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How to Make E Learning Videos that Engage Your Audience From Beginning to End

Learning how to make E Learning videos that will engage your audience from the beginning to the very end is an important task for any course creator. With consumers spending more than 100 minutes watching video online each day, there’s never been a time where video is more important than it is now! Creating videos that will accompany your online courses and learning experiences can help your course to stand out in front of your target audience. But keeping an audience engaged, from start to finish is tough!

It’s certainly going to take more than just turning your camera on and talking profusely into the eye! Figuring out how to make E Learning videos that actually engage your audience for the entire duration of the video requires essential planning and some careful consideration.

Why Create Videos for Online Courses?

You’re probably thinking, “Do I really even need to create a video?” or “Can’t I just throw a few blog posts up and call it a day?” The reality is, video is incredibly important to online course structure and, many course learning platforms, such as Udemy and Thinkific, require a bare minimum amount of video to go along with course lectures in order to upload the course for presentation to the platform audience. 

According to some recent studies, video is incredibly important when teaching online courses. Not only is video the most sought after medium online, the majority of consumers prefer to learn about things with video over written text or verbal lecture. Perhaps that’s why YouTube has more than 1B active users and hundreds of millions of hours of video content viewed daily?

Plus, video content is easier for to understand and absorb. In fact, we tend to recall up to 95% of what we see in a video as compared to just 10% of what we read! So if you want your students to learn and engage, learning how to make e learning videos is key!

Step 1: Plan The Content & Course Curriculum

The first step to producing top quality e learning videos that will engage your students is to plan! You need to plan the course content and curriculum that you intend to teach. Consider your target audience and what they’ll be most likely to relate with as you plan your content. You should have specific learning goals and objectives planned ahead of the production.

Each video lesson that you produce should have a specific objective. This will also become the title of your video. Multiple learning objectives (or videos) can be formed together to achieve an overall learning goal.

Step 2:  Plan for Pauses & Interactive Moments Throughout

As you’re planning the script for your e learning videos, make sure that you plan points for your students to pause and think about what you’ve just taught them. You should also plan for them to have interactive moments throughout the course. If you teach something very important, consider incorporating an interactive True/False or Question/Answer session into the video immediately following so that you can reinforce the learning experience. 

Keep in mind that questions and answers are not the only type of engagement that can occur with e learning videos. Scenarios-based training can also take place. In this format, you would give the student the opportunity to choose a particular scenario to move forward with their video. If they choose the right scenario, they learn the positive outcome, but if they choose the wrong scenario, they learn the negative outcome.

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Step 3:  Make sure to Reinforce But Don’t Reiterate too Much!

As you’re learning how to make e learning videos that engage your audience, reinforcing topics of importance will be key to achieving certain learning outcomes or objectives. Make sure that you’re reinforcing what you teach, but don’t go too far! You don’t want to end up seeming redundant! 

As you reinforce learning objectives, give your student viewers time to digest what they have learned. Incorporating a pause into the film at this stage is key!

Step 4:  Use Creative Elements to Keep Students Engaged

Keeping a student engaged from the very beginning of a video to the end is tough! As you learn how to make e learning videos that engage your audience, you’re going to find that creativity is key! You should incorporate creative elements into your videos to help your students pick up on important topics and subject matter that is most valuable. Consider the use of animations, graphics, lower thirds, and highlighting throughout your video to show students where they should be focusing their attention or what is most important about a particular scene or scenario.

As you can see, there are a number of steps that you can take in learning how to make e learning videos that engage your audience from the beginning to the very end. If you’re still unsure of the process, consider hiring a professional! Beverly Boy Productions has decades of experience and can’t wait to assist you with your next e learning video project!