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How Much Does it Cost to Stream an Event in Milwaukee

Live streaming an event is a tool that several Milwaukee business owners have considered, especially following COVID-19 and the way this virus has impacted the way that businesses and events operate. With closures all around and changes in the way events can be done, there are a lot of local CEOs looking for new ways of doing things, including event live streaming. Many want to know as they move forward, “how much does it cost to stream an event in Milwaukee ?”

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At Beverly Boy Productions, we gladly discuss Milwaukee live streaming costs with clients. We want you to have as much information as possible so you can plan ahead. The base rate is typically between $1,000 and $5,000 for most single day events but keep in mind, various factors will result in higher costs.

Milwaukee Event Streaming Costs

Streaming your event can have more costs and things to consider that will impact the budget you’ll need to plan for, including the event size, its length, and also the amount of crew members you need to have a successful live stream.  When you wonder, “how much does it cost to stream an event in Milwaukee ?,” we usually think about these rates below:


– Director – up to $250 per hour

– Camera Operator – up to $400 per hour

– Equipment – up to $100s per hour

– Narrator – up to $400 per hour

– Switcher – up to $200 per hour

– Streaming platform – $50 to $1,000 (depends on the platform and usage)

– B-Roll – usually a percentage of the total cost between 10 and 50%

– Miscellaneous Fees – very little or could be 1,000s


Venues, equipment rentals, and things like a CDN aren’t included in these rates.


Event Streaming Cost Considerations

When a Cream City business owner asks, ‘How much does it cost to stream an event in Milwaukee ?”a few considerations can help you determine the final cost of your live stream event, such as:


– The duration of your event will impact the budget as longer events typically require more crew members, resulting in a higher cost.

– The expected size of your audience could mean a higher bandwidth needs to be used for the live stream event which means a higher budget may be required.

– The overall size of your event impacts cost. A single presentation event typically calls for fewer crew members than a large, multiple presentation event.


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Milwaukee  virtual event cost 

We gather information about important details that have to do with your Milwaukee virtual event cost to help us define the total budget of the live stream. However, a multiple day event or an event that requires multiple working camera crews and advanced technology as well as specialists is typically going to cost you a bit more. So, when you ask, “how much does it cost to stream an event in Milwaukee?” you may get a blanket answer of between $1,000 and $5,000 but we usually spend some time discussing your vision so we can provide a more accurate quote to help you prepare accordingly.