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Top Jacksonville video production insights 2024 – Trends To Look For

The trends you can keep an eye out for in 2024 are going to take your video marketing campaign to the next level and help you reach more people than ever before. Of course, companies using video to tell their story is a rising trend, itself, with only around 60 percent of companies using film in their campaign strategies in 2020, and now over 80 percent using it. What this means for your company is that hiring a top Jacksonville video production company to help you produce a video campaign is something you are going to have to invest in so that your company stays competitive. When you consider what Jacksonville video production agency to hire, check out the following trends to determine if any will work for your brand.

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How To Engage Consumers With A Video Production

One of the most well-known trends to come out of video campaigns is personalizing information to better engage the customer, and this is mostly done through social media or apps. For instance, a full-service Jacksonville video production company will help you create intriguing video content that you can embed on your website or application that has been created specifically for your company.

When a consumer visits your site or the app, they will enter in their information and the video is personalized using the data that they have entered. This customizes video productions to each customer, making them feel as if you are speaking directly to them and helping to develop a better connection between them and your company. If you believe this service could benefit your business, you should hire a video producer that knows website video production.

Creating a Solid Story line With A Video Production Studio

In prior years, it was popular for Jacksonville video marketing companies to create corporate video campaigns in just one film, making it a little longer than a normal advertisement or promotion, but still short enough to be watched without interruption. In 2024, using smaller films is the best way to capture your audience’s attention.

These films are usually done as a series and then shared on different platforms at one time, so they reach more people at once. Whether you run a small business in Duval County, or an advertising agency on Laura Street in downtown, choosing a production company that knows digital marketing in North Florida is important in creating these smaller films that can help you captivate your audience. You will also want to work with a video production studio to produce the short films because using a video company won’t be enough. Rather, you will need a full service video production studio to keep cohesive continuity throughout the films as they tell your story.

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Boasting Hybrid Video Production Services in Jacksonville

Wowing your customers is just as important as engaging them, and doing so isn’t always easy with technology being so advanced. That is why you should consider hybrid video production services. Hybrid video production mashed up elements of live events with video, and since live streams are rising in popularity, using a Top Jacksonville video production company that knows streaming is imperative, anyway.

You want a Jacksonville production house that can do more, though, and add in video elements, like a chyron or lower third, to the stream to give consumers something new that also provides them with information while not interrupting the stream. You can also do this with webcast streaming while you inset a lower third graphic giving out more information about your company or the live event.

Create Micro-Films With Film Production Companies

In the age of information, what is more important than being entertained and getting your news? It’s getting it quickly, of course. Today’s consumers want to have their news, entertainment, and more, in a succinct manner, and that is why micro films, films that play in 30 seconds or less, are becoming a huge hit. Now, you may not think that 30 seconds is much time to do a corporate film, but when you hire Jacksonville film production companies that specialize in these types of films, you’d be surprised at what you can get done in 30 seconds or less.

When you choose film production companies in Jacksonville that have created these films for social media sites, you are really going to get a crew that can wow you. Social media is where the majority of these films are placed, so having a creative agency that understands their value, as well as the value of social media, will help you create a video marketing campaign that will skyrocket your company’s success in 2024.

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Book a Jacksonville Production Company That Knows Live Streaming and Interviews

When you signed into social media today, you probably saw at least one live video. Live videos are everywhere, and everyone is using them, even corporations. Those corporations who haven’t quite figured out how to use live video and social media are going to be left behind in 2024, and while you may think that doing a live video with a phone is not professional, you can do more by working with a Jacksonville production company who knows how to handle live streaming and interviews. When you select a production company to help you, they will simply set up a livestream and you will select the format in which you get your information to your consumers.

You can tell a story directly to the camera, interview someone, have someone interview you, or hold the round table discussion with you and your staff. Whatever you decide, just make sure that it is something that invites consumers to get a glimpse of your company’s day-to-day workings. When you choose to do this often, and you should, you should select a Top Jacksonville production company that is near you so that they can be available whenever you are ready to do live film.

Hire a Jacksonville Video Production Agency That Blogs

When you are listing the attributes that you want to see in your Jacksonville Video Production agency, you may not consider a company that blogs, but today’s market is huge on blogs, for personal and business reasons. Some of the top production companies in Jacksonville are not only blogging, themselves, but they are helping to create short films for corporations to insert into blogs. You can drive consumers to your website by placing call to action logos or messages within your films, and when the consumers go to your site you can keep them there by offering them an interesting blog to read.

A talented video production agency can even help you place videos within those blogs to make them more interesting. Companies that have blogs have lots of followers, and following a company allows consumers to learn more about you. This helps you get your message out, faster, more efficiently, and easier, but you also need to entertain your consumers in order to keep them interested in your blog, and that is where a melding of video and blog is perfect.

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When you are deciding on the Top Jacksonville video production company that you want to hire to help you develop the perfect corporate video campaign for your brand, searching for “production companies near me” isn’t going to cut it. You need to put in some serious thought and effort and select a company that is up to speed on all of the trends in corporate videos so that they can help you create a film that will keep you in the game. Beverly Boy Productions knows the cutting-edge films and trends on the market and we know how to use them to help you produce a campaign you will be proud of.

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