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Top 10 Reasons to Film Your Video Production in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a vibrant city with a rich history and plenty of culture. Visitors come from around the world to visit the Hoosier state. For filmmakers, there are many different reasons to film your video production in Indianapolis.

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In fact, if the greenery, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum or the food don’t bring you to the city, perhaps the history or the City Market Catacombs will!

Beverly Boy Productions frequently works with clients who choose to film in Indianapolis.

We’ve put together this list of the top 10 reasons that we think clients choose video production in Indianapolis to help you decide if this is the right choice for you:

1. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

One of the area’s largest attractions, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum brings the most visitors into the city and is a must see if you’re filming your video production in Indianapolis.

The museum features plenty to learn about the automotive industry and is an entertaining exhibit ideal for videography and some site seeing combined.

2. Food

You may not realize that there is some of the best food in the country in this historic city. Filmmaking in Indianapolis is certain to leave you and your crew hungry, but you’ll find plenty of good digs in the city including various fares from pizza to pasta to mexican, burgers, and seafood.

3. City Market Catacombs

Filmmakers delight in the glory of the underground City Market Catacombs in Indianapolis. The limestone  structure and brick archways are just a few of the big draws of the Catacombs.

These are a must-see exhibit and are almost a requirement for any filmmaker in the city to capture. 

4. History

The old world-style history of Indianapolis frequently brings filmmakers into the city. There are several historic landmarks and sights to see throughout the city including the Crown Hill Cemetery, the Indiana War Memorial and Monument Circle to name a few.

5. Fountain Square

Filming your video production in Indianapolis will almost guarantee a trip to Fountain Square where Downtown Indy’s historic charm meets midtown funk.

The square features several shops, arts venues, entertainment locales and various other attractions. It’s a great place to explore and catch some b-roll.

6. Central Canal

If the Indianapolis outdoors is what brings you to the city, then you’re probably going to make a trip to Central Canal.

A 3-mile looped waterway that runs through major sights of Indianapolis including the Zoo and Victory Field, the Central Canal features a pristine skyline that’s great for filmmaking.

7. Green Space 

Indianapolis features several different parks and recreational options in and around the city. If you and your crew need some time to unwind or a place to capture the greenery of the city, you’ll find several options including Garfield Park and the European formal garden.

8. Lucas Oil Stadium

Whether it’s to catch a game at the Lucas Oil Stadium or you’re thinking of setting a scene at the stadium to catch some spectacular shots, filming your video production in Indianapolis is almost certain to draw you to the Lucas Oil Stadium at some point.

The stadium holds up to 67K spectators and makes a unique backdrop for any film.

9. Nightlife

The nightlife in Downtown Indy is like no other major city in the United States. You’ll find plenty of action-packed excitement at the bars and nightclubs of the city where filmmakers and crew can spend the evening unwinding and enjoying themselves after a long day on set.

10. The Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo attracts visitors seeking an opportunity to step out of the city and into the wildlife. After a long day on the film set, consider a trip to the zoo. In fact, the zoo is one of many reasons to film your video production in Indianapolis.