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Best Washington, D.C. Corporate Video Production Insights

Choosing to use video for your company is a huge move, so it is important to select the Best Washington, D.C corporate video production company to help walk you through the entire process so that you know what to expect. Video campaigns are now highly specialized so that they can cater directly to specific markets in order to entice those markets more thoroughly. When you want to tell your brand or companies story, you need to understand your market so that you can speak directly to them.

Best Washington, D.C. corporate video production

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Reaching customers that are already interested in your brand, and those who want to know more about you, is the best way to get more interest in your company.

When you hire a Washington, D.C. corporate film company to create intriguing films for you, you are investing in your company and you need to give this choice some serious thought before you hire someone to do the job.

Engaging your audience through film, putting your film on the right platforms to reach your audience, and navigating the ins and outs of the industry is what Top Washington, D.C. corporate filmmakers do, and that is why you need to be sure you are choosing the best one to work with.

Making the Best Use of Your Washington D.C. Corporate Video

Despite being such a great marketing tool, not every Washington D.C. corporate videos is successful.

When you want to get positive reactions, whether at Channel Partners Evolution in Washington D.C. or looping it in your office in D.C. Central Business District, you have to take the time to create something that will stay in your audience’s minds. 

High quality corporate videos you can do just that. Unfortunately, low-quality videos aren’t as effective. 

Be Ready with Questions

Before starting out on the production of Washington D.C. corporate video, you’ll need to consider a couple of questions. What is your vision and purpose of using video? What are the business objectives that you want to reach with video?

Once you understand this, then you’ll know what to produce. For example, a campaign message will require a different production than a training video for your internal team. 

Let’s take a look at couple of examples. For one goal, repurposed video content for social media could be more helpful than homepage promotional video or still photos for your website whereas for another.

Such as for future email campaigns, you’ll need a different type of video for your television or using audio for radio-type services.

 Best Washington, D.C. Corporate Video Production

Washington D.C. Corporate Video Production Cost

When it comes to businesses in Washington D.C., Washington County you’ll find that it’s a competitive playing field. So, it’s important to pay attention to what you can do to stand out.

Don’t just think about your business objectives. Think about what you hope to convey, who you want to reach, and the approach you want to take to share video that is suitable for your company.

No matter the type of video that you want to produce, you’ll want to consider the cost of hiring corporate video production companies in the District of Columbia.

Here’s a good way to determine the pricing to expect: (1) the duration of your video and (2) the equipment and staff used to create it. Below, you can find a per-hour pricing sheet of things that affect overall corporate video production cost.

 Best Washington, D.C. corporate video production

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Washington D.C. Corporate Video Production Pricing Sheet:

∙ Video Director: $25/hour to $250/hour

∙ Script Writer/Marketer: $60/hour to $150/hour

∙ Video Editor: $60/hour to $175/hour

∙ Cameramen: $25/hour to $400/hour

∙ Actors/Presenters: $50/hour to $500/hour

∙ Equipment: $25/hour to $100’s/hour

∙ Studio Shooting: $100/hour to $400/hour

∙ Narrators/Voiceovers: $100 to $400

∙ Audio Files: $30 to $1,000

∙ Video Rendering: $30/hour to $75/hour

∙ B-Roll: 10% to 50% addition to shooting costs

∙ ‘Miscellaneous Fees’: $100 to $1000’s

Washington D.C. Corporate Pre-Production

When it comes to Washington D.C. corporate video production, there are three important parts of the puzzle: pre-productionproduction, and post-production. All of these phases involve important services that will make a difference in the final product. 

With Washington D.C. corporate pre-productionyou’re setting things up for a successful project experience. When you work with a top production team, time will be spent working on a draft for your project based on your vision.

Breakdown The Process

A reference video can be a good idea to show producers the style and concept. Your producer or director will breakdown the process so that you understand what goes into the project and what you can expect.

It will also be a time when the crew will determine if extra research is necessary for things such as location permits or studio access.

Pre-production is there to help you plan an outline that you can stick to throughout the project and will help you to have a successful experience.

Corporate Production

This is when crews can work their magic. During this part of the corporate production phase, your footage is captured, based entirely on the information outlined in pre-production.

A talented crew will make sure to stick to your vision and budget, as well as all the minor details involved in the creation of what you want.

Key Roles

Everyone involved in the corporate film making process is very much needed in production. The grip, electric, and design crews will get started before the camera and sound departments start to film.

Of course, the production project demands will depend entirely on what you’re vision is. For an explainer video, you probably won’t use actors or sound staff. Animators and narrators may be best for this kind of clip.

On the other hand, when you’re filming employee testimonials, you won’t really need actors or narrators but real-life employees. Additionally, B-roll footage is shot in the production phase but then used in the post-production.

 Best Washington, D.C. corporate video production

Corporate Post-Production

Post-production is needed for creating top-quality corporate video. In this phase, your footage will be polished up by expert editors.

They’ll make sure that the video is just as it should be, and take care of things like the visuals color and the audio, determining if sound effects or needed or if music would be better.

After your production has been edited and rendered, it’s ready to be completed. Before your video is sent out for distribution, you’ll check out the finished product. This will allow you to ask for any edits if needed, so that you get the final result you’ll be proud to share. 

If you’re satisfied with the video, then you can share it wherever you like. The corporate post-production phase is finished. Now, you have the final video in your hands. So, if you want to post it on social media or share it at a conference, you can distribute it wherever you like.

Washington D.C. Corporate Live Streaming

Live streaming and corporate webcasting are great ways to communicate with your audience, whomever they are. The great thing about Washington D.C. corporate live streaming is that it’s immersive.

It allows viewers to experience an event, as if they’re there in person, making live streaming so unique and helpful. Videos just can’t compare. 

Live streaming in Washington D.C. is often used when companies want to showcase an event or even simply want to share information about a product.

Depending on the platform your use to share corporate streaming media, you’ll get people noticing the likes and comments, allowing you to get more followers and more people interested in what you have to say.

Other Valuable Uses

Outside of social media, live streaming is necessary for hosting conferences and even business meetings. With Washington D.C. corporate live streaming, you can reach your team of employees, even if they’re spread across the globe.

In fact, many corporate companies use quarterly company webcasts. The equipment needed for streaming live corporate events is simple to set up so if you’re working with a professional crew, you shouldn’t have any trouble setting it up. 

Best Practices for Washington D.C. Corporate Video Production

First, it’s a good idea to speak with the District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce and the DC Small Business Development CenterThey can give you some good tips and insight into what could be good for your project and locations.

Also, we have compiled a few tips for top-quality corporate video for your business. Spend some time pondering these best practices before starting on the corporate video production process.

Tip #1- Determine the purpose of your video. 

This will often take place with a producer or director as you start on your project but it’s always helpful to know what you want before going into the pre-production phase. 

Tip #2– Be clear and concise. 

A high-quality video can be short. In fact, experts say that short and concise visuals are always better. You can share plenty of information in just a few minutes. Don’t be afraid to keep it short. 

Tip #3- Be sure to include branding. 

Through compelling content that showcases your company’s true identity, it’s that much easier to share your vison with the masses. 

Preparing Your Team for Corporate Video

Best Washington, D.C. corporate video production

Whether your company is found in 20015, 22207, or 20854,  you want your team members to have a united front. As you start to prepare your team for corporate videosomething to keep in mind is the wardrobe. 

According to film protocol, anyone you’re filming should avoid wearing white and black blouses or tops, as well as clothing with brand names or logos. 

Pants and shoes are usually up to your team but just make sure that they’re suitable for whatever you’re shooting. Always practice being natural on camera as authenticity is key for successful corporate video production.

And consider makeup and hair for your project, as it can go far in making you look presentable. 

Be Prepared

If you’re filming corporate testimonials, also make sure to have questions ready. 

Questions like “What was it like before you received our product or service?”, “How do we stand out from other options?”, and “What would you tell someone who’s considering our services?” are very helpful in drawing people to your business and helping them understand the quality you offer. 

Hiring a Washington D.C. Corporate Video Company

After getting your vision clear, you’ll want to find a top team to work with. With a plethora of options to choose from in Washington D.C., you will have plenty of work cut out for you.

To help you get started, here are a couple of things that should be considered as you think about hiring a Washington D.C. corporate video companyvideo samples and responsiveness.

Video Samples

One of the first things you’ll do when looking for the right option is start checking video reviews. Anyone can post anonymous, false reviews, but video is solid. 

In addition to the reviews you see, you can ask for samples. Look for consistency so that you can be sure the reviews are truthful and the quality is up-to-standard. 


A professional company should be quick to reply. It’s important. Many times, you can get a free quote for your project. That said, they should provide concise consultation that can help to make your job easier. 

Look for responsiveness in communication so that you can be sure that they care about what you want to achieve. 

We hope this guide was informative so it’s easier for you to find the best Washington D.C. corporate video production company. Please, feel free to reach out to our team for more guidance, if needed.

Washington, D.C. Corporate Video Filming With Beverly Boy

For over a decade, we have worked in Washington, D.C. corporate video filming, and we have worked with clients all across the Washington Metro Area to help them produce quality videos that reach millions of viewers all over Washington, D.C..

It’s true that just about any production company can offer corporate video services, but Beverly Boy Productions has real experience in corporate video filming.

Do Thorough Research

When you are looking for a company to work with, it is important to choose one that has this experience because corporate videos are not the same as promotional videos or advertising, even though they are sometimes confused with one another.

Team Beverly Boy knows this, and we know what makes a corporate video great, so we are able to walk you through the many different options available to you so that you can choose the best to create a film specific to your brand.

Servicing the Washington Metro area, including Baltimore, Rockville, Maryland, Arlington, Virginia, Alexandria, Virginia, and Frederick, Maryland.

What Is Washington, D.C. Corporate Video Marketing?

Washington, D.C. corporate video marketing is a thorough look at your company. In this type of film, you are not selling a product or service, but rather discussing your company.

These videos or your way of telling your audience about your company’s history, vision, plans for the future, and other details that you think are important to your audience.

When you use corporate video marketing in Washington, D.C., you are opening up to your consumers and letting them get a glimpse of your company in a way they have never seen before.

Cater to the Consumers

This helps you gain support for your whole company, and not just your products. Consumers want to feel like you are catering directly to them, so when you discuss your company, they feel like they know you better, which in turn helps you create more loyal customers.

Working with a qualified crew to create the best Washington, D.C. corporate video production is a wonderful return on your investment that your company really cannot afford to miss out on.

Vetting Washington, D.C. Corporate Video Making Companies

First, you need to search for Washington, D.C. corporate video making companies that can handle your project. You don’t want to select just any old company that says they can do corporate video production.

But rather you want to hire a company that has experience in this field so that you can create a film that will help your brand grow.

No matter if you run a law firm in Baltimore, or an accounting firm on 18th Street NW in Adams Morgan corridor, you’ll want to choose a company that has a history of creating powerful corporate videos in the Washington Metro area.

Remember- you are interviewing the Washington, D.C. business video company to see if they are who you want to hire, so don’t be afraid to ask for samples and references to make sure they are a fit for your vision.

Washington DC Production Company

Choosing Your Washington, D.C. Corporate Video Company

Once you are done vetting the Washington, D.C. corporate video company to make sure they are a fit for your job, you need to be sure they offer the services you need at a rate you can afford. You don’t just go in with a rough idea and a check.

Take some time to go over the services you need this Washington, D.C. corporate video company to provide for you in order to get the film you want. Do you need scripting, casting, and location scouting?

Discuss Everything

If so, you will need to make sure they can do all of those things and plan for them within your budget. List out the services you require, and don’t be afraid to state your budget, up-front.

If the company you have chosen knows what you are willing and able to spend, and what you need from them, it makes everything easier on both of you when deciding if they are the Washington, D.C. corporate video makers for you.

This also helps to eliminate any surprises when filming begins because you will know they can do all you ask within the budget you have set aside.

How To Monitor Washington, D.C. Corporate Film Production Companies

One thing is that you will learn quickly is that Washington, D.C. corporate film production companies are very good at what they do and many have lots of experience with filming corporate video.

If they don’t have this experience, you have not chosen the right one for you. When filming, you should expect to be kept up-to-date on every step of the process. If the company does not make the effort to do so, ask questions.

This type of video production requires you to work with people who actually work in the Washington, D.C. corporate film production industry because you want to make sure everything is done correctly.

If you are not asked to give input or suggestions, pay attention to what is going on. There could be an issue with the production, and you need to know about that before you get too far.

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How To Use your Washington, D.C. Business Video Production

After filming is complete, you should have a powerful Washington, D.C. business video production that you are able to use to both inform and teach viewers. However, do you know what to do with it?

When you work with the right production company, they will offer you services to get your film online or on air so that your target audience can see it. Ask if this is a service that is offered when you begin vetting the company so that you know what to expect once filming is complete.

Using your new Washington, D.C. business video production is going to be the easiest, and probably most exciting, part of the process though.

Because you will be able to share it on multiple platforms at once so that you are able to reach the maximum amount of viewers with just one film. That means that you have made a solid investment that will see exponential return.