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How Much Does a Virtual Conference Cost?

Hosting a virtual conference online represents an incredible effect way of keeping your audience engaged and interested in the topics or matters you care most about despite social distancing and all the new “Norms” we face in the world today.

Whether you’re growing your email list, aiming to boost your authority, or just trying to generate additional revenue for your brand, hosting a virtual conference can help. But budgeting the total virtual conference cost can be challenging at best.  Here’s what you can expect the virtual conference cost estimates to include.

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Reduced Cost versus Traditional Conferences

Generally, the total virtual conference cost will be significantly lower than traditional conference costs. You can cut costs with a virtual conference in various ways, especially on your venue pricing.

Venue rental fees can be a significant portion of your total budget, but when you’re hosting a live, virtual event such as a virtual conference, you do not need the space or most of the other costs amenities required for an in-person event. You’ll save on permits, licensing, catering, and total venue cost when you host a virtual conference versus a live, in-person conference.


Expected Expenses for a Virtual Conference

While you can save on some areas, a successful virtual conference will have costs that you simply cannot overlook. Expected expenses include:

  • Virtual conference technology including a host platform.
  • Virtual conference tools and equipment such as teleprompters, hardware encoders, and multiple video and audio feeds
  • Virtual conference production crew.
  • Promotion and advertising prior to the virtual conference.
  • Virtual conference speakers.

What’s a Virtual Conference Cost?

Knowing all about the capabilities and various equipment required to produce a virtual conference, what about the total virtual conference cost? Broadcasting your virtual conference to any device, with seamless branding, and an experience that your audience will appreciate certainly isn’t free — but it’s also not nearly as expensive as an in-person, live conference.

Here are some of the fees you can expect as you budget the total virtual conference cost for your event:

  • Camera Operator Day Rate: $650+
  • Key Grip Day Rate: $500+
  • Grip Day Rate: $400
  • Director: up to $250 per hour
  • Sound Technician: $500
  • Equipment Rentals: up to $1000 per day or more

Determining the total virtual conference cost that you should expect to pay is really dependent on a variety of factors including the location, size, length, and individual needs of your virtual conference event.

How much does it cost

Beverly Boy Productions will provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate of the total costs of the virtual conference you’re planning. Simply give us a call and ask “What will my virtual conference cost?” And our crew will immediately begin asking you a series of questions that will help us to determine your needs, and what we can do to help out.