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Keep Patients Informed with These Patient Education Video Production Tips

Patient education is incredibly important throughout the medical community. Your patients are important to you, and so is knowing that you’ve done your best to keep them informed and up-to-date with the complex medical language that you’re using in your practice when they’re around. Patient education video production provides you an opportunity to create powerful patient education videos that can be used to show your patients what you mean, rather than trust they understand based on purely what you tell them.

In fact, patient education videos empower your patients to take their health into their own hands, make informed medical decisions based on the data that you provide to them, and come out knowledgeable and content with what they’ve learned. Consider the use of patient education videos to help your patients understand otherwise complex, hard to follow, medical information.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in producing patient education videos that help patients to better understand the medical treatments and advances that are being offered to them, make informed decision about their health and well-being, and come out of the typical patient/doctor experience with less confusion. With more than two decades in the video production industry, Team Beverly Boy is your patient education video production expert! Give us a call to learn more about producing powerfully informative patient education videos for your practice!

Follow these patient education video production tips to ensure the best patient education videos are produced for your practice.

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Simplify the Script

As a healthcare expert, you might be tempted to use complex medical jargon when writing the script for your patient education video, but the best advice we can provide here is to simplify your words! Patients have enough concern with the complex conditions and medications that they need to try to remember, and it can get overwhelming for someone that’s not a healthcare expert. So instead of getting too complex with your video, consider using simplified context that your patients will understand and be more likely to recall. 

Avoid complex medical terminology unless it’s absolutely necessary. You should also do your best to simplify your sentences too. Keep sentences short and use simplified language.  Ideally, you want your video content to be narrated in an easy to follow tone. The majority of your patients do not have the same level of education as you, so think about your audience when writing the script.

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Personalize for Your Audience

The more you can focus on producing content that your audience connects with, the better your content should perform. When it comes to patient education video production, it’s very important to personalize the content for the unique audience that you are focusing on. Think about:

  • Who you’re speaking to.
  • What makes them resonate with you?
  • How you can connect with the viewer.
  • Why the viewer would be interested in what you have to say.
  • What you can say to help the viewer stay interested.

The narration should also be carefully considered at this point to ensure the tone is that which will resonate most with your audience. 

Use Animations & Graphics

To improve the audience’s ability to understand the most complex topics associated with your video you should consider using animations and graphics. Animated video content is really ideal for breaking down otherwise complex topics into easy to follow patterns and simplified ideas. Graphics can be used to highlight special features or important subjects that you want your audience to recall. 

Think about any video you’ve watched in the past and you’re likely to notice that graphics and animations come into play whenever there are important key points, considerations, or concepts that the video producer wanted you to follow along with. Use this same tactic or technique with your patient education videos to ensure your patient audience is following along.

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Set a Target Video Length & Keep it Short!

We discussed keeping the script simplified, but when it comes to patient education video production, it’s also important that you set a target video production length that’s short, too. The average patient is going to have a very short attention span, which means you’re going to have to hook them so that they are interested in your video within the first 5-10 seconds at most. You also don’t want to create a video that’s more than 1-2 minutes long as longer videos tend to lose audience interest quite rapidly.

Patients learn best when they are given short bursts of information rather than long, complex topical coverage. If your topic is incredibly complex, and you don’t feel like you can convey the entirety of the topic in 2 minutes or less, consider breaking it down into easier to follow subtopics that can be fully explained in 2 minutes or less. This way your patient can watch a series of short videos without being overwhelmed by one long video that is overly complex and difficult to understand.

As you can see, patient education video production is a process that certainly requires a lot of planning and consideration upfront. To work with a professional on producing a patient education video that’s right for your practice, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!