all”. A team with this trait is often an established company that has been in the filming industry for almost five decades. They have filmed on different countries around the world, shot interviews with US presidents, and even worked on high value productions with budgets that run into the millions.

Some of our clients who have worked with a cinematographer at this level describe the providers as unwilling to take the direction of the client.

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Talented and thorough, but not worth the trouble.

The crew we have just described is not able to listen to the needs of the customer, and collaborate with them to achieve the desired output. When you interact with them, they may appear resentful, and at times rude.

But deep down, they just seem to have lost their passion for film making. But not all 30-year video vets have this trait, we have worked with some incredible teams of this caliber. So, as you plan to hire a Nashville video crew, remember that you may run into this specific scenario.

Nashville Video Production Crew: Almost Amazing!

camera crew - The martini shot

As you carry on the search for the most suitable Nashville video production crew to work on your project, you may get into discussions with a vendor with between 5-10 years of professional filming experience. This is a creative team that is at their prime, and them seem to know exactly what to deliver to the client.

Their work is top-notch, and they are very passionate about film making. They can even take time to discuss with your team about the latest camera gear they are going to use to film your project. We love this type of cinematographer because they are highly reliable in any Nashville video production crew.

Too busy to engage with a client on a conference call

Our clients who have worked with the professionals at this level have found the crews to be too busy. They are not able to follow up with client inquiries either through mail or phone calls. The crews would respond to a request once they are done with the current shoot.

In addition, it is not easy for them to jump on an important conference call with a potential client. Although our clients find them creative, it’s their disinterest in developing customer relations that is causing people to drift away from them.

Nashville Camera Crew Services: Never too busy

Contact Beverly Boy

In case you are looking for top Nashville camera crew services that put the needs of the client first, our producers are here to answer any queries you have concerning your video production. It is in our DNA to respond to queries over mail or through the phone within the shortest time possible.

You can trust our team to work with you throughout the entire production process, because we believe in crafting solutions that are in line with the objectives of the client. Our clients come back to us time and time again because we offer the best Nashville camera crew services in the industry.

Call us today and let’s discuss more about your video needs.

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How do I find a Nashville camera crew

Asking yourself “How do I find a Nashville camera crew?”. If so, and you are also searching online for “film crews near me” or “looking for Nashville camera crew”, you will definitely encounter these scenarios. If you are wondering what does a film crew consist of, you can search our blog where we have an extensive film crew glossary. 

Gordon Garreau on set with team Beverly Boy

Budget with professional avoid any surprises

In need to Hire a Nashville Camera Crew? Choose to work with a team that knows how to plan for any eventualities in a production. Most importantly, ensure that you prepare a budget that encompasses everything, to avoid any surprises.

It is essential that you go through the financials, cancellation policies, insurances, and logistics before any process begins. In closing, you need a Nashville camera crew company that has seasoned HD camera crews.

Contact our local office today and commit your video project to a reliable Nashville camera crew.