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How to Hire a Film Crew in Jacksonville

Learning how to hire a film crew in Jacksonville can be a daunting task, but it is necessary to ensure that you create quality videos! There is plenty to take into account when hiring a film staff: budget, reliability, experience, and more! Team Beverly Boy has listed the important resources that can help you approach this with confidence!

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Film Crew Positions

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The first step is to learn the many different roles that play an important part in the film production process. By hiring certain positions in a specific order, your professional Jacksonville crew can help make the hiring process go quickly and smoothly.

We offer full service Jacksonville film production services. From location scouting to Jacksonville film permits, we’ve got the tools for every step of the way, whether you need a 3 man film crew at MOSH or you are shooting an independent film on Park Street we’ve got you covered! 

Here’s the Jacksonville film crew hierarchy:

  • Director – The drive of the production. They can recommend people for other positions, especially those they work well with.
  • Script Writer – This person is necessary if you don’t have a script. Most prospective directors ask to see a script before accepting a project.
  • Line Producer – this role ensures that your production stays on budget.
  • Unit Production Manager – this person is responsible for all of your production logistics and they can offer insight on how to find other crew members.
  • Production Coordinator – For larger productions, this person helps with contracts, paperwork, and other administrative tasks.
  • Locations Manager – Scouts out locations for film sets outside of a studio.
  • Cinematographer – The person filming the project, making them one of the most important roles on set!
  • Production Manager – The person in charge of lining out expenses and negotiating contracts. Cinematographers may have some recommendations for this role.
  • Production Designer – Responsible for the creative aspect of the project. Can be recommended through production managers.
  • Sound Engineer – This person makes the audio to your video sound top-quality.
  • Sound Crew – Sound engineers may seem like they have magic abilities, but they cannot work with poor quality audio! This is why a sound crew is critical- they ensure that the engineer has what they need to make it all come together.

How to Find a Film Crew in Jacksonville

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The easiest way to find a film crew in Jacksonville is to hire an experienced film production company like Beverly Boy Productions. You always need to do your homework to ensure that you’re working with the top team for your project, but our knowledge can help you make tough decisions for your production!

If you would rather handle the hiring process alone, here are some tips on where you can find film crew professionals in Jacksonville:

  • Jacksonville’s Film Commission – the local commission is your best resource for all things filming in your location. They have a production directory that allows you to connect with qualified crew members, quickly and easily.
  • Jacksonville Film crew websites & forums – this is another good way of finding people to fill all of the roles in your roster.

Hiring a Film Crew in Jacksonville

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Let’s say you have different potential candidates to add to your film crew. What should you look for to ensure that the whole film production in Jacksonville runs smoothly? Keep in mind that your film crew in Jacksonville is tailored to your needs, meaning that it doesn’t need to be large if that’s not what your production requires!

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Discuss film crew Pay Rates

The subject of film crew Pay can be very awkward, but this is a must-have conversation when hiring. You need to be open about pay rates and expectations of the film crew member. Just because someone is willing to work for cheap doesn’t mean the work will be the quality you want or need! When you are deciding on your upcoming budget, expect to pay a fair price for top quality film crew members.  

Demos & Resumes

A demo reel is a video that showcases the work an individual has done in the past. When this is coupled with a resume, you can see whether their style matches that of your own needs and interests.

In the case of a position that doesn’t have a demo, checking references can go a long way. Resumes are a very basic method of gauging someone’s experience, but sometimes it’s best to reach out to those who’ve worked with the person you are considering to understand their skills (or lack thereof).

Dos and Don’ts

  • DO get a second opinion on a candidate you’re considering.
  • DON’T promise a position with your crew because you may find someone you like better!
  • DO get some recommendations if you’re having a hard time filling positions.
  • DON’T hire someone that may be skilled, but has a personality that doesn’t mesh with your crew.

Ready to Hire a Film Crew in Jacksonville?


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Now that you have the tools to hire a film crew in Jacksonville, you should put this info to good use! If you have any worries or concerns about the hiring process, consider calling Team Beverly Boy. We’re a full-service film production company with award winning film crews in Jacksonville ready to work today! 

We’re ready to help with your film project from start to finish, so no matter if you need interviews, documentaries, event coverage, or feature films, we are ready to help. When you are hiring a film crew in Jacksonville we are the go to guys! We also service Orange Park, Atlantic Beach, Lakeside, Palm Valley, and Fernandina Beach.