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Video Production for Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning services are part of a larger $2.3 million dollar industry of commercial cleaning companies which are contracted to clean the premises of various commercially used spaces, including offices themselves. Office cleaning services includes both janitorial brands and individual cleaners or cleaning services, excluding housekeepers & maids. Office cleaners will assist with everything from carpet cleaning to mopping, disinfecting bathrooms to washing windows & dusting. Video production for office cleaning services is important to driving industry related growth, leads & sales. 

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Growing an office cleaning services business requires marketing & promotions, essential skills training for employees, and ongoing relationship building throughout the community. While the commercial cleaning industry is expected to grow at a rate of about 5.5% annually over the next several years, office cleaning services may struggle a little bit due to COVID-19 and the massive number of people leaving the office in exchange for work-from-home opportunities. 

Businesses in the office cleaning industry that really want to set themselves apart from the competition & are interested in generating more leads and overall success for their operations will put expert video content to work for their brand. Beverly Boy Productions offers a wide range of video production services that are targeted to assist professional office cleaning brands in the growth of their business reputation online & offline. Ask us about the many different ways that we can help you grow your brand!

Promotional Videos for Office Cleaning Services

If you’re not actively using promotional videos to generate appointments for your office cleaning business, you’re behind; big time! Studies have proven over and over again that video is a powerful business growth tool and that brands who consistently choose video are more likely to position themselves ahead of the game. 

Promotional video production for office cleaning services can:

  • Help consumers visualize the services offered by your cleaning company.
  • Encourage other business owners to “click” on your office cleaning business and engage with your brand.
  • Increase the number of qualified leads you generate for your office cleaning business.
  • Increase the number of landing page conversions you generate for your office cleaning service.


Promo videos are mostly focused on achieving a common goal: conversions. This can mean sales, leads, inquiries, appointments, or some entirely different goal, but the common denominator of any promotional video for your office cleaning service is going to be a form of conversion. 

Marketing Videos for Office Cleaning Services

Business professionals are more engaged online than ever, and most prefer seeing and learning about new products & services through video. In fact, when asked about learning a particular concept or topic online via text or video, 59% of executives agreed that they would choose to learn via video over text when the concept or topic was the same either way. This proves, for b2b marketing initiatives, delivering an engaging video experience is superior to text well over half the time. 

Marketing your office cleanings service or business online with video presents a huge opportunity for your business substantially increasing the likelihood for:

  • Up to 49% faster revenue growth.
  • Increased organic rankings. (websites with video are over 50X more likely to rank first page in Google)
  • Increased consumer engagement and CTR (click-through-rate) for your campaigns. (video can increase email CTR by 300% or more.)
  • Satisfactory ROI that you can share with stakeholders, leaders, or others that are directly involved with the business. 

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It really doesn’t matter where you’re currently at in terms of growing your business, if you want to create a strong reputation for your office cleaning services online, and you’re ready to engage your target audience and build trust for your brand – marketing video production for office cleaning services can help!

Training Videos for Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning large or small offices requires a lot of repetitive tasks that, once learned, are relatively easy to perform over and over again. Whether it’s dusting the desks or sweeping & vacuuming the floors, or taking out the trash, many of these tasks can be taught through video based training that will save you time & money allowing you to focus your time on more important projects without jeopardizing the satisfaction level clients have towards your brand.

The production of training videos that can be used to teach & train your new employees so that you can deliver safe, effective office cleaning services to your clients can have profound benefits on your business. Consider training videos if you want to:

  • Improve training quality & consistency without jeopardizing the training value provided by your brand.
  • Reduce training time without reducing training quality or output.
  • Deliver training across multiple departments or locations, or off-site in remote settings, or across various times.

There are so many ways that training videos can help you engage your staff & provide essential instruction to support your office cleaning services while remaining true to your brand.  Since the average business of over 100 employees spends less than 6 minutes providing management-lead training every six months, any action you take to provide quality, consistent video-based training that includes your management-focused instruction is going to be incredibly valuable to your team & to your organization.

Interview Videos for Office Cleaning Services

Building up audience trust in your office cleaning services business is an important aspect of your marketing mix and should be a target focus for your campaigns. Expert interview video production for office cleaning services will help you to achieve this goal of building audience relationships & trust by providing a unique opportunity for you to share the details of your leadership, professional experience, and expert opinions on all things janitorial & office cleaning related. 

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Like the many other forms of video production for office cleaning services mentioned here, interview videos are an essential part of growing your target market, boosting audience trust in your business, and generating leads, appointments, & sales revenue through your campaigns. Ask Team Beverly Boy how we can help you achieve success for your office cleaning services campaigns.