Multimedia Production Company

The truth of the matter is this: Every business can benefit from some sort of media production. A 5-minute video can inform your targeted audiences of your business and what it has to offer. A promotional video can share your brand with the world. No matter the type of media, there’s no better way to spread the word of your brand than through technology in today’s world.  

Some people need a video company to animate and narrate their explainer video, others need a team to produce customer testimonials for their business. Different businesses require different types of media to meet their needs and objectives. With a multimedia production company, you can take your brand to the next level and meet those goals with ease, so long as that company consists of experts in the field.

So, what kind of services can a Multimedia Production Company provide for you? Let’s take a closer look.

Multimedia Production Services

Videos are a visual medium that are used to capture the attention of your targeted audience. Multimedia is used by companies of all sizes for a reason – they’re effective! On top of that, multimedia production jobs are booming. An experienced video company fully understands the importance of Multimedia for your business. Depending on what you’re looking to do, here’s a list of Multimedia Production services that you can utilize for your next project:

Customer testimonial video: If you’re trying to show the world your product or services, what better way than to show people an authentic experience? In this case, the customer does the job for you. Customer testimonials bridge the gap between you and potential customers in an engaging way.

Employee testimonial video: Similar to customer testimonials, employee testimonials can do the hard work for you. Prospective employees can get a good look at their upcoming work environment thanks to people that were in their shoes. Employee testimonials are often used in recruitment and employee training videos.

5-minute video: 5-minute videos are relatively short in length, but informative and crucial in displaying your message. (When it comes to social media: the shorter, the better!)

Explainer video: It’s all in the name – explainer videos teach concepts, clarify misconceptions, and describe your message to your targeted audience.

Promotional video: Promo videos are great for promoting a business, its services, or a particular product. A good multimedia company will know exactly how to customize a promo video for your business needs.

Live streaming: Live steaming is the process of filming content from a live event such as a conference or award show. Live streaming can be used to connect with your audience and create an engaging experience for social media viewers.

Multimedia Video Team

At this point, you’ve probably identified a type of video that your business can benefit from. So, where do you go from here? No matter the type of video, multimedia film crews will plan, film, edit, and finalize your video through three major phases: pre-production, production, and post-production. The best multimedia video team will carefully work alongside you to make sure you’re satisfied with every aspect of your video. At Beverly Boy, our top-quality customer service representatives set you up with someone that can bring your project to life. We’re proud to say that we work closely with our clients. We ensure that your finished product is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Media Production Company

If you’re interested in a top-quality video for your business, searching for the best shouldn’t be difficult. Beverly Boy Productions has over a decade of experience in the field. As a media production company, we know how important these videos are for helping your business succeed. Let us do the hard work for you, give us a call today!

Multimedia Production Company


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    Camera Gear

    Filming in 1080P, 4k- 6K and 8K NTSC and PAL

    • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
    • Blackmagic 4K
    • Canon Cinema EOS C300
    • Sony FS7 4K XDCAM
    • Panasonic VariCam LT
    • Sony Alpha 7S (A7S)
    • ARRI Amira & Alexa Mini
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    Professional Camera Crews

    • Restaurant/Food Service
    • Law Firm/Legal
    • Television Production
    • Reality Show Production
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    • Promotional Video Production
    • Corporate Video Production
    • Testimonials/Interviews
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    • Live Stream/Webcasting
    • Conference/Trade Show
    • Animation/Explainer Videos
    • School/University/Education
    • Business Video Production

    Our Video Production Work

    We take great pride when it comes to our Multimedia Production Services. Many customers choose our professional Video Team because of our great track record. No matter the type of video, our multimedia film crews will plan, film, edit, and finalize your video through three major phases: pre-production, production, and post-production. Feel free to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!



      Drop us a line, we'll get back to you ASAP!