Top Miami video production insights 2020 – Trends To Be Aware Of

The video trends that you need to be aware of for 2020 are game-changers for businesses and how they use video to reach viewers. Getting your story out to the world may seem like a fairly new concept, but in 2018, roughly 61% of companies used video to do just that. This year, more than 80% of businesses have decided that reeling in consumers with a carefully crafted film is something they want to use to market their brand.

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This means that working with a Top Miami video production company to create a video campaign is vital to helping you stay competitive. When you consider the Miami video production agency industry, go with one that can help you incorporate some the hottest video trends on the market.

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Tailoring Video Production in Miami

Consumers want to be directly engaged by video companies and social media, personal websites, and apps make it possible for companies to do just that. A full service Miami video production company can create outstanding video content that you are able to link to your company’s website or social media accounts, or to an application that has been developed for your company, and your customers input their personal data on the site or app. Then, the film you have linked gets personalized to use the customer’s name and other identifying information so that the video production feels as if it has been made specifically for them. If you think that this is a service you want to utilize, be sure to hire a video producer that is familiar with website video production.

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Work with A Miami Video Production Studio To Build a Storyline

It used to be common for Miami video marketing companies to make one film that crams all of the information you want for your campaign into a few minutes. In 2020, the trend is to tell your story through shorter films of a few seconds to a few minutes long, and then share these films on various platforms at one time. No matter if you operate a business in Miami Dade county, or an advertising agency on Alton Road in Miami Beach, selecting a production crew that knows digital marketing in South Florida is important to creating a campaign using shorter films.

You will be able to reach more people than you thought, and the shorter format holds attention longer, so you can fully engage consumers of multiple demographics. Hiring a Miami video production studio who can create short films is going to be essential, because a video company won’t have the space you need unless they also run a full-service video production studio. A studio helps you keep everything cohesive and consistent so that your films flow as you tell the story, making them easier to follow and understand.

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Utilizing Hybrid Video Production Services in Miami

Engaging the customer is important, but you also want to wow them with your production.  A trend on today’s market that does that is hybrid video production services. Hybrid video production combines live interviews or events with elements found in videos. Live streaming is gaining in popularity, and using this trend in your film will require a Top Miami video production company that knows how to properly live stream and a production house that can create a chyron or lower third while doing the live-stream. With this trend, you can have a webcast streaming and insert your company logo onto the bottom of the screen so it is branded, or you can insert a lower third graphic that promotes your website or asks customers to call-in during the live stream.

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Pick Film Production Companies in Miami That Can Produce Micro-Films

It is both the age of technology and the generation of “now.” Today’s consumer leads a busy life that is constantly plugged in. To get their attention, you have to create micro-films that last about 15 seconds or less. These films generally play while they scroll through a social media feed or pop-up between videos they are watching. Hiring Miami film production companies that know there is nothing small about micro-films except their run time is the best way to use this trend for your brand.

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Film production companies in Miami that have experience with producing these films for social media sites is where you want to start your search because social media is where a lot of consumers watch films these days. These platforms are easy to access, easy to maneuver, and make it easy to share short films. Hiring a creative agency to help you with this video marketing strategy is a smart investment and can bring your company up to speed on video trends in 2020


 Choose a Miami Production Company That Knows Live Video

By now, you have probably seen one of the biggest trends on the Internet- live videos. Your friends are going live on Facebook. On YouTube, your favorite actor is live in an interview. Even grandma has a live segment once a week where she shares a recipe. In 2020, live videos keep people interested and if you want people to be interested in what your company has to say, a live video is your ticket. You’re a professional, though, so using your phone to go live isn’t the way you want to represent your company. You can, however, hire a Miami production company that knows how to produce live film.

The production company will set up a live-stream for you to speak directly to your audience, or you can have someone come in and interview you. Whatever you choose, make it friendly and informative. Consumers want you to seem more approachable, and putting a face to your company will do just that. You should plan to work with a Top Miami video production company that is near you and is able to schedule several of these live videos, because this is something you will want to do often to keep audiences interested.

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Choose a Miami Video Production Agency That Knows Blogs

When you think of a Miami video production agency, blogging probably doesn’t come to mind, first. Many top production companies in Miami are combining blogs with videos to keep consumers interested. For example, a customer will visit your website for information. How do you keep them there? Blogs! Blogs can interest and engage your clients, and companies that have blogs have larger, more loyal followings. But- how do you jazz up a blog? You use video! An experienced video production agency can place videos within blog posts to make that post more interesting. The combo of blogs and video allows you to share personal content with your blog and keep it entertaining with the occasional video.

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When selecting the Top Miami video production company

When looking for a top Miami video production company for your production, looking for “production companies near me” isn’t the best approach, anymore. Hiring a company that understands the latest trends in corporate videos is the way to reach more consumers. Beverly Boy Productions stays up-to-date on the latest trends and we know we can help you stay at the top of your game by producing compelling creative films that utilize the latest trends for top Miami video production.

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