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How to Hire the Right Roanoke Event Videographer 

If you want to get exceptional video coverage, Finding the right Roanoke event videographer is key. Event videos are one of the best media you can use to engage your target audience. If you want to make your event memorable, hire an event videography company in Virginia to bring your ideas to life. Filming your events can help you increase the number of attendees during your next event. But how do you identify the perfect event videographer to film your Roanoke project? Let’s have a quick rundown on what it takes!

The type of event videographer you hire is dependent on two things: the type of event you’re running, and the equipment required to film and edit it. Seminars and conferences are the most common types of events we record, but appreciation events, trade shows, company milestones, board meetings, and incentive programs also utilize photography and videography.

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Professional Roanoke videographer

For a professional Roanoke videographer to create a video for your company event, they first need to understand your business goals and objectives.  A video highlight reel can be used to showcase small clips about the venue, speakers, and sponsor shout-outs. Some companies may want a video that captures the responses of event attendees, leaders and keynote speakers, for this purpose, customer testimonials are great videos to create.

So,  what type of event does your team want to host? Are you filming a corporate event or a concert? Are you looking to record keynote and breakout sessions at your local seminar? Beverly Boy has the necessary experience to film the type of video you want.

Cinematic Roanoke videographers

Cinematic Roanoke videographers approach your production with creativity and the required skills to make it stand out. Through cinematography, you can share captivating stories that will attract customers to your brand. Corporate event videography is a growing trend – and a top-quality video is a remarkable marketing tool that helps you tackle your business objectives!

If you want to capture your upcoming event uniquely, you should pick experienced event videographers. At Beverly Boy, we offer the best freelance videographers that can start working on your event video as soon as possible. Just like your marketing team, we understand the importance of event videos in achieving short and long-term goals. Since we have been handling event productions for more than 15 years, we are more than capable of providing top talent that uses  top-notch videography equipment in each production. Give us a call today for more details.

Roanoke event videography costs

Roanoke event videography costs are  dependent on your video’s complexity, duration, and the equipment needed to bring it to life. We have compiled a videography pricing list below that displays the various costs associated with different aspects of the video-making process. We recommend you use this list when drafting a budget for  your event video.

Event Videography Rates:

  • Video Director: $29/hour to $259/hour
  • Cameramen: $109/hour to $409/hour
  • Equipment: $29/hour to $100’s/hour
  • Script Writer/Marketer: $69/hour to $159/hour
  • Video Editor: $69/hour to $184/hour
  • Video Rendering: $39/hour to $84/hour
  • B-Roll: 10% to 50% addition to shooting costs
  • Narrators/Voiceovers: $109 to $409
  • Audio Files: $39 to $1,009
  • ‘Miscellaneous Fees‘: $109 to $1000’s

This pricing list displays industry averages because every project has a different set of requirements. For additional information on event videography rates, feel free to give us a call. We will be more than happy to help you.

Roanoke event video services

Scouting the internet for efficient Roanoke event video services? Beverly Boy Productions is a market leader in providing high end videography services to clients across Southwest Virginia. For quality corporate videography services for your upcoming instructional course, you can count on our team to get the job done. Whether you require proper videography for a business seminar at the Berglund Center, or you plan on hiring dependable Roanoke event video services for private business meetings in one of Roanoke’s beautiful event venues like the Apple Ridge Farm or Clay Corner Inn, we’ve got your back.