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Top 5 Seattle Film Festival [Must Attend]

Seattle’s film industry is critically acclaimed worldwide. It is known for garnering high interest by both budding and experienced filmmakers and cinematic viewership. Overall, the Seattle video production community is well-supported. Each film festival brings a specific flair, authenticity, and uniqueness; however, there are five which can be deemed as the best Seattle Film Festivals.

1. Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)

The Seattle International Film Festival is consistently named one of the largest film festivals in the United States. This supereminent film festival displays more than 400 full-length features, documentaries, and short films to thousands of fans. SIFF is an Academy Award-qualifying festival for short films, and its excellence was born out of appreciation for high-quality local movies. It has surpassed that, where a vast amount of film lovers provides a diverse audience with astute taste and who appreciate well-developed and extraordinary films. Film enthusiasts and professionals are encouraged to experience this film festival and all it has to offer.


SIFF Film Center; 305 Harrison Street; Seattle, WA 98109.


Phone: 206.464.5830
Email: [email protected]

2. Children’s Film Festival Seattle (CFFS)

Since 2005, the commencement of Children’s Film Festival Seattle, it has matured to become one of the largest and most esteemed film festivals geared towards children, ages 3-14. The film organizers, Northwest Film Forum, selects children films from across the world to screen during the festival. They ensure to choose underrated flicks that did not make it mainstream media but are nonetheless impactful. During the festival, a cinematic spectacle is offered to showcase international films from a diverse range of categories. These include:

  • animation
  • feature-length films
  • short films
  • hands-on workshops

CFFS prides itself on providing a platform that is dynamic and allows children to develop their storytelling skills. It also highlights their childhood experiences and inspires them to be empathetic, innocent, and tolerant of a world with different ideas and views.


See website


(206) 329-2629

3. Seattle Queer Film Festival

Seattle Queer Film Festival has been the home of the Seattle LGBTQ+ community since 1996, when it was known as the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Three Dollar, Bill Cinema Group, features this festival annually in hopes of achieving its mission, which is to enrich, strengthen, and connect diverse communities by supporting queer film. They have not dropped the ball and have fulfilled their mandate. This is considering that the festival has gained, and has continuously maintained, national acknowledgment for showcasing exceptional and award-winning films. The festival has encouraged members of the queer community to express their creativity through film and video. One approach to doing this is by entering the competition and having the chance to win cash prizes in each category, where the audience will judge some film categories. This peculiarity allows filmmakers to gain further recognition through their films.


1122 E. Pike St. Box #1313
Seattle, WA 98122


Phone: 206.323.4274 

4. Seattle Deaf Film Festival

The Seattle Deaf Film Festival provides a leveled playing field for deaf filmmakers to compete and show their talent in the various genres the festival has to offer. Four of which are within the context of short and feature films.

  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Thriller/Action
  • Comedy

New and experienced deaf filmmakers, actors, and directors are encouraged to show off their creativity. This event is certainly a ca n’t-miss event in the deaf community, as it is a well-recognized film festival throughout Seattle and the film community at large


See website


[email protected]

5. Seattle Black Film Festival

The Seattle Black Film Festival, formerly known to film lovers as the Langston Hughes African American Film Festival, is an annual production that shows exciting films. These films tell the story of the Black experience from the perspective of various black independent filmmakers. The festival prides itself on showcasing and celebrating Black brilliance, from emerging and established filmmakers from around the world and in Seattle. This festival offers:

  • featured film screenings,
  • hands-on workshops,
  • panel discussions, and
  • in-depth chats with filmmakers, industry professionals, and the local community.

Filmmakers with a zeal for activism and innovation and technology can use this forum to spark well-needed conversations and exchange ideas.


550 Winslow Way E.
Bainbridge Island, WA


Phone: (206) 842-4451 

Email: [email protected]


The previously mentioned Seattle Film Festivals have proven to be top-notch. These film festivals have contributed to the film industry providing quality entertainment, furthering the careers of filmmakers, actors, and film producers. They have provided a floor for film enthusiasts to appreciate films and fellowship.