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6 Ways to Use Corporate Live Video Streaming for Your Business

Corporate live video streaming used internally within your business represents a wealth of opportunity for your brand. Internal company communications that are delivered via live streaming video can boost employee relationships, build internal corporate culture, and grow the morale between your team. We’re showing you how to effectively use corporate video production and live video streaming to your business advantage.

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1. Employee Training

Manufacturing Training Video Production

Employee training is a vital element of corporate growth. The use of internal corporate video production that focuses on the delivery of employee onboarding and training exercises can be highly effective for businesses. Live video training that is recorded and categorized can then be accessed by employees for future view in case they need a refresher or additional details. Consider using live video streaming series to help employees gain vital compliance training, sales training or onboarding for your business.

2. Send Executive Messages with a Cohesive Balance

Want to send out a message to all employees within a specific department? Consider corporate live video streaming to deliver the message with a cohesive balance. Unlike delivery of the message via email which could leave employees with questions or concerns, live video represents a way to connect on a more personal level. Live streaming important messages that must be delivered to employees displays leadership and the ability for you to reinforce corporate values.

3. Internal Webcasting

Consider the use of corporate live video webcasting to deliver internal communications between teams. Webinars, department notes, special event streaming and event employee recognition segments can take place via the livestream. Recording these and saving them to the library for future view allows future employees as well as those who may not have been present for the live event to still be informed and educated.

4. New Product Launches

Corporate live streaming of a product launch represents a way to announce new products to the world in real-time. Big brands, especially Apple and Google, use live stream to release product updates on a frequent basis, but don’t think this is only for big brands. Small businesses can also benefit from the delivery of live stream video feeds of a product launch–go ahead, try it out!

5. Virtual Events

Live streaming virtual events and conferences represents a way for brands to deliver content to a wider audience with zero geographic boundaries. The virtual conference has gained momentum over recent years as more and more big brands find that live streamed events provide greater value to viewers that could not otherwise attend due to time constraints, location or other matters.

Live streaming regular events to immerse employees and external customers in the workshops and other offerings of the brand can be financially rewarding. Consider live streaming keynote speakers, workshops, leadership conferences and other events worldwide.

6. Product Training Events

Deliver product training to help existing customers get the most out of your brand. Corporate live video streaming that focuses on the delivery of product training helps to reduce the risk of consumers feeling unsatisfied or unhappy with your brand. Further, training sessions can help the consumer to maximize the use of a product, especially when training is focused on product uses that otherwise may be overlooked or unknown.