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6 Advantages of Working With Virtual Event Companies 

Virtual events are quickly becoming one of the most popular pastimes for consumers to engage in online. In fact, studies estimate that by 2022, the majority of internet engagement will take place in various live streams and virtual events that are hosted online. Virtual event companies stand to support businesses in producing live content feeds that engage and excite the audience. 

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As more consumers shift their focus over to the use of the internet to engage in real-time with the businesses and brands they love, it’s important for brands to pay close attention and make sure that they’re doing everything they can to remain ahead of the competition.

Being prepared to provide the content that their audiences are most interested in is equally important. Working with virtual event companies to get your virtual events professionally produced and shared online can have several serious benefits for your business. 

Check out these advantages of working with virtual event companies:

1. Integrated Video Options for Both Live & Pre-Recorded Content

Virtual event companies can help you create both live and pre-recorded video content for your audience. This is important because studies have shown that consumers are more engaged when virtual events include a balanced mix of both types of content.

Sharing pre-recorded content allows the event narrator, moderator, and those actively engaged in the delivery of the event to take a little break during the show.

2. Branded Graphics & Overlays

Team Beverly Boy editing bay

Sure, you could create your own live event feed with a basic camera setup, but would it truly deliver the core message of your brand to your audience? Probably not!

However, working with virtual event companies that specialize in this type of production can increase the branded graphics and text overlays that are included in your content — which means your audience will recognize your brand!

3. Live Chat Sessions, Moderated in Real-Time

You can’t possibly manage the entire live stream, interact with your community, and speak as part of the presentation all at the same time — can you? Perhaps you “could” but something would suffer or someone would suffer at some point in the pipeline.

Virtual event companies provide you with an emcee or moderator that can interact with your audience while you’re speaking or that can otherwise provide support during the production of the event. 

4. Early Event Training & Practice

Virtual face-to-face meetings

Virtual event companies know how to host a virtual event that will amaze your audience — at Beverly Boy Productions, we’ve done this many times before!

The early event training and practice that we can provide for your team to ensure your virtual event goes without a hitch is incredibly valuable. We’ll help each of your event speakers prepare for the big day and we’ll make sure that everyone has the support, and preparation that is necessary for an effective virtual event!

5. 1:1 Networking & Matching

This is something that generally requires sophisticated software as well as an understanding of what goes into creating the ideal “match” between event attendees. Virtual event companies specialize in this type of event “Matchmaking” to provide 1:1 networking capabilities for the attendees of your virtual event. 

6. Planned Attendee Engagement

Finally, working with virtual event companies can provide a number of potential benefits in terms of the engagement that takes place between your attendees.

Planned attendee engagement opportunities allow you to collect information and data about your attendees that can later be used in a variety of marketing and media campaigns.

The use of polls, live chat, Q&A sessions, breakout sessions, and a variety of customized games, trivia and various other forms of interactive engagement events will keep your audience entertained while delivering key insights for your future campaigns.