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Different Types of Houston Time-Lapse Videography

Houston time-lapse videography is a popular filming and photography technique that has been used for several years in the industry. With various kinds of time-lapse photography in Houston now being incorporated into film production, there are a lot of different ways you can use this for your video projects. Take a look at these different types of Houston time-lapse videography that are often used in films today.

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At Beverly Boy Productions, if our clients ask for it or have unique creative wishes, we’ll incorporate Houston time-lapse videography into the videos we produce. Get in touch with our team to discover more about our full-service video production and time-lapse video services.


Here are 8 of the most common types of time-lapse techniques that we put to use at Beverly Boy Productions.


1. Basic Time-Lapse Videography

With the basic time-lapse shot, the camera and the settings to be filmed are fixed. This is so you can capture a scene over a long and steady period of time so that the film can be shown over time. While this shot isn’t anything special, it’s a great technique for capturing anything from moving traffic to sunrise or sunsets, as well as shadows or moving clouds.  


2. Hyperlapse Videography

Hyperlapse videography is definitely one of the more technical types of Houston time-lapse videography but it provides a “hyper” look for your clips that look really exciting when done correctly. The truth is that some of the most captivating shots are done with hyperlapse filming.

This technique is accomplished by continuously pointing the camera at the same exact thing no matter where or what is going on around it. The shots make it look like the frame is similar to the previous frame despite the camera being positioned from one point to another and changing perspective.


3. Plant Time-lapse Videography

Just like it sounds, the plant time-lapse videography is a technique that is used to film plant growth over time. Using the camera in one place for a period of many weeks or months, you can achieve this time lapse for as long as necessary to capture the growth you want to capture.


4. Holy Grail Time-Lapse Videography

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Many types of Houston time-lapse videography are quite difficult to film. Specifically, the holy grail time-lapse which is one that really requires a specific understanding of how to do it correctly so you can achieve success. With this style of time-lapse, the shots are filmed during sunset or the sunrise. The idea is to adjust the exposure settings so that the final result is a flickering sequence.


5. Aerial Hyperlapse

This is the term used to define various kinds of time-lapse photography that are filmed from the air whether from an airplane, drone, or helicopter. Aerial hyperlapse thus uses footage from the air in which the camera is set in one way on a particular item while getting surroundings from different points. 


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6. Astro Time-lapse

The astro time-lapse is one of several kinds of time-lapse videography that involves capturing astronomical scenes and events in the night sky, shot from a dark place. Astro time-lapse is commonly referred to as astrophotography or astrovideography.


7. Focus Pull Time-Lapse

A form of time-lapse videos that includes filming the focus ring which offers you the ability to adjust and add axes as you go. This is a more technical type of time-lapse, often used in addition to the motion control time-lapse videography.


8. Motion Control Houston Time-Lapse

Motion control Houston time-lapse video makers requires a lot of different gear but it can be fun to use and create. Out of the different types of Houston time-lapse videography, motion control time-lapse can result in some of the most fun and versatile shots.