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Top 10 Draws to Hiring Video Production Services in Indianapolis

If you’re even considering the option of hiring video production services in Indianapolis then there’s a strong chance you’ve considered your venue and the various filming opportunities around town.

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In fact, you probably recognize that there are actually many draws to filming in the Hoosier state including the historic charm of the city and the widespread access to historic attractions.

So whether you come to Indianapolis to shoot at the stadium or at one of the many historic sites, you’re sure to enjoy your time here.

Check out these top draws to hiring video production services in Indianapolis:

1. Pristine Weather

Summers are warm and relatively humid in Indianapolis making it kind of muggy for filming but the evenings are beautiful and a great place for a shoot.

Winter weather may not be as welcoming, but you’ll find plenty of warm days throughout the spring, summer and fall to shoot your footage.

2. Food

Hiring video production services in Indianapolis is almost certain to leave you with an appetite after a long day of filming. Thankfully the food in Indianapolis represents some of the best eats in the country.

Much like the rich history of the city and vibrant culture, so too is the food. You’ll find everything from Asian fare to Latin cuisine and Mexican, Italian and American too.

3. Historic Charm

Indianapolis is home to several attractions and historic sites. The city draws clients seeking to hire video production services in Indianapolis largely to experience the history and culture of old USA.

The city was once made up widely of mills and railroads that would bring exports throughout the area from all other areas of the country. It’s this import and export opportunity that caused Indianapolis to be such a populous city in the Midwest.

4. The Indianapolis Zoo

After a day of filming, clients and filmmakers alike appreciate a day at the zoo.

The fun-filled attraction draws families with children primarily but is equally exciting for local video production services in Indianapolis to come together and maybe even capture some footage of the skyline and lush vegetation found throughout the park.

5. Central Canal

A beautiful outdoor location for a film shoot, the Central Canal in Indianapolis features nearly 3 miles of waterfront with trails and paths for biking and running.

You’ll find a lot of opportunities to exercise and enjoy the fresh air around the canal. You can even take a Gondola ride!

6. Indiana War Memorial

Historic monuments like the Indiana War Memorial draw filmmakers and clients seeking video production services in Indianapolis for a variety of reasons.

The monument features 24-acres of statues and sculptures that are a sight to see and feature some great filming opportunities.

7. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Drawing those with the greatest interest in automobiles, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum attracts filmmakers and clients that are interested in this background of American motor history.

The speedway features interesting architecture and some excellent film ops.

8. White River State Park

More than just a nature attraction, White River State Park features various adventurous activities for visitors and filmmakers.

If you’re the active type that enjoys greenery and fresh air, you’ve got to check out the White River State Park.

9. Easy Film Permitting

Hiring video production services in Indianapolis has several benefits but one of the greatest is the ease of film permitting in the city.

You’ll find that working with the Indianapolis Film Commission offers easy film permitting for filmmakers throughout the city and is a great draw to hiring local.

10. Green Spaces

Not only green spaces, but the several waterfront parks and recreational options are a major draw to hiring video production services in Indianapolis.

Whether you’re drawn to the city for any of the outdoor attractions or for the history and culture, you’re sure to enjoy your time while in this Hoosier territory.