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How to Hire a Film Crew in Istanbul

One of the most critical things you need to understand in order to create quality videos for your brand is learning how to hire a film crew in Istanbul. You need to be aware of the different factors that influence the hiring of a film staff, such as the budget, the reliability of the crew, and the years of experience an individual has under his/her belt. Our team at Beverly Boy Productions have highlighted below important resources that will help boost your confidence in hiring the right crew.

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Film Crew Positions

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First and foremost, get to understand the different roles of the individuals who participate in the film production process. Hiring the crew by following a hierarchical order will allow you to get proper recommendations of other positions in your professional Istanbul crew.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we offer full service Istanbul film production services, ranging from acquiring Istanbul film permits, to location scouting. Regardless of the type of production you want to have, we have the necessary resources to bring your idea to life. If you require a 3-man film crew at Dolmabahçe Palace, or are looking to start shooting an independent film on İstiklal Caddesi, contact our team of experts for a world-class experience. 

Here’s the Istanbul film crew hierarchy:

  • Director – Responsible for the execution of the vision, and they are usually the first person to be hired.
  • Script Writer – Researches, develops, and creates narratives. They can pitch their original material to producers.
  • Line Producer – Reports and works closely with the Production Manager. They manage and supervise the entire film budget on a daily basis.
  • Unit Production Manager – Liaises between the film crew and the location to ensure the residents are okay with everything, so that filming can progress quickly.
  • Production Coordinator – Manages the production office and all duties like scheduling and communications, throughout the production process.
  • Locations Manager – Finds the perfect location to shoot and takes care of all the permits and fees required.
  • Cinematographer – Interprets the Director’s vision when it comes to the feel and look of the shots.
  • Production Manager – The person is in charge of expenditure of “below-the-line” budget.
  • Production Designer – In charge of the vision for the Art Department and actualizes the project’s feel and look. Comes up with concepts and ensures everything that will be on camera is in order.
  • Sound Engineer – Operates the sound equipment and verifies the captured sound is of good quality.
  • Sound Crew – Helps to make the work of the Sound Engineer easier by placing the sound equipment at the right places.

How to Find a Film Crew in Istanbul

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If you are interested to find a film crew in Istanbul, partner with an experienced film production company like Beverly Boy Productions. You would still need to do a thorough research on the team we provide to ensure that you are getting the perfect crew for your project.  Since our crew is well-experienced in their field of work, it will be easy for you to choose the crew members. 

On the flip side, if you want to hire the crew all by yourself, use the tips below to find film crew professionals in Istanbul:

  • Istanbul’s Film Commission – the local commission has all the materials you need concerning filming in your location. Most importantly, there is a production directory that can make it easy for you to get in touch with local qualified crew members with ease.
  • Istanbul Film crew websites & forums – these sites provide access to professionals that you can pick for certain roles in your crew. 

Hiring a Film Crew in Istanbul

Let’s say that you have a lineup of potential candidates you want to add to your film crew. What should you be looking for to ensure that you run a successful film production in Istanbul? In addition, you need to ensure that the size of your film crew in Istanbul is tailored to meet the requirements of your project. 

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Discuss film crew Pay Rates

The subject of film crew Pay is one that can stall the hiring process. To get ahead of any challenges, you need to be open about the pay rates and expectations of each film crew member during the negotiations. Just because you have an individual who is willing to work for cheap doesn’t mean that you will get the quality you want! So, in your budget, expect to pay a fair price for top quality film crew members.  

Demos & Resumes

demo reel is a collection of short clips that exhibit the abilities of an individual to a client. Together with a resume, you can have a great picture of the skills, style, and experience of the person. 

There are roles where the demo is not required. For such a case, you can learn more about the individual’s work by reaching out to the references. Get in touch with the people who have worked with the person to understand what the talent is able to bring to the table. 

Dos and Don’ts

  • DO ask for a second opinion from others on the candidate you want to hire.
  • DON’T make promises to someone on any position, you might find a better alternative. 
  • DO check with your crew if they know anyone who is fit for the vacant position. 
  • DON’T hire an individual only based on their skills, their personality should also match that of your crew, to avoid problems on set. 

Ready to Hire a Film Crew in Istanbul?

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If this is the first time to hire a film crew in Istanbul on your own? The information we have provided will make things easier. If you find the process challenging, you can get the best crews working on your project by calling Team Beverly Boy. We’re a full-service film production company with award winning film crews in Istanbul that are experienced in multiple areas of filming. 

We’re ready to work on your film project in Istanbul or in nearby cities like Esenyurt, Yakuplu, Kirac, or Hadimkoy. When it comes to hiring a film crew in Istanbul, we are the go-to guys! In case you need crews for interviews, documentaries, event coverage, or feature films, contact our office today.